Ten Books I Enjoyed Recently that shouldn’t have been my cup of tea.


Helllllo readers, interesting Top Ten Tuesday post today that I’m really excited to get stuck into. The idea of today’s post is to highlight books you read in the last year or so that weren’t really your cup of tea but that you surprisingly enjoyed. Seeing as I read SO MANY different books from SO MANY different genres I know I’ve got lots to choose from but I’m going to try to pick just a few of my favourites.

1q84 by Haruki Murakami

I know I haven’t quite finished this but I am loving reading this. It’s so far away from the type of genre that I usually read and yet it’s beautiful, full of fantasy writing and mystical slightly religious themes. Something I would have never have picked for myself but one I am adoring.

microserfs by DOUGLAS Coupland

I bought this for T and he thought it was okay but not the most amazing book ever. I thought it would be right up his street because it’s really quirky but I think he thought it was trying to hard. I however have been really enjoying it. Great book, super clever and geeky it’s a thumbs up from Lizzo.

Once Gone by Blake Pierce

Some of you will know that although I adore thrillers sometimes they are just a little bit too scary and therefore I can’t really deal with them. This however was brilliant and although terrifying I just couldn’t stop reading it. Spot on – 100% worth a read.


Maybe this will come as a surprise – one because I read it recently, two because it’s on this list. Yes I love children’s books but this type of book doesn’t tend to be my cup of tea. I always want more from books like this but I was surprised to find this was perfect. Unlike the rants on Goodreads I really enjoyed this and therefore it’s making the list.



So I was sent this book and reviewed it and loved but I didn’t expect to. I thought it would get really tedious really quickly but it ended up being a lovely selection of stories to dip in and out of. I’ve struggled with short stories in 2016 but this one was lovely.


I just want to point out that with some of these books it wasn’t that I didn’t expect them to be my cup of tea but instead it was that I didn’t expect to like them as much as I did? This book really connected with me as the tale was told in such a special way – slowly giving you more and more information so you felt almost in the same way as the character in the book who was experiencing the events and feelings. It was a beautiful book and one i really enjoyed.


I bought this in my local bookstore which has now closed unfortunately. It was a bit of a quick choice from me, but it’s ended up staying with me for a long time and I’ve recommended it over and over. It’s a stunning set of stories that really spoke to me and I’m definitely going to re-read this, this year.



Another book that really surprised me this year – it’s full of mysteries that you have to solve. This book really made me think and made me use my brain which doesn’t normally happen when I’m reading. I think with this one I just didn’t know what to expect but I thought it was great really.


I had tried to read this book over and over and over again as a younger reader but it was only this year I finally got round to it. As I had really struggled before I didn’t think I would enjoy it but it ended up being brilliant.


download (11)

I picked up this book from the library without really looking at it too much and I ended up absolutely loving it and tearing through it. For a book that is your typical chick-lit kind of romance this was great.

So there we go, ten books from really the last six months I didn’t expect to love but really did. What books have you found a surprise recently? Let me know in the comments!



Top Ten Tuesday: Songs I wish were books


Helllllo readers – still struggling without a laptop but I’m doing my best to keep it together and get these posts up. I’ve been borrowing ones from others and desperately typing on my kindle which I would like to mention is an utter nightmare. However – to give me some calm I’ve pulled together this week’s Top Ten Tuesday which is related to music and books.

One of the suggested topics is songs I wish were books and I just thought this would be perfect. Without further delay onto the top ten. (Also I’ve decided to stick with quite current songs just to try and give myself a chance of picking ten!)

Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey

Wouldn’t this song just make an utterly incredible but terribly upsetting book. Every time I hear this song I just feel so much and I think if that could be made into the book it would just be – EVERYTHING.

Glorious by Foxes

Maybe I’ve picked this because this song has been playing on repeat for the last 12 months of my life? (okay maybe not that much.) These lyrics just seem to be hiding the most beautiful and heartbreaking story I just want to hear.

