I caved and bought a blog planner.

For the last few months I’ve been using my personal diary to plan my blog posts. It started off well enough but recently I’ve been moving a lot of posts around. It’s meant that my personal diary is super messy. That week I received an email from Dot Creates that they had a couple of slightly damaged blog planners. Seeing as I had meant to buy one earlier in the month I snapped one up. Was it a good idea?

It’s all in the details

Dot creates state on their website that

Our all-in-one A5 blog planner is the perfect way to keep both your daily life and blog content organised. Small enough to carry in your bag and easy to write on. And with daily diary space, loads of post planning pages, upcoming event, sponsored content space, AND notes pages. This is the only planner you will ever need.

The planner contains:

  • 12 month (undated) planner

  • 192 post planning pages! (split into months)

  • Daily diary space

  • Hand-drawn quotes

  • Upcoming events section

  • Sponsored content section

  • Monthly stats recorder

  • Extra sponsored content pages

  • Notes pages

The Design

I love the design of this planner. It’s A5 which is the perfect size and it’s spiral bound so it’s easy to use. I like the clear cover to help protect the diary and the paper is really good quality. But the detail I really love is that it’s not numbered. It means that you can use the planner at any time of the year with no wasted pages. Brilliant. The cover is gorgeous too. I was tempted by the peach but the blue/grey pipped it to the post.

It’s what’s on the inside

The inside is perfect. There are pages for sponsored content if that’s your thing and space to write in upcoming events. The pages for planning blog posts are really well designed. There’s space to tick whether you’ve finished words/photographs, which is very helpful for me. I tend to write my posts during the week and then photograph on Saturday’s when the light is good. I think this is definitely going to help me keep up-to-date.

You Go Doll

I love the inspiring quotes throughout the planner. Blogging can be a lonely world so it’s nice to have a pick-me up every 15 or so pages. The type-font is gorgeous and I’m half tempted to rip these out and frame them. Or just buy prints from Dot Creates.

It’s purse friendly

I don’t think I will use this for every post I do. I want to use it for longer posts, or series posts. But I love how weighty it is. This will last me at least a year, probably more. The planner I bought was £7 because of slight marks on the cover but these sell for £12.50 which is, ridiculous. For such a high quality product it’s a steal.

Better Content

I really think this is going to help me improve my content. I’ve recently really upped my game with my photos and SEO. I think it’s going to help me improve what I’m posting and keeping an eye on my stats and the like. I’m really excited to get stuck in.

Should you invest?

Yes, yes, yes. It’s a fantastic planner, with a great price-point and a stunning cover. Big fan. I lave it.

Dot Creates Ultimate Blog Planner

Dot Creates Ultimate Blog Planner

Dot Creates Ultimate Blog Planner


I spend a lot of my time exploring Greenwich. Like a lot of time.

Always partial to a bit of wandering around I tend to be in the know for shops/restaurants/ bookish places. When I saw the signs emerging for a new shop (called Postmark) in Greenwich I knew I needed to have a peak inside.

Postcards from Postmark

Postcards from Postmark

According to their blog

‘Set in historic meantime Greenwich the new Postmark will have everything you’d expect an amazing card selection, wrap, ribbons and bags and our postal service – as well as an expanded selection of pens, pencils and Jellycat toys that will live on a very special centre piece in the shop.

We’ve also designed a special Greenwich franking label that will adorn every piece of post sent from Postmark Greenwich – it really will be like sending your post from the beginning of time.’

Sounds pretty tip top.

Postcards from Postmark

Postcards from Postmark

The Haul

I wandered in after work looking for a card for T. Something to make him smile after a wobbly week. Once inside I noticed an awesome selection of postcards which I thought would make brilliant blogging photography accents, so I bought five.

The first postcard I picked up says ‘The meaning of life is that you have,’ and then the bottom of the text is chopped off. The wording made me smile and I love the baby blue background against the black and white font. The second postcard has ‘You’re all kinds of ace’ written on it, which is something I think we should try and tell ourselves regularly. I don’t ever, but I liked the kooky design and font. I’m very into oranges, yellows and blues at the moment and this fitted perfectly.

The next two are more image focused; the first has numerous cartoony faces all looking a little embarassed/awkward. I love the drawing style and the unusual faces looking either way. There’s also a brick wall with two eyes looking staring out. It’s also orange (thumbs up) but it’s really quirky. I did have a google and the postcards are from a place called UStudio (Paper Planes.) I did have a look on the website and I want to now buy everything.

Postcards from Postmark

Final Thoughts

Everything from Postmark was gorgeous and although I bought only 5 postcards there are so many more I’m going to get hold of. The postcards were 70p each which is brilliant value. In terms of quality the card is thick and matte which I lave. Definitely worth stopping into or checking out their online store. I will be back very (very) s00n.

I love stationary.

Bloggers and stationary go hand in hand. Especially book bloggers. I think we’re born with an internal magnet for gorgeous stationery. Notebooks for TBR’s, post-its for noting beautiful passages. I stumbled upon Jemma’s Etsy shop after joining in with a #TheGirlGang chat. Later that week I was trawling twitter and saw Mel had made an order. Checking the bank balance, crossing my fingers I wouldn’t want everything and searching for the Dorkface Etsy shop a short while later I clicked order. This is what I picked.

Let’s get lost

The first thing I clicked was this gorgeous A5 print. Jemma’s artwork is very unique but eye-catching to boot. Cartoonish, girly, cute images all perfectly pastel. However, this print was a little different. T and I constantly have a travel bug biting us and Canada is one of my all-time-wants to visit. The phrase ‘Let’s Get Lost’ and image definitely reverberated with me. I’ve ordered a frame for it (which is yet to appear.) But this is going to sit pride of place on our bookshelf.

Blue Blogging Stickers

My next choice were some of Jemma’s stickers. I don’t have a separate blogging diary so things can get, messy. I picked out a selection of Jemma’s blogging stickers. Blue in colour and covered in helpful phrases. These include phrases like comment on blogs, writing posts and twitter chats. I am forever forgetting when twitter chats are live so these will help stash the times/days in my memory. The stickers are a really lovely quality and I received lots more than I thought. They will last me quite a while and when they do get used up I’m sure to make another order.

Cute Candy Stickers

The final set was a selection of the cute candy stickers. I wanted these to decorate my ideas notebooks. I was really tempted by the bookish set but I’ve started to stray into more travel/lifestyle posts. I’m a book blogger by heart but I couldn’t resist these. Jemma has a really wide selection of sticker sets; from travel adventures to cute doughnuts and milk cartons there’s something for the blogger in everyone. There are also stickers and a notebook covered in the words ‘nasty woman’ which are helping to raise money towards planned parenthood. (Planned Parenthood.org.) They are on my ‘order soon list.’

I would definitely recommend Jemma’s products. There is a wide range of designs/products and they’re all really high quality. I will 100% be using my discount code very soon to order more prints. Jemma also regularly runs twitter giveaways/codes/releases new products. Her twitter is full to the brim with her love of blogging and bloggers, inspiring and promoting happiness, self-love but also how to cope when things take a wobble. I’ll link ya and share the love.

Which small businesses do you support? Oh and have you bought anything from Dorkface yet?