Television Series I would recommend to Amber from ‘The Chocolate Run.’

Hellllllo, readers. Hope you’re having a brilliant Tuesday. As you know I bloody hate Tuesday’s but I actually reaaaly like writing these posts and this one is definitely one to make you smile. This week for The Broke and the Bookish the task is to suggest television series for a book character you love – I’m picking Amber from the chocolate run. #ENJOY

Orange is the new black

I mean it’s a classic! If you haven’t read the book then Amber actually works and adores films and I really think that OITNB has that feel to it. It’s a bit of a bloody blockbuster isn’t it? I think although Amber likes classics she would want to keep up with this series which is SO HOT RIGHT NOW.

House of Cards

 I think me and Amber would be best buddies, and I adored this so I think we could re -watch all of this together? Although she would have probably seen this because it’s good.


This is a new series for me that my sister suggested and I haven’t got round to watching it yet. I’ve watched the first ten minutes this morning and I thought it looked fantastic but I had to leave for work #noooooooo.

Maybe we could start this together? Me and ambs.

New Girl

 I feel this is a series that all females must watch because not only is Jess JUST LIFE, but Nick is my utter favorite. Amber watches a lot of really important films whilst she’s at work and it’s really stressful at times. I think this would be the perfect series for Amber to relax to.

How to get away with murder

This series is just PERFECTION. Highly recommend that you watch this and that includes Amber. This series is such a binge watching fest and NOW I WANT TO GO BACK AND WATCH IT.

Stranger things

Amber actually loves sci-fi, supernatural based things and although I’m not sure I’m going to enjoy this because I think it’s a bit creepy I think she would be engrossed. Maybe her and Greg could snuggle up on the sofa and watch this and eat hella chocolate.


#CLASSSSSSIC. Amber should and would love this.



Sherlock Photo

Broadchurch Photo

Both of these television series are just perfection –  I absolutely adored Broadchurch and Sherlock. Both have such brilliant filming and I think Amber would really enjoy pulling this to pieces, especially Broadchurch.


Magic School Photo

Finally, Amber sometimes really struggles with her childhood and I think this would be a really sweet programme for her to watch when she just needs to snaffle some chocolate after having a mini argument with Greg. Every girl needs a throwback.

There we go, ten fantastic series that you should watch and Amber should definitely watch with me. I would ADORE watching these with Amber and getting to know her better because she’s bloody fantastic.

9 Ridiculous Things You’ve Probably Done While Engrossed In A Book

Badass Quotes for a Badass Friday Feeling (1)

Hello readers, I hope you’re enjoying this slightly more relaxed and creative style to my blog at the moment. I do desperately want to make more exciting posts, take more of my own photographs and blog about more interesting and exciting bookish things. Today I wanted to talk about things that us readers do that are a bit silly when we’re utterly engrossed in a book! ENJOY.

1. Stayed up all night and embarrassingly fallen asleep on the way to work the next day.

We have alllllllll done this I feel.  When you start reading a book at say half 9 and by the time you sit up to breathe for a minute you realise it is past midnight and you have WORK TOMORROW. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

2. Forgotten to eat for hours on end.

and then, as you sit up and take into your understanding that you’ve been reading for 2.5 hours, your tummy suddenly jumps into action like ‘OMG WE’RE SO HUNGRY, WHY HAVEN’T WE EATEN.’

3. or not gone to the bathroom for an unhealthy amount of time.

Then your bladder joins in and is like ‘hey guys, sorry to interrupt you deciding whether you’re going to be good and eat rice cakes or devour an entire tub of ice-cream but we need to go. So let’s do that first please.

4. Fallen up and/or down the stairs, walked into something/someone with your face in a book.

Now this one, I’m not sure is just me? but I have definitely walked into people, fallen up stairs and also down stairs. I just find you get so engrossed it’s impossible to pull your nose out to function like a normal human being.

5. Hiding in the bathroom to read at work or Forgotten you’ve got waaaaaay over your lunch break reading.

I’ve only hidden in the bathroom once to read a book because I tend to try to be more productive although I would love to read all day. I do however sometimes go over my lunch break because I just get too involved and just have to read to the next chapter. EVERY TIME.

6. Thrown something violently across the room.

I think this is probably a GOT type thing, when people die or something, not that imma into GOT. However there were certain moment in HP where I felt like tearing a book apart (okay not really,) but you know the feeling.