I close my eyes and I feel your heart beat
A deep blue sea rushes over me
And when the thunder cries I feel the warmth around me
Cos I found a place underneath your heart

Because the faith isn’t gone
I still hear it calling
But something is wrong
The tear drops are falling
But just before they hit the ground
Oh when I hear you say
Oh when I hear you say

Don’t give it up, don’t give it up, it’s glorious

Small Bump by Ed Sheeran

*weeps gently.* This song just makes me want to dissolve into a puddle on the floor. If this was a book I’m not sure I would recover but I know it would be stunning.

Shine by Years & YEars

Maybe an odd song? I can see this being the background for a bloody brilliant dystopian YA novel a bit like The Maze Runner meets The Hunger Games. I mean come on those first lyrics –

I remember us alone
Waiting for the light to go
Don’t you feel that hunger
I’ve got, so many secrets to show
When I saw you on that stage
I shiver with the look you gave
Don’t you hear that rhythm
Can you show me how we can escape. 

DownTown by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Maybe another interesting song choice but I really want to read a book that just follows an amazing group of friends, a bit like Skins meets Fresh Meat in book form? WHEN WILL THAT HAPPEN? Anyway I just think this song would perfectly represent that.

Hold back the river by James Bay

WOULDN’T THIS JUST BE THE ROMANCE BOOK OF 2016? I mean those lyrics are just waiting to be made into the love story of 2K16.

Once upon a different life
We rode our bikes into the sky
But now we’re caught against the tide
Those distant days all flashing by

Bad blood by Taylor Swift feat Kendrick Lamar

Now I can’t lie I’m not a huge fan of Taylor Swift and I’m definitely not a Swiftie if that’s what they’re called but this song definitely packs a punch. I can see a book where The Duff meets meets Mean Girls. It would be, incredible.

On My Mind – Ellie Goulding

Now stick with me – I know this one is supposed to be a romance song but I DEFINITELY see this almost like a romance/psychological thriller. The girl can’t get the guy off her mind and then all sorts of things start going wrong  – she can’t keep him away from her. It would be epic (and also bloody terrifying.)

Adventure of a lifetime by Coldplay

I don’t know how well this song went down but I see it as the perfect YA romance with a little supernatural mixed in. Maybe the girl can read minds and that mixes with their relationship. I think it would be the sweetest thing and I ADORE THIS SONG.


Sorry by Justin Bieber

Look I’m sorry (sorry) for using this song but it’s just been stuck in my head. I see it as a best friendship gets out of hand when one admits feelings for the other. As they begin to explore their relationship one of them super messes it up – and then we get to explore as they learn to trust again/fall in love; but I’m not making specific ideas (cough cough.)

SO THERE WE GO. Ten songs I think could be the inspiration for excellent books. What do you think of my choices? Have I made terrible decisions? Can you see one of my songs telling a completely different story let me know in the comments or tweet me @littlebookblog1.

Top Ten Best Books I didn’t expect to read in 2K15


Helllllo readers, it’s Tuesday and that means it’s time for another Top Ten Tuesday post which I utterly love. I remember having to compile a list of my favourite topics that had been done so far and I only had ten so it was an easy task – but now I adore writing these lists. Today’s topic is to list your ten favourite books from 2015 and I just can’t. Sorry won’t do it. I have decided to instead write a list of the ten books  I didn’t expect to read this year but really enjoyed. Without further Lizzy warbling onto the list.

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

This is a DNF book from my childhood – 22 year old Lizzy finally made it through this and I am finally a happy, happy bunny.

Animal Farm by George Orwell

After waiting three years to read 1984 I’ve read three Orwell books this year which has been wonderful. This has been my year for classics and it’s made me wonderfully happy.

How to Keep a Pet Squirrel by Axel Scheffler

This is a slightly abnormal one but I adored this children’s book. The images are beautiful and it’s been created for a good cause. It’s a little tongue in cheek but it is honestly delightful.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Truman Capote

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Audrey Hepburn and before this year hadn’t seen anything that starred her. After watching the film Breakfast at Tiffanies I had to read this – so I did and it was beautiful. If you’re yet to read this – put it on your TBR now.

