Undead Matilda Halloween Dress Up!

Helllllllo readers, hope you’re well. Today is a spooooooooooky post *wails,* because it’s all about halloween.

I never really liked halloween that much until I went to university and it was a fully fledged thing that you went out dressed as a witch/ghoul/skeleton, then drank enough snakebite to kill off a vampire and spent the end of your night digging your fingers into a steaming hot greasy pile of chips, cheese and beans. This year I kinda went all out with my halloween party; there was  a massive mound of chilli (and a vegetablarian option for T) some wild alcoholic punch and just some hella crazy fun. But, the reason I’m telling you all this is because I went to the party dressed as ‘the undead Matilda.’

(me and Derek Zoolander)

I wrote a post last week about my top ten halloween outfits to wear out and how to recreate them and it seemed to get a lot of likes so I thought I would share what I actually dressed up as. So firstly I went to Newlook and picked up this long sleeved blue flowered playsuit which is really similar to the one that she wears in the film. Also *utter BARGAIN,* the playsuit was a mere £3.50. Sorry wuht. When does that happen?

(Spooooooky goings on)

I skipped along to Claire’s (my favourite shop as a smaller child) and forked out another £3.50 for a very sparkly red headband with a pretty bow affixed to it which is very similar to one Matilda wears. I was tempted to buy some funky tights but I thought keep it simple. I then wiggled along to Wilkinson’s and bought a face-painting palette which came with a really little bottle of fake blood which I didn’t  use because I kind of want to keep the playsuit to wear again and you can see the results here ^. I didn’t get a fullll length shot (I’m no lifestyle blogger and totally forgot) but you get the idea.


For my makeup I applied my lightest shade of foundation and then concealer over the top to get that dead-pan look and then blotted on some extra white facepaint just to make it look as ghostly as possible. Make sure to add extra white facepaint in a semi-circle under your eye  to make it look like your eyes are huge! Then using my liquid eyeliner I applied a ring under my the white circle (extra -eyes) and added vertical lines underneath to look like eyelashes. I then drew a line over my eyes (do this with your eye open so you make sure it can be seen) and added more eyelashes. It doesn’t matter if it’s a little messy. Lips are just simple putting a little colour in the middle smaller than your actual lips and then lining them and adding stitching

^ I found this at Little Miss Katy – all credit to this fantastic look is her and you can see the tutorial in full hereerere.

ALSO shout out to the wonderfully epic Oliver Birch who went out as a bunch of grapes and drank a hole lotta wine and dressed up like this. #legend.