The Unread Book Tag: Where I contemplate all the books I still have to read *wails*

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1. How many unread books do you own?

This is a difficult one because I technically own hundreds of books including the ones passed down to me and sent to me by authors. As to the ones I’ve bought and not read it’s less than twenty currently. The woes of being a little poor with student debts I guess. Saying this, if it’s the latter then it’s realllllly not worth thinking about. If you include the books I want to read that I haven’t got hold of yet the list is unforgivable


2. How many books do you own that you have read?

How is that a fair question (when would I have counted my books *wails.*) I think my bookshelves at home have around two hundred and ten books and I have around thirty at my new house in Newcastle Under Lyme so I think around the two hundred and fifty mark maybe? (That doesn’t included any of the ones in my email inbox: it’s incredible how many books I’ve read!)


3. Do you buy more books than you read?

I’m a bit of a library advocate if I’m honest. If I’m desperate to read or own a book I will buy a copy but I seem to find that I’m ready to move on and find that next wonderful book. Saying that I always take out more books than I can physically read!


4. Why do you think you haven’t read your unread books?

I think it’s because there are constantly more and more incredible books from incredible authors coming out my To Be Read list just gets longer and longer until it’s undecipherable mess. Being a book blogger seems to make this plenty worse too.


5. Are you going to go on a book buying ban?

Hmmm, yes, at the moment my Amazon basket is full to the brim and my bank balance is terrified that after a couple of glasses of wine Lizzy will just buy them all in one swoop. I’ve tried to stop adding books until I’m up to date with the ones I’ve promised to read for authors but that is a llloonngg way into the future.


So there you go a little bookish look at all my sadly unread books that I need to get my little paws on. I now nominate Becky from Blogs Of A Bookaholic to complete said tag.

30 Day Challenge!


Good early evening my lovely fellow bloggers. I am having a relax this evening before a days hard slog in the library tomorrow (working on an essay as always) and thought I would write a new post for you. So the question today is a book that you have wanted to read for a long time but haven’t yet. There are many books that come under this category for me. This is because there are a number of reasons I haven’t read a book; maybe I have attempted to read the book and didn’t like it so I need to try it again, or a book that I have been meaning to read but haven’t had the time to give it the attention it deserves, so once again I haven’t read it! This is (again) a difficult question!

One of the books I am desperate to read is 1984 by George Orwell; I have not picked up the book let alone read it however I have heard incredible reviews and many gasps when I tell people I haven’t read it. I think the main problem is that I’m worried that if I do not have enough time I will not be able to get the full experience. However, it means that I keep putting it off, and then putting it off and still I haven’t read it however I will! (One day)


Another book I have been meaning to read for a while is The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. The main reason for reading this book is due to the mixed reviews I have heard about it. Some reviewers have argues that it did not meet expectations which goes against personal reviews that I have heard. It also interests me because I am yet to see the film. One of the main rules for me is if I am going to see the film and I want to read the book I will purposely read the book first, (it’s a personal preference!) For me comparing the film and the book means reading it first! So that’s why it’s a book that I need to read but have not done so yet!



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