How to Be a Woman: Caitlin Moran

Don’t ask me how I only read something by the wonderful Caitlin Moran this year but I’ve now read both her books and they are both utterly brillant. READ READ READ ASAP.

Vivian’s Couch: Michael Obiora

Another odd one, but I have always been a fan of Michael Obiora; he asked me to read his book, I obliged and we also did a wonderful Q + A. Brilliant author brilliant book.

The Silver Linings Play Book: Matthew Quick

I’ve tried really hard this year to read books that have been films before seeing them and this is one I didn’t think I would get to read. However, I spotted it in my local library and thought yes I’ll give it a go. Lovely book, lovely story but still need to go see the film!

Tamed by Emma Chase

I’ve been looking for my newest proper trashy romance that I can go back to time and time again. This year I think I found it – finally.

The Girl on the train: Paula Hawkins

This one may be a little odd but it normally takes me 485804943 months to get round to the year’s hottest book (ie still haven’t read The Silkworm by JK – slaps wrist) but this one I read quite quickly, at least for me, after it came out! #WIN

Bon Bons to Yoga Pants by Katie Cross

Finallllly, I adore Katie Cross and her books but they are mostly fantasy books – this year I got to read a romance genre book from this fantastic author and it was everything. I adored it.

There we go – ten fantastic book I never thought I would read this year. I know this might seem a little like a cop-out but I really couldn’t just pick ten favourite books from this year, it just wouldn’t work.


Top Ten Debut Books I want to read released in 2K16

Hellllllllo readers, really struggled with today’s topic. Although I love reading and new books I am often so far behind in the last years reading that I have to wait another six or so months to catch up. Therefore these are ten books I think I would love to read in 2K16 but will probably take me 48348684934 months to get round to! Without further delay the boooooks!

Save Me, Kurt CobaiN by Jenny Manzer

Save Me, Kurt Cobain

Not only has this already got fantastic reviews on Goodreads but the blurb and the ideas behind the book really intrigue me – additionally lave me that cover!

This Is Where It Ends by Marieke Nijkamp


This book I think will be making the rounds on the blogosphere very soon and it is almost definitely going to be a harrowing read but one I hope to enjoy (if that’s the right word?)

Shallow Graves by Kali Wallace


Gritty, creepy, supernatural, murderous intentions this sounds interesting, intriguing and very complex but I am so excited to get hold of this as soon as possible *eee*

A Study in Charlotte (A Study in Charlotte #1)By Brittany Cavallaro


Sherlock back in female form? Yes PLEASEEEE. I’ve heard it’s also got wonderful nods to Conan Doyle which I can’t wait to read!

Firsts by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn


This sounds a lot like a bookish version of Easy A which I utterly adored – (I gotta pocket full of sunshineee) this sounds like the perfect summer read and with my TBR as long as it is, it will probably take me that long to get round to it *wails.*

The Girl Who FelL By Shannon M. Parker


Too many fantastic book reviews already on Amazon not to get a copy of this and start reading!

Fear the Drowning DeeP by Sarah Glenn Marsh


Witch’s apprentice Bridey Corkill has hated the ocean ever since she watched her granddad dive in and drown with a smile on his face. So when a dead girl rolls in with the tide in the summer of 1913, sixteen-year-old Bridey suspects that whatever compelled her granddad to leap into the sea has made its return to the Isle of Man.


Please Don’t Tell by Laura Tims


Can’t believe I have to till MAY! Murder, deceit, confusion and family all whirled into one along the same feeling-ish as Gone Girl. Can’t wait to my tiny hands on this!

After the Woods by Kim Savage


Think I might be in a thriller mood?

When a paroled predator attacked Liv in the woods, Julia fought back and got caught. Liv ran, leaving Julia in the woods for a terrifying 48 hours that she remembers only in flashbacks. One year later, Liv seems bent on self-destruction, starving herself, doing drugs, and hooking up with a violent new boyfriend. A dead girl turns up in those same woods, and Julia’s memories resurface alongside clues unearthed by an ambitious reporter that link the girl to Julia’s abductor. As the devastating truth becomes clear, Julia realizes that after the woods was just the beginning.


