101 things in 1001 days: Donate Blood

Today, I gave blood. Yes I finally got round to signing up and booking myself an appointment with the donor center in Stoke on Trent. I’ve been meaning to donate for a long time but there’s been a couple of problems to say the least.


(Me before giving le blood: Panic!)

1) I avoided going at university by making the excuses of lectures, rehearsals and meetings but really was being a terrible wuss.
2) Having my rook pierced and then having to wait five months and then at the end of that getting my tragus pierced. Idiot.
3) I didn’t realise how much time waiting times were for an appointment so yep has taken foreverr.
4) The last reason is a bit personal but I wanted to check I was all okay so I was tested for everything under the sun to make sure I wasn’t donating blood that was unfit for use. (Alllll clear readers, just to clarify)
FullSizeRender (1)
(Where I donated the bloooooood)
But, the reasons for donating are more than that. I’ve always tried to help people, volunteering and the like and with something my body does naturally I thought it would be a shame not to give something that is replaced so easily.
The process was super simple; a lazy twenty minutes walk to the centre and a quick iron test; just a prick of blood which when dropped into a solution dropped to the bottom saying it was good to go. Then I was taken into the room where several people were already giving blood.
Unfortunately a lot like Mumma B and my Grandfather it was a struggle to find a vein. Apparently small veins run in the family and the nurses were quick to pass me over to one another before one declared finding a suitable one on me left arm.
FullSizeRender (2)
(My welcome brochure – Thank you NHS)
A cleaning of the area and a prick of the arm and it was all go. Due to my tiny veins I had to keep opening and closing my hand to keep the blood moving. I was a bit grossed out by how warm the tube was (I actually really detest blood) but it was easy and the general giggling of the nurses in the room really kept me at ease. It was wonderful.
A quick glass of water and a double checking I was all okay, I was sent on my way with an appointment for the 19th of January. Overall I had a wonderful time, oddly enough and I feel like I did something really worthwhile today. I really would recommend, if out can deal with the needle/blood/doctors then I really would recommend going and donating. It really is worth it and if I can do it (blood phobia and all) you could save a life or two.
IMG_1015 (1)
(Bless you Mumma B)