I’ve moved on from having 49568492044 risotto recipes and moved onto soup recipes. I love soup. It’s been one of the big things that’s helped me lose over 23lbs over the last year. Yes 23. Apparently that is equavilent to the amount of pizza an average American eats in a year.

Just to clarify

The amount of pizza an American eats in a year!

I’ve been relying on soup because it’s warm, homey and you can make 45639594 different variations. Today is a spicy cauliflower and carrot soup. Enjoy

Slow-cooked Cauliflower and Carrot Soup

Put in Your Trolley

650grms of cauliflower

500grms of carrots

500grms of potato (peeled and chopped.)

1L of stock (chicken or vegetable are best.)

800grms of tomatoes

200grms of onion

2tbsp of smoked paprika, hot chili pepper and curry powder

2 birds eye chili’s to your taste.

^ And that’s it!

Step One

Chop up everything. The potatoes, the cauliflower, the onion. Try and keep them as closely matched in size as possible. (Although it does get blended at the end.)

Step Two

Fry the onions and chili until they have browned a little. They add all the spices and fry for another minute. Add all the vegetables and coat with the spices. Then add to the slow cooker. Click on high.

Step Three

Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well. Leave for as long as you can. You could do this in a big pan but I like how the house smells of the soup. (Lol.)

Step Four

Blend once fully cooked. Spoon into bowls and serve with tzatziki and white sour dough bread. Waitrose do the best one.

Numbers if you’re bothered

This made 3.4kg of soup and about 8 portions that work out at 200 calories a portion. Serve with a good hunk of bread and you’re sitting pretty at 400ish. Perfect.

Recommended Reading

I suggest reading WAVE AT HANGING ROCK by Gregg Dunnett. Can see my review here!

Slow-cooked Cauliflower and Carrot Soup

Slow-cooked Cauliflower and Carrot Soup

I’ve just made a full cafetiere of coffee and I’m in mustache leggings. I also have my face smothered in a mud mask and I’m watching Gilmore Girls. Life is a-okay. This week has been another of up and downs’s (as always.) But, I love writing these posts. It gives me a moment to sit and get rid of the warbles of last week. Oh, and celebrate the good bits. Waffle over – my week in pictures.

Bloody Mary’s

My sis Char found out some pretty dang special news. Drinks at All Bar One were 100% needed. This Bloody Mary was one of the most delicious I’ve had and it was so pretty. It was spicy also which I adore. We spent an hour or so drinking cocktails and talking. Moving into a flat with T has been fantastic, but those moments with family are perfect.

Bloody Mary

Last Walk

This week we packed up the office and made ourselves ready to move. I finally started receiving London Weighting (FEK YES) and I did the last walk. The Last Medway walk. It was bloody freezing, my nose was a lightbulb of red and I couldn’t feel my hands. But, it was spectacularly beautiful. I think I’m destined to return – not soon but one day.


New (Online) Friends

This photograph doesn’t fit the moment but I lave it. The last few weeks I’ve been chatting a little more on SM. I’ve always strayed away from Twitter Chats but recently I’ve been really trying. Communicating via SM can be tough. Things can easily be taken the wrong way but not yet (I hope.) Pizza, mental health, Slenderman and Fight Club have all been discussed. Intently.

Rope Decorations

New (Photography) Plans

I’ve been out and about taking hella photographs. I think I’m getting better? Any way Mumma B and I are planning a couple of photography walks in Greenwich. I’m thinking of investing in a new camera but I really don’t know where to start. If anyone has any suggestions – well link a gal up.

London Architecture


Maybe I should have included this earlier in the post. Ah shucks. Bad ending.

I’ve definitely been feeling the dark nights and dark mornings. It’s been a bit awful. I’ve been cranky, a monster and bless T, been eating everything in the cupboards/fridge/freezer/Sainsbury’s. But, I’ve been doing everything to combat it. Dragging myself to the gym, walking a hella lot and writing a lot. I’m hoping to make this week a little like my Buzz mug. Smiley.

Buzz Mug

Another week in the life of Lizzy. It’s been a little quiet recently, probably because if the dark nights. Oh and T and I being broke. Really broke. Hoping for a happier start to next week.