The Mystery of Hollow Places by Rebecca Podos


Finally The Mystery of Hollow Places – a spooky, thrilling tale. SO many reviews already that are begging me to read this so I will – as soon as I can anyway!

Right I’m off to cry about how long I’m going to have to wait for all these fantastic looking books! What would you add? What have I forgotten? Let me know in the comments of tweet @littlebookblog1.

Top Ten Tuesday: Books on my autumn to be read list.


Holla readers, it’s nearly Autumn, my favourite time of year. Snuggly jumpers, woolen scarves, leggings with wooly socks, I can almost feel the cosy roll-necks, long morning cuddles and steaming cups of coffee drank whilst walking through crunchie leaves. GIVE IT TOO ME. But, before I get a little Autumn crazy, I need to have a list of books to get me through the colder, darker nights and that is today’s post brought to us by the wonderful The Broke and the Bookish.

Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close:

I’ve been really hooked on ‘reading lists’ recently. Whether it’s to read during your Twenties, during Autumn, or when you’re going through a break-up I’m all for them. This book tells the tale of three females as they struggle with family trouble, career stresses and heart-break. The perfect cosy, female strong book for the Autumn.

MWF Seeking BFF by Rachel Bertsche:

This book is about a newly married lady, who realises she needs a couple of ladies as her besties. She goes on a number of friend-dates in the hope of finding her perfect BFF. A cool, cute read for the fall months.

What She Saw by Lucinda Rosenfeld:

I stumbled across this book on another blogging site and thought it looked brilliant. A mixture of breaking up, growing up and starting a new lease of life this is the perfect light-hearted read that I need after all those classics.

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People by Toby Young:

Ive seen a bit of the film but had never realised it was a book. I’m really interested to get this read because I’ve heard it’s a really comical read; witty, ironic and very jokey it sounds right up my street.

The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway:

I have yet to read any of this authors books and after my classics challenge I think it’s finally time to get hold of a book of his and tell you all my thoughts. Seen as one of Hemingway’s main masterpieces and set at the end of WW1 this may just be perfect.

My Misspent Youth by Meghan Dunn:

This is a little different because it is more of a collection of non-fiction essays I guess. They talk of real life worries especially relating to young people and I think it would make a different book type to review on MLBB and to see if I enjoy it as much as I think I will.

Just Kids by Patti Smith:

*eee* really excited by this book, set in the 60’s and 70’s it really does make my historical fiction senses tingle. It follows the authors relationship with a famous photographer and the idea of a romance set in the era following the glitz and the glamour of said famous photographer it sounds just, perfect.

Playlist for the Dead by Michelle Falkoff:

Still on my TBR, still needs to be read, will be read this autumn finally.

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven:

This book is literally on every blog I read. I need to read it and get it reviewed ASAP.


Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe:

Not only a brilliant title but the story of growing up gay in the 80’s and the exploration of sexuality and romances sounds brilliant. Right up me street.

Ten fantastic books, ten that will be reviewed, ten I need to buy now damn you bank balance. What would add? Which do you want to know more about? Let me know in le comments or tweet me @littlebookblog1.

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Characters you just didn’t click with


Hiiii fellow bookworms/reader-holics/word-adorers, all of you are welcome to this lovely little post on a Tuesday morning even if I do say so myself. It’s Tuesday which means it is time for a new TTT post from the brilliant bookish blog, ‘The Broke and the Bookish.’ If you haven’t seen this blog you’re missing out so go and have a nosy.

Before we begin I just want to state, I’ve picked some characters I just dislike because I wanted to rant about characters you’re meant to pretty much abhor; some are characters are ones I didn’t click with so there’s a mixture, to mix it up a bit so to speak.

1) Tom Buchanan from The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
I was going to include Daisy but something in me just can’t do it; despite her being pretty insufferable. Tom Buchanan is both a racist and a misogynist, but somehow he manages to steal Daisy, get away with his affair and the death of Myrtle and he is an utter ass. Ergh.

