Time for another breakfast recipe – because you know I love them. Today I’m making Eggy Breakfast Crumpets (with bacon.)

I’ve been using the Campbells breakfast meat box regularly for the last few weeks, and wanted to use it again! This recipe came from seeing an instagram from (@whatgeorgiaeats) and I thought I would give it a go. The first time I didn’t soak the crumpets for long enough so there was a lot of egg to pour over the top but I’m learning. (So, keep that in mind.) Enjoy.


Put in your trolley

(Serves 1 but double/triple depending on hangreyness) 

A sprinkling black pepper

1 fresh red chilli chopped 

2 rashers of bacon. (I used Campbells from their breakfast box.) 

1 round crumpet

2 large eggs (free range obvs.) 

Step One

Crack the egg into a bowl, give a whisk with a fork and season well. Chop up the chilli and add to the mix. Heat up a large non-stick frying pan over a medium heat.

Step Two

Chop up the bacon rashers and pop into the pan. Let them crisp a little on both sides. (Crispy bacon for the win.) Meanwhile soak the crumpets in the eggy mix. Turn them over a couple of times so that they soak up allllll the eggy goodness. (Push them down too so you get it all in.)

Step Three

Move the bacon to the side of the pan, but move the bacon juice around the pan. Pop in the crumpets and fry until till golden on one side and then tip over to fry on the other side. Garnish with the bacon and whatever else you fancy. Maple syrup? Honey? Herbs? Feta? All will work. 12

Numbers if you’re bothered

This comes to under 300 cals even with the bacon which is brilliant. You could also add extra vegetables like peas/mushrooms/grilled tomatoes if you wanted to attempt the 10 portions a day I think they suggest.

Recommended Reading

I recommend reading Man or Mango by Lucy Ellwood. Brilliant, mixed up book, worth a flick through over this scrummy breakfast.

Ever have one of those days where toast won’t cut it? Me too. Instead I made a Vibrant Vegetable Biriyani Brunch.
This recipe is for the days where I’m only craving leftover takeaway but it’s not possible. Oh, and I’m trying to be a little healthier. This recipe is made with all cupboard ingredients so you should be able to whip this together. Plus, if you’re missing the nuts/raisins it won’t taste quite as good but it’s still delicious. I have also eaten this cold for lunch (minus the egg) with cold chicken and it weasels delicious if you’re looking for a speedy lunch option!

Put In Your Trolley

Serves 4

250g basmati rice

400g special mixed frozen vegetables (cauliflower/carrot.) 

One Onion 

A generous sprinkling of of raisins

1 vegetable stock cube

2 tbsp korma curry paste (or any you have lingering in the cupboard.)

a generous handful of roasted salted cashew nuts

1 egg (Free Range OBVS.)

Low Cal Cooking Spray

Vibrant Vegetable Biriyani Brunch

Step One

Boil a kettle full of water. Find a large microwaveable bowl and pile in the rice, frozen vegetables and the raisins.

Step Two

Pour in 600ml/1 Pint of water into said bowl and crumble in one stock cube. Spoon in the curry paste and stir till all combined. Cover the bow with cling film but leave a small gap on one side. (This is to allow the steam out.) Cook on full power for 12 minutes. If your microwave is less than 850 watts leave on for another two minutes.

Step Three

Remove from the microwave and stand, still covered for 5 minutes to allow the cooking to complete.

Step Four

Whilst the rice continues to cook, fry an egg sunny side up with the low cal cooking spray. Whilst this is frying also fry the onion. Fluff up the rice, stir through the onion, scatter with cashews and top with the egg.

Numbers if you’re bothered

This comes to 305 calories, and then egg is 70(ish) so you’re looking at around 375 per portion which is perfect for a breakfast that will sustain you through till lunchtime.

Recommended Reading

I recommend reading The Fault in Our Stars. For some reason I think this recipe and that (fantastic) book is perfect combo.

Vibrant Vegetable Biriyani Brunch

Vibrant Vegetable Biriyani Brunch

I should really have let T introduce this recipe. Although we always make sure we eat at the same time, we rarely eat the same thing. Well never. It’s not that we don’t want to, it’s just habit. We’ve both lived alone for so long it became habitual to eat different things. I’m switching it up. With, a healthy-ish quorn toad in the hole.