7. MISsing your STOP on public transport…MULTIPLE TIMES.

This used to happen to me allll the time, but it’s less so now because I tend to only take London Midland trains and every two seconds they scream at you which stop you’re at. However, on buses or on tubes I used to miss my stop all the goddamn time and depending where you are, that can be really bloody frustrating. Is this just me?


I very rarely do this anymore because lots of people have moved away from me so I do get kinda lonely quite regularly. However, back at university if I had been working allllll day on essays or on university based reading I would often just get out of nights-out to snuggle down and get some reading done.

9. Forgot that you’re in public and laughing/sighing/groaning whilst you’re reading….And also ugly-crying…like REALLY UGLY-crying…

This is probably the most embarrassing, especially the ugly crying, but sometimes when you just can’t contain yourself and you just need to let it allllllll out. In public, on a bus, with everyone is staring #life.

So there we go 9 Ridiculous Things You’ve Probably Done While Engrossed In A Book. Can you relate to any or these? Or all of these? Let me know if there’s any I’ve forgotten and have a wonderfully beautiful Friday lovelies.


A Pirate’s life for me…..ish.

“She turned to the sunlight And shook her yellow head,And whispered to her neighbor- -Winter is dead.”

Today’s post is a slightly odd one, but don’t be put off it’s a pretty amusing story. I have a skin condition called Vitiligo. Vitiligo is caused by the lack of skin pigment melanin and apparently if you have vitiligo you don’t have enough working melanocytes, so not enough melanin is produced causing white patches to develop on the skin or hair. Simple, but if you want to learn more here’s a useful NHS link. 

The reason for this post is that over the past year, more patches have appeared. Apparently stress can cause patches to grow or multiply which might be why I’ve seen three on my tummy in the last six months (#muststaycalm,) but only one of the patches really causes a little concern. My right eyebrow is turning a rather sexy white colour, and in turn the last year I’ve kind of noticed an eye patch appearing. I’m not insecure about my Vitiligo, not at all but I’ve always been terrified of patches appearing on my face and now there is one.

SO, I’ve decided it’s a Pirate patch. A baddass pirate patch, which made me think I should go read treasure Island again, and yes you can all cheer “Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest, yo ho ho, and a bottle of rum,” but I really wish I had gone back to this book sooner. I read a children’s version back when I was ten, along with Dracula (not sure how recommended that is,) and I adored it and eventually went back and read the real tale all over again. There’s something so blisteringly exciting about this beautiful book. The classic adventure story, with Admiral Benbow Inn, who the young, courageous and I assume handsome (Oo Laa Laa,) Jim Hawkins overhears telling terrible tales of hangings, rum, walking the plank, storms, boats and the treacherous Skeleton Island. Meeting the mutinous crew of Long John Silver and the Hispaniola, this is a terrible tale of secrets, killings, dabloons and “PIECES OF EIGHT.” A beautifully swashbuckling tale and one that’s given me a little confidence this week.


Many times I’ve relied on books for inspiration, for comfort, for support in the darkest of times, but never for appearance based confidence. I guess I never thought that a pirates tale would give me a little boost. I’ve attached a photo so you can all have a little giggle (and I know I see it worse than everyone else does,) but my question this week is, which books have given you confidence? A little pick me up and let’s share a little happiness on this fiddly Friday.



The Book Blogger Memory Tag

If it ain't broke don't fix it.

Helllllllllo readers, it’s FRIYAY and I have another exciting book tag for you! Next week I’m planning a post on where I want to see my blog go next – so if you have any suggestions or things you want to see, let me know and I vow to add them to my list for next FRIYAAAAY. For now, onto the tag.

So the idea for this tag is to answer ten questions. I’ve just written them below rather than using the image that everyone has because – I want to make a pretty image tag. Anyhoo without further delay, the tag. The rules: answer the questions without searching the Internet or looking at your bookshelves and tag five bloggers.

Name a book written by an author called Michael.

So for answer one without googling or anything like that I’m going with Kensuke’s Kingdom. I ADORE this book and it’s definitely one that I think really kick-started my reading during school. If you haven’t read this do, because it’s beautiful.

NAME A BOOK With a dragon on the cover

This might be a bit of an obvious choice? But I’m not a big fantasy fan or huge dragon fan to be honest with you, so this will have to do.

NAME A BOOK about a character called George

I’m going to go with this one because oh my life, George is so cute! I think I’ve read a couple of these books in my time over the years, but another second choice would have been George’s Marvellous Medicine.

NAME A BOOK written by an author with the surname smith

This author just popped into my head but I don’t think I’ve read anything by the author. Not quite sure how that happened – I recon it must be an author my Dad has mentioned maybe?

