Americosis by Haydn Wilks

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Good Morning, hope you’re all feeling fine and dandy. Another review from mylittlebookblog, they just keep on coming don’t they? As always a quick shout out; if you’re waiting for reviews to make it onto Amazon and Goodreads I am the worst for remembering to do it, please don’t hate me. I’m thinking of using the hour of the GBBO (that show really is television gold) to get a bulk of reviews onto both. Maybe with some cake and wine? For now a review of a book that I really enjoyed reading but I’m not quite sure why; with no delay, onto Americosis by Haydn Wilks.

A naked man arrives in New Mexico claiming to have traveled through time.

He says that he’s America’s savior.

A bizarre sexually-transmitted infection in New York takes control of people’s bodies and burns 

them out in an incessant drive to infect others.

And a Presidential candidate is conversing with angels.

His aides think he’s crazy.

The electorate might not agree with them.

It could all be madness. It might be the apocalypse.


An epic genre-bending mash-up of sci-fi, horror, thriller & dark comedy.

Might need a second for that blurb to sink in because I can bloody promise you, I did. This book is so odd, confusing, and bizarre and frankly, a bit nuts, but I couldn’t stop myself reading it for one minute. I read this in my lunchbreak at work and just couldn’t stop until it was finished (mainly because I was terrified I would forget all that had happened and have to start all over again.) As the blurb states, the book follows a number of different story lines; the savior who happens to turn up a little nude and with a rather momentous member, the relationship between a therapist and her husband who appears to have killed a rather young girl in a McDonalds toilet, Hank the Christian who teaches children about the importance of God, and a President who swears he is conversing with angels.

It’s a novella and it packs a punch; although it follows a lot of different story lines they are clearly written although at this point do not connect in any single way. It rather introduces the story much like the first couple of chapters of a full length book rather than a novella which felt a little odd. I thought the idea of the STI was a bit puzzling; does it cause all the characters to become a bit sex-crazed because one scene definitely seemed to show that, because if it is this book just got even odder. The characters are distinct which is important in a book that jumps around so much and the reader has to basically start and keep reading until they hit the very last line and then take a breath.

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In terms of cons there are a couple of errors that I thought could have been made more grown-up. At times there is an over-use of the word ‘was’ (Robert was sat on the bed) which would have sounded better if the word had been removed. I know this is picky but it comes over a bit childish. I also found the second person narrative a bit grating. I remember trying to write a book in this POV when I was in secondary school and I got told off a lot and it was really tough to do as well. The final wobble was because the tale is so short the characters appear to come over very quickly which can mean they seem unlikeable and at the moment at least they are very one dimensional and Hank (Mr Sweary) was just unpalatable.

 But, and it’s a big but, I loved this little tale. It was odd, crazy, a bit nuts, weird, it didn’t make a huge amount of sense at the time but I want to read more! Who is the Savior and where has he come from? What is wrong with the President is he really conversing with angels (this plot is a bit mad) I liked the action, I liked the intrigue and if I’m honest I think I should have hated this but I didn’t, and I cannot wait to read more damn it.







Another book to check off my list! Published in July 2015 :3

Number 73: Take a Solo Trip to the Movies

101 things in 1001 days


Afternoon little bloggers, on my lunchbreak at work and thought I would blog to you about my first item checked from the 101 list. Now this is potentially an odd thing to want to do but it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a little while now. I think there’s something very thoughtful about visiting the movies as a singular person. It’s just you meaning; there’s no arguing over what to see, you don’t have to discuss which seats to sit in (I will not sit in number twelve or thirteen, don’t ask why,) there’s no mad rush because the person you’re going with doesn’t have their shoes on and you’re already ten minutes late. Instead after a late night swim I walked causally down to my local picture house to see Guardians of the Galaxy. I’ve wanted to see this film since seeing the trailers weeks ago and as there is no-one in Newcastle currently as term time is over I thought it was the perfect time to tick off an item. Sitting in the corner at the back of the cinema I snuggled into my huge cardigan for a couple of hours of respite. Now, the film was brilliant; funny, witty, sarcastic, cliched, sweet and crazy, I loved it, and I didn’t mind being alone which was odd for me. I wandered down to McDonalds for dinner (yes a portion of fries does count) and then wandered home to my beautiful terraced house, before changing into my sonic pyjamas and pug jumper and snuggled up to Eeyore. It really was the loveliest evening; the independence of it all was incredibly wholesome. I am a very extroverted person; I love people. But there was something wonderfully romantic about spending the evening enjoying something I wanted to do, with just me. It is something I will definitely be doing again, just for the sheer feeling of serenity that it brought. I’m not used to be so often by myself but I’m growing into it, and I’m loving the independence it is giving me.