45 Thoughts whilst writing a book review

Afternoon readers, hope you’re all having a wonderful Friday because the weekend is nearly here *squeals.* There will be a review up today, but I fancied doing something a little bit silly. I decided to do a list of some of the thoughts I have when writing book reviews, this isn’t to say it happens every time (trying to convince myself I’m more organised,) but inevitably happens most of the time. I don’t know whether others can relate or have anything to add and although this obviously wasn’t written with a specific book in mind I thought we could have a giggle about book reviewing on a sunny happy Friday afternoon.

1)      Right, laptop on. Okay that’s not worki…wait plug it in; might help

2)      This dell monstrosity is the slowest machine in the world

3)      Oh, I’m not cosy, pyjamas would be better

4)      Right, scour the ‘floordrobe’ to find something suitable

5)      Right totally ready. Pink moustache covered bottoms and an orange jersey top totally goes, let’s get this review done

6)      Wait, where’s the book gone?

7)      That could help when writing a BOOK review

8)      *scours the book covered desk*

9)      *Creates avalanche of books*

10)   Right, got it; read notebook on notes made whilst reading. Okay, all caught up.

11)   What interesting events shall I write about today for the introduction?

12)   Well my breakfast order at work was wrong and my top was inside out today at work, for most of the day…

13)   Let’s go with that, describes my life pretty well

14)   ‘Good evening readers!’

15)   Why do I always sound so goddamn excited about everything?

16)   Right introduction done, blurb time

17)   Gee this blurb is great/not so great/ hmmmm desirable edit might be needed

18)   Time to re-write the blurb

19)   This is why my reviews are sooooo loooonnnngggggg

20)   What was that character’s name again? *thumbs through book*

21)   This house is so cold I can’t feel my fingers, must buy fingerless gloves

22)   Maybe music would help, click on ITunes

23)   Wait, no too many distractions

24)   Focus

25)   Ooooo Twitter notification

26)   I have to favourite, and at least reply

27)   *Enter twitter conversation*

28)   Okay, focus…. So positives

29)   Character build up, pace, plot, interweaving plot line

30)   Make sure you haven’t only used the word wonderful….oh you have, edit that bit now

31)   Right deep breath

32)   Critiques…couple of things to note

33)   This could be a thorny point, try not to feel too awful and guilty

34)   Now a good thing; pop that in about symbolism and meaning

35)   Sounds clever and made the book good

36)   God you’re good at this

37)   How do you spell sequal? Sequel?

38)   You’re so bad at this

39)   Right conclusion and don’t babble

40)   Totally babbled

41)   Photo of the book now, nearly there

42)   Oh that cover is so much prettier than the cover I have (use that one instead)

43)   Okay, it’s a review, and here are the tags

44)   Preview

45)   Now proofread……jkgjfgdlkjfla;fg

This was so much fun to write; if you enjoyed might do another? Not sure let me know and Happy Fridayy!


True Cheese: Aida Bode

Morning little bloggers, I have been getting myself stuck into a number of different books recently, and it has been incredibly refreshing! It’s been a tough couple of months but I have really found myself looking to the future, and although now it is a little more uncertain than it was before I know that things have been getting better, which is making me feel incredibly positive. Additionally reading this book/collection of poems that I am reviewing here has been incredibly liberating. As it is only a short book this review will be a little bit shorter in length however just as detailed as always. Anyway enough of my warbling…onto the review

True Cheese is a collection of poetic wanderings about nature, self-search and love. Aida Bode brings a unique perspective on such “cheesy” subjects and eliminates the clichés and the ordinary outlook of these elements that enrich our daily lives. This lovely little book of what I assume you would class as poems takes another look at the tasteless clichés of life and adds a little perspective on them! Poems include themes that range from love and devotion, to sadness, the world, and the idea of an eternity. Each poem, however, has a little sarcastic twist that really makes you think about the sayings that we use all the time to explain our love or hope or joy. The book doesn’t take a negative stance, but instead looks more deeply into the lines that spin to try and explain our feelings. The only thing I found a little insufferable about the book was the title. The title ‘true cheese,’ really put me off the book; it was only after finding it squished in the middle of another pile of books that I sat myself down and forced myself to read. On reading the first page I was finding it hard not to smile, and I sat a devoured the whole book in an evening; favourites include

 ‘In New York

Love wears a label

‘Made in China,’




They say that there is

A love relationship

Between the sun and the earth

How can I believe it

When at night

They’re both alone

Another, small problem I had, was that I would have liked the poems to have been a little longer. They are incredibly poignant and they make you think about the clichés that are told; however I would have liked a little more to get my teeth into and to gain my own interpretation of the words on the pages. Only a couple of the poems are more than a few lines long and I think it would have helped to put a few longer ones in to add contrast to the book. However it is a lovely little read and may make you think more about life’s clichés.