Top Ten Tuesday: Ten things I’m thankful for as a book blogger


Heeeeeellllo readers, it’s time for a Thanksgiving styled post – which as a British person doesn’t quite work but it’s Tuesday and that means it’s time for a Top Ten Tuesday post (run by the brilliant The Broke and the Bookish) so I’m going with it. The topic today is a free topic as long as it related to thanksgiving and being happy for the things that we have and I wanted to focus on something blogging related so with little delay – ten things I’m thankful for as a bookish bloggers.

1. It has opened my eyes to books I would never have considered before

In the past two of so years I have read books that  I would never have known about or bothered to ever pick up. Whether that’s the classics binge I’m currently going through or the YA books I fell in love with over the last six months,  without the bookish bloggging community and creating this blog I would never have read so many fantastic books.

2. Every day I am told about never fantastic books

This relates to the first but before my blog I never really had a TBR – I kinda just read willy nilly and read as and when I pleased. Now I’ve got a list that I can’t stop spiralling out of control and rather than being terrifed of it, I’m just bloody embracing it. Never before has my adoration of reading been so strong and that wouldn’t have happed without all of this.

3. Being taught to be proud of what I’m reading

Yearrrrrs ago we were on holiday, as a family, in the Lake District and at the cottage we were staying at they had a number of old and worn books – one being ‘Ps I love you by Ceclia Ahern.’ Mumma B told me it was trash but I read it and I thought it was perfection.

I struggled a lot with my reading likes/dislikes and since the blog I’ve learnt to embrace them – so what if some days all I want is an utterly trashy chick-lit, or I want to read a children’s book and look at all the gorgeous pictures. Blogging has allowed me not only to experience new genres and books but also be proud of what are a little like guilty pleasures.

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4. The community.

I joined the bookish blogosphere to write really and I found that actually I’ve met some truly wonderful people who make me smile on a daily basis and share with me all of their wonderful bloggish bits. When I joined I was warned a little that blogging would be lonely but two years  or so later I feel more comforted than ever and hopefully I’ve been there for many of you to. My NY resolution is to participate more and comment more but I will – I promise you gorgeous readers.

5. Absolutely awesome authors

I still can’t believe how many utterly wonderful, talented, thoughtful and compassionate authors I have met over the last two years – whether through email, commenting on the blog or twitter I have read so many fantastic books and currently it’s so sad I’ve got too many to read because the list just keeps growing.

Thank you for writing all the fantastic books and letting have a nosy read inside.

6. It made me re-realise my love of reading again

Throughout university my love of reading plummeted – studying Philosophy/Media the number books, essays, magazines, studies, theories I was reading on a daily basis reading for pleasure became a bore rather something I enjoyed. I stopped reading for almost the entirety of my third year and  then when I graduated and started to take pride in the blog again my love of reading just blew up. I now review three books a week and dread to think how much of my time I spend reading. The blog really made me revalue the importance of reading in my life.

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7. Opportunites

I say this often but the blog was really started just for somewhere to write about books – over the last six months to a year I’ve really started to push the blog to be more than that. Working with Penguin, shortlisting for Arachne Press, working with Invaluable and giving away tickets for the Stylist Live Event and meeting Caitlin Moran I’m only hoping to do more with MLBB over the next year – we’ll see.

8. Discussions

I think one of the best things about blogging is the discussions it creates – whether it’s about negative reviews or whether you did or didn’t like 50 shades it’s been such an eye opening  experience to participate in so many bookish discussions. I’ve never felt so passionate about some of my reader beliefs and many  have changed over the past two years but it’s the talk and chance to agree/disagree that I’ve liked so much.

9. Self-published authors

This links to a lot of my points but getting to work with so many self-publishes authors and help to bring their book to market has been really fun and really eye-opening. Many of the books that have really hit home for me and have made me think have been from self-published books. Unfortunately I still think they get a bad name and I hope at least a little I’ve helped to change that – one book at a time.

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10. It’s given me my ‘thing.’