2) Bernadette from Where’d You Go Bernadette by Maria Semple
I never really mentioned this in my review at the time but Bernadette really antagonised me as a reader. Unable to put her child’s well-being first and traipsing off in the hope that they would fulfil her selfish dreams despite her daughter’s education, her relationship with her father and friends being torn apart, I thought she was brutish and exhausting.

3) O’Brien (& Big Brother) from 1984 by George Orwell
Part of a false flag resistance movement whose goal is to find thought-criminals, lure them in arrest and “cure” them, I hated O’Brien and what he ultimately did to Winston; but then I guess, there wouldn’t be a tale to tell. *STILL SEETHS WITH ANGER*

'It is not in the stars to hold our destiny (3)

4) Cassandra from I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith
Okay, this one fits more with the brief but exhausting, a little wimpish and a character that had no guts I found Cassandra difficult to relate to. It’s a shame because I never made through to the end but this character really didn’t connect with me at all.

5) Anastacia Steele from The 50 Shades of Grey series by E L James
Won’t come as a surprise but Anastacia was difficult to connect to; she’s so frail and tolerating of the foreboding Chrisitian. For anyone that has read the books this is a little self explanatory.

6) Helen from The Summer of Secrets by Sarah Jasmon
A recent read from me, but a character I found difficult relate to; she’s too condescending and lacks the ability to change and that ultimately destroys the lives of the ones around her. It’s a times a difficult read.

'It is not in the stars to hold our destiny (2)

7) Gemma from from Tell Me No Lies by Malorie Blackman
Another recent read from an author I loved as a teenage reader (who didn’t love the Noughts and Crosses series?) I struggled with Gemma because bullying is something that can be so utterly detrimental and yet it seemed to be Gemma’s own desire to be left alone. It jarred that she could want to be invisible and cause such a negative effect on someone else’s life.

8) Una and Liam from Every Single Minute by Hugo Hamilton
I really didn’t know whether to include this one but both characters I ultimately found tough to relate to. Their relationship jarred with one another and I found it difficult to connect at all unfortunately

9) Bella Swan and Edward Cullen from The Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer

I haven’t read a lot of the Twilight series (barely anything) but what I did read I thought was, hmm, awful? These two and their obsessive, unhealthy, manipulative relationship had me scowling.

'It is not in the stars to hold our destiny (1)

10) Hamlet from Hamlet by William Shakespeare

This might be an unpopular opinion but I struggled with Hamlet. There are so many different sides to him as a character I was never quite sure where I stood. It’s not that I didn’t click with him I just never quite understood him enough to get that  click, I guess.

Ahh, the joys of not clicking with a character; who would make your list? Would there be more males or females? Is there anyone you love on my list? Let me know in le comments below!

Top Ten Tuesdays: Ten Characters Who Are Fellow Book Nerds


Good M’rnin readers and happy Tuesday. I love Tuesdays because myself and the only other lady who works for the company (c’mon engineering catch up,) squirrel away to Morrisons and buy all sorts of things that are terrible for me trying to lose weight, (diet smiet I say.) Todays Top Tuesday’s post is to list ten top ten characters that are fellow book nerds and I’m worried that my list will be the same as everyone else’s so I’ve tried valiantly (and failed) to add more obscure characters. *wails*

Tengo from 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami

This book is taking me months to finish but Kenko is die-hard reading/writer and I find his gentle disposition and his attitude to reading and books so easy to relate to.

Meggie from Inkheart by Cornelia Funke

I struggled with this book as a younger reader but I’m so glad I finished it. She is a delightful young reader and a character I really felt I could relate to.

Hazel and Gus from The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

I can’t decide whether this will appear on all the lists of very few? We’ll see. Both adore books although they are polar opposites in terms of what they like to read. This quote is also utterly beautiful from the book and so, so true.

“Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book.”

Charlie from the Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Cbosky

perks of being a wallflower

Another book I can’t decide whether will spring up on lots of lists, but Charlie loves to read and is encouraged by his teacher to write more and use the books to think and reflect upon his own life.