NAME A BOOK set in australia

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I don’t know one. This is terrible.

NAME A BOOK with the name of a month in the title

I reallllly want to go and read this now – I’ve read this twice and it’s just fantastic. A really interesting book that looks at the relationships of people and how daily lives are affected by a terrifying event.

NAME A book with the word ‘one’ in the title

Maybe an obvious choice; but READ THE BOOK – don’t just judge it by the film because the film is much, much better! Trust me, I’m a reader.  *Raises eyebrow.*


I think this is an eponymous title? I did have to google it but I did get it right – as in, what I thought it was, it was. I haven’t read this but I would like to.

On another note, that cover – say whaaaa. Looks creepy but kinda awesome?

NAME A BOOK WITH A book turned into a movie

I haven’t read this yet but I’ve seen the film and it was EPIC. I’m planning to read the books but haven’t quite got round to it yet. IF anyone has read it and think it’s worth the read let me know cause I’ve done that silly thing of seeing the film first!

So, I failed on one question – PLEASE LET ME KNOW HOW SILLY I’VE BEEN IN THE COMMENTS. Have an utterly fantastic Friday and if you’ve had a fantastic day please complete the tag and let me know your answers. BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.



Ten Books I Picked Up On A Whim

Helllllo readers, I think I might have missed Tuesday posts the most whilst I’ve been away. I lave writing list posts and chatting about books so it’s time for me to do that alllll over again. I know that most of us buy books based on the recommendations of others so, it might be a little tough to come up with ten that I’ve picked up on a whim, but I’m going to give it a go.

One of the main ways that I pick up books are kind of to steal them off other people? Which may seem a little odd but when you live in a family of readers, it’s quite normal to lose books for months at a time because someone has picked them up and wandered off with them. This is a book my Dad left on my desk about ten years or so ago and I’ve read it at least  three times since. It’s the complete opposite from my normal type of book but it’s really brilliant,

This was a book I’ve stolen from my mother’s bookshelf when I was desperate for a book to read on a train somewhere (I feel like I’ve been on 38589895 trains recently.) I reviewed this yesterday and it’s not only a really emotional book but it’s also brilliantly written. #spoton.

There will definitely be a theme to this – book stolen from my sister *woo.* Char told me, a couple of months back, the next time I came home, I needed to borrow a Mark Billingham book and I picked the wrong one. This was the one I was supposed to borrow and IT WAS SO GOOD. (saying that I do have a DNF to review from Billingham which is really sad.) But, this was pretty awesome.

T gave me this book to read and I absolutely adored it (see review here.) It was dark, exciting, heady and just a fantastic, fantastic read. If you’re looking for something a little gruesome but beautifully written I would highly recommend.

This book I haven’t read yet – I picked it up when I was last home, looking for something to read, again on a train. I’ve read ‘A Child Called It,’ which was really upsetting and unsettling and I’m interested to see what happens next in the books – how he recovered from the horrific abuse and turned his life around.


This is a book I picked up because I really enjoyed Complicit by Nikki French. It’s a really good book and although I struggled a little with the characters as a whole it turned out to be just as good as the first book I read by the author. (Not sure how much this counts as a whim but I guess I knew nothing about it when I picked it up? *shrugs*)

I don’t think this is the exact colouring book from Tiger that I have but they don’t seem to have the one I do on the website *weeps.* I have two colouring books, and the main one I have, although it’s gorgeous is a little intense especially when I’m trying to watch Prison documentary’s so I bought a simpler one and I love it. I also use colouring pens to colour in the pages which is a lot quicker too.

Right, this one might be a little odd but I recently pre-ordered the Eat Smart book by Niomi Smart. I wasn’t sure whether to order this but T is a vegetarian who doesn’t like cheese and Niomi I believe lives via at plant based diet. So, yep, I just oddly pre-ordered this and I’m kinda excited for it.


STARTING TO RUN OUT OF IDEAS. I didn’t exactly read this off a whim but I did read the first book off a whim so I wanted to mention the author really because I haven’t reviewed this book yet! I adored this book by Blake Pierce and I found the first just googling free E-books on Amazon from the crime genre and I HAD TO READ THE SECOND. I’ll let you know my thoughts soon.

Finally a book I bought for T that I know he loved – I bought this purely for the cover alone and it ended being up awesome. I still need to read this but at the moment Tom won’t let me borrow anything until I’ve finished 1Q84. WAAAAAA

So there you go – ten new books to go and pick up! Please link me in the comments to you TTT posts because I LOVE READING THEM, and I need some new suggestions. Ciao.