Although I’ve alway been someone who strives to experience everything I’ve never had a thing – I’ve never had something I am truly proud of, but I do now. I cannot imagine not writing here and I can’t imaging not having this as my space to air all my thoughts and that makes me feel utterly wonderful. I love writing, I love sitting down and just reviewing/adding images/ replying to comments it’s perfection. Gah I’m an utter blog addict.

Tried to not get too sappy there but I am so thankful to all your wonderful likers/commenters/emailiers/authors/readers. You’re all so goddamn fantastic – have a wonderful thanksgiving!

A huge thank you and 30,000 views for mylittlebookblog

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Good afternoon my lovely readers, I wrote this post last night but certain events meant I couldn’t get it posted up however over my lunch-break I thought I’d bring you the exciting news that I have hit 30,000 views. I do these posts because I still find it incredibly hard to believe that new people are coming to my blog, viewing my old posts, writing me comments, asking me questions and generally getting involved with the thing I love most and that is reading and blogging about it. Additionally I can’t believe that people keep coming back to ask me to read and review their new books, or just email to see how I am; I really cannot thank all of you enough. This blog has never really been about me, yes it’s my blog, but it’s always been about promoting the wonderful work of authors out there, giving positive reviews, offering critiques and although I was sceptical about keeping it up to date I don’t go a day without thinking what’s going to go up next, what I’m going to find in my comment and email inbox and it means so much to me that you’re all here on this wonderful journey with me. It’s never been about the views, but knowing that people are out there reading my words is truly wonderful. The continuous support from all of you out there who have become part of my little pink bookish part of the internet, I truly thank you from the bottom of my little book loving heart. 😀 ❤

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500th Post from mylittlebookblog

Afternoon my lovely lovely readers, apparently this is my 500th post! Yes 500! I can’t really fathom it in my mind except I remember delightfully that for many years back my father and I went and stockpiled a mass of one pence pieces. If we saw one on the street or had change from buying something we popped it in a large bag and went along our way. When we had collected a reasonable amount we bagged them up in five packages, we had around five hundred coins. Each of those coins is now a post; a nugget of wisdom from yours truly. Every so often I get a little emotional here on mylittlebookblog and this is one of those times. I cannot believe the support this incredibly pink space has surmounted. Reviews, images, photographs, quotes, private moments these posts have all meant something to me and it has been a delight to share them with you lovely individuals that find yourselves in my rather happy place in the universe. I thank you for the interesting comments, the support, the laughs, the tears, the times you questioned my judgement or my spelling. I am sometimes so shocked that all of this nearly didn’t happen and I am so glad it did and that I took to time to set up this up because this is my haven. Books are my paradise, my special something. If you ever meet me on the street or see me on the bus I’ll either have my nose buried in a book or I’ll be listening away to one daydreaming to myself. So my 500th post is a thank you to all you incredible people that believed in me and continue to surprise me every day; for this I am incredibly grateful .


The Versatile Blogger Award!


This came as a lovely surprise a little while ago as, nofriendasloyal, nominated me for the versatile blogger award. Huge thank you is in order, as it is always brilliant to be recognised. So, thank you! According to the rules, I must now make you all aware of seven things about me, so here we go. 

1) I am left handed. What an interesting fact. 

2) I am terribly afraid off slugs! Yes, maybe a little odd, but the little slimy things honestly terrify me. (Although, saying that there are not that many bugs that don’t) Saying that, I am okay with snails!

3) I love music. I am a huge music fan; if you ever catch me wandering around university I will probably me bobbing along to a new song or new artist. However I am not a music snob! 

4) I hate jelly. Yes, jelly is not cool with me. Ever. Fact. I am also creating an anti-jelly army in the near future. No joke

5)  I really would like to learn the guitar. However, university work is almost always all-consuming my life and therefore I have never had a chance to. (sad face) 

6) I would love a tattoo. Potentially book related.

7) Finally, I am addicted to Pepsi Max. (Poor teeth.) 

So there you go. At this point I will nominate a number of blogs (I haven’t done 15! Woops) I would like to give the Versatile blogger award..annnd here they are!

Apologies for the short list but I am so, so, so, so busy that checking out blogs is super difficult! 

Congratulations for the blogs above and I look forward to seeing your posts!