Scheduling Posts: Yay or Nay

Recently, I have started scheduling posts and I’m still mixed as to whether it’s something that makes the blog better or worse? I started scheduling because I couldn’t give authors dates as to when their books would be reviewed and I was posting irregularly. I gave myself a schedule and over the past few months I’ve stuck to it. But, it’s become a bit of a chore and I just wanted to share some pointers as to my feelings.

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1)  I have become so much more organised. Reviews, Monday, Thursday and Saturday, Top Ten Tuesday on Tuesday (figures) and then a bookish post, either a book tag or an award if I’ve been nominated on Friday. To do this however I had to take quite a lot of time off to get through so many books to allow this to happen.

2) Content days are so much more productive because I know what needs to be done. If I’m feeling chatty I might type up a couple of Friday posts, or start on the next Top Ten Tuesday. I know what needs doing and it gives me more focus.

3) I have more content to share, meaning more views, followers etc. I have found that becoming more organised has led to more comments, likes and views which is lovely. What isn’t so lovely is if it gets a bit messy.

4) I can have a week where I don’t worry about the blog. I can just read and let it get on with itself which is why I think I’ve avoided a blogging break so far although I haven’t completely disregarded that yet. We shall see.

5) I seem to have more to write about. More content ideas, I care more about how everything looks, the images used everything which is obviously brilliant for the blog as a whole.

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1) I panic if I don’t have a post-up. Before I wouldn’t worry whether I had a post ready to go but now if I see that I’m a review short or a Friday post I worry because I want to stay organised and reliable in my posting.

2) I worry that my writing is decreasing in accuracy because I’m writing so many. I read them then pop them up and then forget to go back and double check and a couple of reviews I’ve been shocked at the little but numerous mistakes.

3) When I’m reading books I’m worrying, how much time will this take, can I read something a little shorter in between. I’ve had a few wobbles with authors recently and this was supposed to help get reviews out and up more quickly but I’m still slipping up. *wails*

4) It feels less spontaneous. I used to be against scheduling because I liked posting the review and then seeing the likes, now it feels a bit detached from my daily life because things post without me knowing. This includes social media so it starts to feel a little mechanical.

So, I kind of haven’t really come to a decision here but I think if I am more careful to check my reviews and posts thoroughly and make sure that it’s not scheduled until it’s completely finished maybe that will work. Now it’s over to you; have you liked the increase in posts, the more organised schedule or should I revert back? Let me know, would love to know what you think!