We recently discovered a Waitrose near Cutty Sark and they have an extensive quorn range. We’ve been really struggling with Budgins and Sainsbury’s but life just got a little simpler. Merci Waitrose.

Vegetarian Toad in the Hole.

Put in your trolley

(Serves 4)

1 pack Quorn Meat Free Sausages (whichever ya fancy. Or use meat ones if you’re not vegetarian.)

300g of mixed root vegetables, peeled & diced

½ red onion, sliced

2 tbsp of oil or low cal spray

50grms of plain flour

3 large eggs (free range obvs.)

200mls skimmed milk

2 tsp baking powder

Lizzy Twist on Vegetarian Toad in the Hole

1tbsp smoked paprika

1tbsp grainy mustard

Step one

Pre-heat oven to 200 degrees. Boil the kettle and add to a pan. Cook the vegetables for 7 minutes so they are partly cooked. Drain them and set aside.

Lizzy Step

Add the paprika and mustard to the vegetables to add extra flavour.

Step 2

Pre-heat the oil in an oven proof dish by popping in the oven for 5 minute. Add the sausages and root vegetables that you’ve just cooked. Roast for 5 minutes.

Step 3

Place the flour into a mixing bowl and add the eggs and beat until you have a paste like consistency. Gently add the milk/baking powder. Then whisk vigorously.

Step 4

Pour over the sausage and vegetable combo and bake for 30(ish) minutes. Keep an eye on it. Serve with peas and onion gravy. Or bean salad bought from Waitrose like I did!

Numbers (if you’re bothered.)

Depending on the sausages you use this comes to around 309 calories minus the gravy and peas. But it’s a really healthy delicious dinner – or work at home lunch.

Recommended Reading

Although I’m definitely not going to be readubg whilst eating this today. (Going to attempt from healthy conversation with T) I recommend The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. This and that book would make a generously delicious combo.

Vegetarian Toad in the Hole.

Vegetarian Toad in the Hole.


Now I’m writing that title seems a bit yucky. Sorry. This week has been odd. I feel like I’ve constantly been in and out of the doctors. Last week it was abdominal scans and terrifying hospital trips; this week it was a leaky eye. Gross. That’s not all my week has entailed though – shall we dive in?

Scarf Knitting

Last week I was just picking up the needles, this week I’ve been knitting like a trooper. T and I ventured into Deptford and found a tiny store that sold everything from hammers to cake decorations. They also sold wool and needles. So, I bought two balls of custard yellow wool and two 10mm needles and I haven’t looked back. I’m scared of messing it up – but I’m feeling more and more confident. It’s so good for anxious thoughts too. Plus I’m one of those people that constantly needs to be doing something with their hands. This week has been filled with Gilmore Girls and knitting.

Chick-pea pops

I’ve been on a weight-loss mission these last few months and it’s all about little changes. Hula hoops for rice cakes, sweets for frozen grapes, and chick-pea pops for Pringles. I’ve been testing the pops this week and although I burned a batch or two (by getting distracted – see below) they taste fantastic. Healthy too! Look out for the recipe soon.


Coppit is a board game from 1964 which we have a very battered copy of at home. I adore it. When my Grandfather was alive we used to play it a lot and he always cheated. Moving the blue pieces instead of the black pieces. He said it was his eyes; we knew better. On my way back from the pharmacy (for the leaky eye,) I popped into the Greenwich Junk Shop (which I adore.) Once downstairs I eyed the game. I decided not to get it (for whatever reason) wandered home and made soup. But I couldn’t leave the thought of it alone. So I went back and bought it. Best purchase of 2017 so far.


I always struggle with social media come January. There appears to be a general rage against what is coined diet culture. I’ve been pretty overweight for the last year or so and I’ve been to the doctors and I do need a diet switch up. My liver is not healthy as it should be, and my salt intake is too high. That’s mainly why I’ve been openly losing weight. But, it seems that this is frowned upon by some. I’m keeping it up though; any day is a good for someone to get healthier, fitter and lose a few pounds. I don’t want to feel bad about it. So I’ve been practicing a little more self-love. I look in the mirror a little longer. I’ve switched up my skincare routine and I’m drinking more water. Plus the pounds are dropping off – I’m going to keep going. (Also this Lithographs T-shirt always makes me feel awesome when I wear it s0 that’s pretty goddamn perfect.)

