Thoughtful Thursdays and Sophie and Suze’s review challenge

Good afternoon readers; whilst I was writing down my facts about my blogging habits I started thinking about my review writing habits generally. I have a lovely book review notebook that allows me to write down all my ideas about a book, general thoughts  positive and negative comments, grammatical or spelling mistakes and the like. I do write very in-depth reviews generally because I have so much to say however it does mean that reviews seem to take me forever. A few days ago whilst trawling through my twitter feed (@littlebookblog1) I stumbled upon Sophie and Suze’s review challenge. The idea is basically that you review as many books as you can in ten days starting January 23rd (so tomorrow.)

Although this is something I normally wouldn’t do (because I’m so busy with 1000001 other things) I honestly  want to see whether I can sustain the detailed analysis that I normally try and incorporate into my reviews but also manage to get one done each night that I take part in the challenge. If it is too difficult I will be cutting down the number because I don’t want my reviews to suffer but I think it will be interesting to see how I do. There are a number of bloggers taking part, I’m actually blogger number seventeen, and  each will be attempting a different number of reviews.

I’m going to attempt one a day although I think this will be a struggle for me. Although I type relatively quickly it feels like it takes an age for me to fully collate my thoughts and get everything straightened out. If you’d like to sign up and join me or have any thoughts on getting reviews done or whether you think it’s a tough enough goal I would love to know! See all the information, links and sign up here!


The second part of this post is that I have not done a Thoughtful Thursday’s post in weeks. I have been so busy and disorganised with my posting and this year I really want to get a schedule sorted so I can post more regularly and consistently. To match up with the review challenge above, my question for you today is,

‘What is one most important thing you’ve learnt whilst writing reviews?’

Mine would have to be that there is no one way to review a book and I’ve discussed this before, but I’ve learnt that giving ratings doesn’t necessarily help in reviewing a book more succinctly as it doesn’t allow for this; for me at least! I can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

Forgetful Fridays…. (A Spin off from Thoughtful Thursdays)


Good afternoon wonderful readers, I think it’s fair to say that it has been a fairly eventful week. A couple of days ago Xtrutech sent their newest and least experienced employee (mee) to Interplas, the British Plastics Show. I was petrified but managed to get myself through a number of days selling machinery and parts to new customers. I made it back last night exhausted and in need of a rest. However, I had to send off my story for my match in the ‘Write Club Fight Club,’ which will be posted up later today. Therefore when I finally crawled into bed last night I had completely forgotten to get this weeks question posted up. Never fear, Forgetful Fridays on mylittlebookblog are here.

Today’s question is…. ‘What is the longest period of time you’ve gone without reading?’

This weeks question comes from a more personal starting point. This week has been overwhelmingly wonderful. I had a little bit of a light bulb moment at how far I’ve come already, since the end of my relationship around five months ago. This week I have been selling machines for a company I have only been part of three short months, I have written an article for the online magazine I am now a writer for and have had my second idea approved, I have written a story focused on revenge in under a week whilst maintaining my job and my blog, my Solstice Shorts t-shirt arrived and I have received my first story to read and review for the festival among other less pivotal but incredibly important things.

Back to the question (I promise these bits link ^) when the relationship ended I had a dry reading spell. Mylittlebookblog takes reviews from all genres of books and it is very unlikely that I will refuse a book based on its genre. However, this means that when I review a certain book, I often get a stack of reviews of the same genre. So, say I review a supernatural Y/A novella, I often get a range of books relating to this genre because of authors looking for bloggers who will review their book. It just so happen that around the end of said relationship I had just reviewed a number of soppy chick-lit, first love specials. My inbox was packed full of stories that spoke of love and adoration. I could barely look at a my inbox and ignored mylittlebookblog for around a month. I posted sporadically only because I couldn’t just stop but it was incredibly painful. These books were writing of the perfection of being in love whilst I was sobbing eating cold lasagna in bed wearing a penguin onesie. It took a couple of months to get myself back to reading again; I had a deadline for a book release and the date was getting closer and closer. I’m sure the author would have understood but I didn’t want to let a new potentially incredible author lose their exposure at the perfect time. I read ALL night and early into the morning, when I finally finished the review I was flat out exhausted. I fell asleep for what felt like eternity my blog was saturated with comments and likes and views.

Skip forward five months(ish) and I am so incredibly happy with where I am now. It’s far from perfect but I am so content with the person I have become. I will never stop reading because someone lets me down and hurts me from now on. I can’t imagine what my life would be like now if I had just stopped reading, and at the time I wondered whether I would start again. Now my whole life revolves around writing, editing, posting and living my life through words. Even my job is completely based on my abilities as a writer. So there we go, I’ve written you a life story…. I would love to hear your answers.

Thoughtful Thursdays


Afternoon little bloggers, on my lunch break once again and there will be a new review on later so keep your eyes peeled. Now, I love this question because it tells you so, so much about readers and the question is… 

What is your worst book habit?

I’m going to have a few raised eyebrows about mine unfortunately, I’ll say it quickly so it’s over quickly. Okay, I turn the pages down on the corners of books. Right I said it! I hate myself for it, but I lose bookmarks like there is no tomorrow. No matter what type I buy they end up slipping from the pages and leaving me all confused. This is definitely a bad book habit I need to kick but what are yours? 

Answers please!


Thoughtful Thursdays

Good Morning Little Bloggers, it is once again Thursday. Quick confession to make here, I cannot believe how quickly the time is going. Two and a half weeks into my internship and although I’m finding it a little difficult I am really enjoying it. However, it has stopped me from being able to not only read but review as much as I would ultimately like to. However these posts are so brilliant as I get to read all the comments and really feel involved when I am away for a while. Today’s question revolves around a dinner party. Let me first set the scene; a beautifully set table, white bone china is placed perfectly in the centre of each beautifully woven place-mat, whilst a crisp white napkin lays folded by the glistening silver cutlery. The table is set for four places, each chair placed delicately around the circular table for ease of conversation. The smell of cooking is wafting into the room while a low steady hum of low jazz can be heard playing from a few rooms away. You are the host of this fantastically planned dinner party, and your three book-related guest are about to arrive. Who is invited to take the three places at the table and why and what are you cooking to delight them?

Thoughtful Thursdays/ Forgetful Fridays


Good Afternoon my littlebloggers!

The first thing to say is that with all this internship stuff I completely forgot about my ‘Thoughtful Thursdays post. Huge apologies, however my life has kind of been thrown upside down this week. I’ve been in and out of the office, typing bits, reading bits, editing photographs and uploading them and if I’m honest this went completely out of my mind. Enough with the excuses though…and onto the question!
Since I have been incredibly busy, reading has been a little difficult. My question is, how do you get your reading hit when you’re incredibly busy? It sounds silly, but I mean the times when reading is just out of the question; either your busy in the evenings meeting friends, or working hard at the weekend catching up on work? My main way is to go through my email inbox and have a little look through all the amazing blogs that have been posting during the week, but what about you?
Is it the newspaper on the train? Or maybe a quick chapter on your lunch break at work?
Let me know!