Mel from Bad Dreams by Anne Fine

Another slightly more obscure book although I am sure many have read this brilliant book. The premise of the book follows Mel who is an book-worm *cheers* and prefers to have her nose stuck in a book than make friends with her classmates. However she is made unwillingly to look after the new girl in school, Imogen, but all is not what it seems to be. Imogen is strange and mysterious and Mel is adamant to find out her secret.

Klaus Baudelaire from A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket


I loved this series of books and Klaus being an avid reader with an eidetic memory he had to make the list. Remembering virtually everything he reads he often helped his sisters escape from situations that their archenemy, Count Olaf, lead them to. A real bookish hero.

Liesel from The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak

I wasn’t going to include this one but it’s one that had to make the list. Also if you haven’t read this book, you need to. The number of book bloggers I know that have this as one of their *unofficial* favourite books is astonishing.

Cath from Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell


This is where I fail and just pick characters that just bookish through and through. Cath adores books and revels more in the fictional world than the real world. She’s a little darling.

Matilda from Matilda by Roald Dahl


Another very obvious choice but some of these you just can’t keep off the list because, you just can’t.

Finally, Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling

Another pretty clear choice, but I loved Hermione. She is a gem.

They you go wonderful readers, ten bookish characters who love to read.

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten books that celebrate diversity/diverse characters


Helllllo readers and happy Tuesday; this week is already dragging as it always does but this week’s Top Ten Tuesday is a little special and that’s because it’s a list that “Celebrates Diversity/Diverse Characters.” I’ve picked a number of books that touch on the subject and a couple I’m thinking of reading in the next coming months.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime by Mark Haddon.

This is a wonderful tale that follows fifteen-year-old Christopher who is trying to solve the mysterious death of a neighbourhood dog all the while exploring his struggle with Autism.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky.


This book looks at Stephen who is grappling with two traumatic experiences from his past that have caused him to struggle with depression and PTSD.  A stunning tale of recovery and acceptance.

The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick


This book, narrated through the eyes of Pat Peoples, a former history teacher who has moved back to his childhood home in Collingswood, after spending a considerable amount of time in a psychiatric hospital. The book documents his life on the outside and his difficulty to understand the break-down of his marriage. A wonderfully told tale and one I very much enjoyed.

Noughts & Crosses by Malorie Blackman

As a younger reader I adored this series of books and the diversity elements it manages to coerce into the book. The author flips race discrimination on its head and instead we see a dystopian society, where instead we see that white people face prejudice. A stunning tale.

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee


One of my most recently read books I adored this tale. The novel, set in the Deep South during the 30’s and tells the story of a lawyer who defends a black man charged with rape, but told through the eyes of his daughter Scout. An intriguing tale and one I think everyone should read.

Dirty Beautiful Words by Brooklyn Brayl


This wonderfully written book is a collection of poems that look at the transitioning period for a trans-woman and the difficulties and struggles that happen during this time; both mentally and physically. I have never read anything like this book before and I am so happy that Kris forwarded on the release for me to take a peak because I have wanted to read a book looking at the transgender community and I haven’t found anything quite as beautiful and moving as this.

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell


Cath is a character I really relate to at times; her struggle with social anxiety as an extrovert is beautifully written and I thought this book was brilliantly devised and written. Definitely worth a read.

Every Day by David Levithan

So here starts the books that I really want to read. I’ve seen this doing the rounds on wordpress and as far as I can tell this book questions how to define love and the ways in which we define love whether it is straight (I openly dislike that word) homosexual, bisexual or transsexual. It seems like an intriguing read.

Made You Up by Francessa Zappia

I saw a review of this book on a blog on my wordpress reader and thought it sounded like something that could be quite educational. The main character has schizophrenia and has trouble distinguishing between what is a hallucination and what is reality.

Paperweight by Meg Haston 


Finally I have picked Paperweight by Meg Haston which features Stevie who suffers from an eating disorder which causes her to think about ending her life. I think this could be an utterly heart-breaking read but one that sounds fascinating.

Ten books that focus on diversity although I struggled collating the list as a whole. I need to read more books that focus on mental health/race/diversity as a subject I think because there are so many more books out there that do just that. As always comment, queries, criticisms pop them in the comments box belowww.