101 things in 1001 days: Keep a Swear Jar for a month

101 things in 1001 days

Good morning lovely readers, it’s been an odd couple of weeks for me, and I think it’s because I finally realised how incredibly unhappy living in Stoke is making me. I know this will come of no surprise to a number of my closer friends, but recently the trains home every weekend, and the 4 am starts come Monday morning are becoming a time killer for both me and my wonderfully compromising parents. This last week or so I’ve been putting into motion, the steps to help me move back to the south of the country and be closer to the people that mean the most to me and to put my lifelong plans for working and living in London into place. It might be a dream and potentially an unrealistic goal but after this realisation of how much I need to get out of the cold, dank and frankly dire house I currently reside in, I need to start making my ambitions a reality.

Today’s 101 things post at first probably won’t make a lot of sense to begin with in terms of this change but this month’s swear jar really enlightened me a little. First things first I added this to the list because before I went to university I thought swearing was incredibly impolite and made it my mission to never let an offensive word slip. However, over the last couple of years and especially in the past seven months since working for an engineering firm I’ve found the number of times I’m using offensive language reaching an uncouth level. I thought it’d be nice to include it and get an idea of how often I’m swearing and put the money towards something (if you have any ideas please pop them in the comments below.) The swear jar was 50p a swear no matter how offensive and I noted how many  I was saying down in my diary during the days of the month of January.

For the first couple of days, it wasn’t too bad, I was trying to keep an eye on it and make sure that my language was polite however this swiftly came to a stop. A number of days in I came home from work to see a friend, I popped over to Sainsbury’s to buy ingredients for the pizza I was making for another 101 days challenge and upon entering I found the power and heating to be completely out. Running down to cellar, I pushed the button for emergency electricity before finding out even that had run completely dry. I cannot fathom how the two other lodgers living in my house had spent the day with no electricity or heating as the house was incredibly chilly. Let’s just say a number of words may have left my mouth in quick succession. The week after, eyes lazy with sleep and with the house utterly icy I stumbled into the bathroom, turned on the shower and left it to warm up whilst I grabbed my pink fluffy towel. Jumping in without checking, it seemed that the meter was once again out, and the water was so icy that even washing it under the stream of water gave me unbearable brain freeze. Yet again another number of expletives. This happened on another number of other occasions. With the swear jar piling up a couple of tough days at work, a troublesome EBlast, a couple of nights out, and my generally clumsy nature that leaves me rather bruised on a daily basis, I guess the jar was spilling over.

Saying all this there were a number of days where I didn’t swear at all, and I’m including bad words not just your regular swear words that I will not list here. The last week there were very little and so, in terms of money the final jar was £31.50 which is just over a swear a day. I actually really enjoyed doing this challenge although I won’t be doing it again any time soon because even though I am no longer keeping a swear jar I do think to myself, oh that’s another fifty pence, or how many times have you sworn today. It’s created an internal check on the words I’m saying. It has also reinforced my knowledge that even if I don’t leave Stoke I need to find somewhere else to live, in the not too distant future because so many of the swears came from not having heating or freezing water in the shower. It’s helped make that move seem more important and I’ll let you know how I’m getting on in making those steps as they happen!