Eddie the Eagle

I’m going to finish this post with a nod to Netflix. If you have Netflix you need to watch Eddie the Eagle. It’s a fantastic film. Feel-good humour, emotion, excitement and a bloody good laugh. T and I adored it and I think you might too. Oh and I stars Hugh Jackman (winks.)

There’s my week – it wasn’t supposed to be so much of a downer but. Meh. My eye, if you were wondering is an external sty. It’s painful and horrible but I have anti-biotics and I’m hoping it will clear up soon. Or at least stop leaking. I’ll stop using that word – promise.


I want to pretend that I’m writing this post whilst sipping on a delicious fruit smoothie made from ten different vegetables. I’m not – but I could make a chocolate style mousse/nice-cream in my new Nutri Bullet. Plus My Fitness Pal might not go OMG YOU”VE EATEN ALL THE CALORIES. Definitely planning a shop trip after this. Back to the post – I have been reaaaaly, realllly trying to lose weight recently. I’m only a tiny 5ft 3 and yet I could probably devour triple the calories I’m supposed to. To attempt to stop myself, Mumma B bought me a number of calorie counting books that might help me stop ordering a Dominoes as soon as ANYTHING goes wrong. Today I’m going to tell why I bloody love this one.


QUICK AND EASY WITHOUT THE CALORIES takes all the hassle out of eating your favourite meals, the low-cal way. In this series, bestselling recipe writer Justine Pattison’s 1-2-3 approach provides an easy-to-follow plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and pudding!) To keep those calorie numbers low but still have you loving what you eat. Each recipe has a quadruple-tested calorie count, provides tips and ideas to enhance your low-cal cooking experience, plus additional nutritional information to suit any diet regime.

From quick pancakes, roasts and cheesecakes, her clever combinations will make losing weight as easy as 1-2-3!

My Review

So, why will this spend more time on your kitchen counter than on your bookshelf collecting dust. When I go on a diet immediately a number of dishes just go out the window. Sticky cheesy pasta bake, creamy rich curries and carby noodle dishes with lots of heavy sauces. But honestly with this book you can make these things without the naughtiness. The author finds incredibly simple ways of a making delicious things healthier. Like using desiccated coconut and slow cooking rather than using coconut milk is one example. Or using stock and cornflower rather than cream.

This is the first book in the series so it has lots of different dishes. Curries, pastas, soups, meat dishes, vegetarian dishes, side dishes and even puddings. I’ve made at least 15-20 recipes in the book (so far.) Favourites include the quick calzone, martini chicken and the mexican breakfast.  I love this book for cooking for dinners for guests or for larger dining parties. You can still have fun and eat hella loads without putting on a pound or ten.

The calories in each dish are really obviously documented. I am a fan of calorie counting and find it the easiest way to lose weight. I know some people are not. That’s fine – but it’s not hidden away at the bottom of the page. When I’m losing weight I tend to be a little strict with how I eat and how many calories breakfast/lunch/dinner I’m having. I then alternate my workouts to this and it really helps. I can’t lie – sometimes I look at recipe books and think god that’s a heavy calorie dish. Justine’s books find ways of cutting uneccesarry calories.  Mainly by packing in more veggies and using SIMPLE alternatives to keep the calories down. I mean her mac n cheese is under 400 calories a portion – perfect. She also has a list of essential extras to serve with the recipes (at the back of the book) and free vegetables helping to add bulk to your meal without the calories.

Final Thoughts

The book is a brilliant collection of recipes and tips  to make your favourite dishes healthier or if you want to make it a little more naughty but without breaking the diet bank so to speak. It also tells you how you can freeze the dishes or how long you can keep them for which is reaaaally helpful! If you’re want to lose a couple of pounds without losing your favourite foods this is the book for you.

Amazon – Author Website – Goodreads