101 things in 1001 days: Learn to eat with chopsticks

101 things in 1001 days

Afternoon readers, hope you’re having a wonderful day. I haven’t blogged about my 101 things in 1001 days in a little while so I thought it was time to start writing them up and getting them blogged about. I have so many to talk to you about and I promise I will start writing them up so you can see all the wonderful things I’ve been up to!

Today’s 101 things in 1001 days is one that became apparent a little while ago when faced with the embarrassment of asking for a fork at a Chinese restaurant. Having a mother who really doesn’t like Chinese food and having a wonderful vegetarian as one of my closest friends, Chinese restaurants have never been a real problem for me. My only real experience is spooning it out of a foil case and digging in furiously in front of Masterchef or the like. It’s never really been an issue. However a couple of times in the past twelve months it’s happened a number of times where slightly disbelievingly I’ve had to cajole someone into supplying me with a fork. After starting the list this one was a little lower down on the priorities however after a rather embarrassing date  where I went a little pink when failing to pick up the little morsels of dim-sum without spilling it all over myself I realised this might be something that needed addressing.

So, installing a pair of chopsticks in the fridge almost in a permanent residence style situation I have mastered my own way of eating with chopsticks and yes it is with one hand. For the past six months give or take I have eaten almost everything in the fridge with chopsticks; some obvious including rice and noodles, and some a little less, pasta, pizza (that didn’t really work) grapes (they are a little fiddly) and even cereal. Yes, this has prompted a few odd looks, however it seems to have worked. I’m not saying that I’m an expert or even very good at all however a few weekends ago me and three of my closest friends went to a Chinese restaurant in Northampton called Felix Yu. Apart from a few spoons of rice I managed almost everything and honestly felt a little proud of my efforts. It’s something silly but once you get it, I think it’s something quite difficult to forget. Chopsticks: Done.

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101 things in 1001 days: Grow a plant from seed to flower

Evening readers and happy Friday, the weekend is upon us and tomorrow I will be travelling down to Silvy for Mother’s Day which I’m really excited for. My little pudding of a sister has rather hurt her leg and I cannot wait to give her a cuddle and make sure she’s okay! It’s been a really busy, emotional and tiring week but it’s ended pretty perfectly and today’s 101 things in 101 days is pretty darn cute.

So as always a little background as to its inclusion on the list. It is a well-known fact in our family that my mother is pretty awful at keeping plants. It doesn’t seem to matter what she does they just wither and die. Sorry mum. But my Grandmother is an absolute whizz; she is the ultimate green fingered lady and I thought I’d find out whether I possessed any of her gardening skills. The last time I tried to honestly grow anything was back when I was in year two, attempting to grow cress on a wet paper towel in a Tupperware box for a school project. The results were pretty awful and although at the ripe old age of six I think the fault of this lies elsewhere I wondered whether it was time to have another go.

In my tiny little terraced house in Stoke on Trent, there isn’t much of a back garden and with my very little knowledge of what soil to use, when you should plant flowers and how often you should water them I traipsed off to my local supermarket to see if there was anything a little more basic. Upon arriving I found the most adorable purple pink bucket with a handle with a number of purple hyacinth bulbs included. I wandered home and after reading the instructions buried the three bulbs under the soft soil and gave it a water, and the waiting game began.

To start off with it didn’t look good, after calling my mother, never a good idea seeing her track record keeping plants alive is pretty low she told me that the bulbs should have been poking out the soil not buried underneath. Then the plant disappeared. I live with two other lodgers and one had decided that I wasn’t watering it enough and had popped it outside which confused me for a number days until upon taking the rubbish out I unearthed it. I stubbornly brought it back in but the next day it had once again been placed outside. After upending the culprit, my housemate Gabriel told me that he had noticed it was getting a little dry and as I’ve been so busy thought it would survive better on the wall outside. Anyway, it’s been a couple of months but slowly but surely one of the buds has broken through and with a little bit of extra sunshine last weekend has opened its petals.

Because of the way the sunshine travels over the garden I think it would have been better to place it in the middle of the garden but no knowing a huge amount and worrying it wasn’t getting enough water I think it’s been a little deprived of potential growth however I’m going to keep it and maybe add a number of others to our little patch of concrete outside.

flower6flower5flower4flower3flower flower2