Top Ten Tuesday: Songs I wish were books


Helllllo readers – still struggling without a laptop but I’m doing my best to keep it together and get these posts up. I’ve been borrowing ones from others and desperately typing on my kindle which I would like to mention is an utter nightmare. However – to give me some calm I’ve pulled together this week’s Top Ten Tuesday which is related to music and books.

One of the suggested topics is songs I wish were books and I just thought this would be perfect. Without further delay onto the top ten. (Also I’ve decided to stick with quite current songs just to try and give myself a chance of picking ten!)

Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey

Wouldn’t this song just make an utterly incredible but terribly upsetting book. Every time I hear this song I just feel so much and I think if that could be made into the book it would just be – EVERYTHING.

Glorious by Foxes

Maybe I’ve picked this because this song has been playing on repeat for the last 12 months of my life? (okay maybe not that much.) These lyrics just seem to be hiding the most beautiful and heartbreaking story I just want to hear.

I close my eyes and I feel your heart beat
A deep blue sea rushes over me
And when the thunder cries I feel the warmth around me
Cos I found a place underneath your heart

Because the faith isn’t gone
I still hear it calling
But something is wrong
The tear drops are falling
But just before they hit the ground
Oh when I hear you say
Oh when I hear you say

Don’t give it up, don’t give it up, it’s glorious

Small Bump by Ed Sheeran

*weeps gently.* This song just makes me want to dissolve into a puddle on the floor. If this was a book I’m not sure I would recover but I know it would be stunning.

Shine by Years & YEars

Maybe an odd song? I can see this being the background for a bloody brilliant dystopian YA novel a bit like The Maze Runner meets The Hunger Games. I mean come on those first lyrics –

I remember us alone
Waiting for the light to go
Don’t you feel that hunger
I’ve got, so many secrets to show
When I saw you on that stage
I shiver with the look you gave
Don’t you hear that rhythm
Can you show me how we can escape. 

DownTown by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Maybe another interesting song choice but I really want to read a book that just follows an amazing group of friends, a bit like Skins meets Fresh Meat in book form? WHEN WILL THAT HAPPEN? Anyway I just think this song would perfectly represent that.

Hold back the river by James Bay

WOULDN’T THIS JUST BE THE ROMANCE BOOK OF 2016? I mean those lyrics are just waiting to be made into the love story of 2K16.

Once upon a different life
We rode our bikes into the sky
But now we’re caught against the tide
Those distant days all flashing by

Bad blood by Taylor Swift feat Kendrick Lamar

Now I can’t lie I’m not a huge fan of Taylor Swift and I’m definitely not a Swiftie if that’s what they’re called but this song definitely packs a punch. I can see a book where The Duff meets meets Mean Girls. It would be, incredible.

On My Mind – Ellie Goulding

Now stick with me – I know this one is supposed to be a romance song but I DEFINITELY see this almost like a romance/psychological thriller. The girl can’t get the guy off her mind and then all sorts of things start going wrong  – she can’t keep him away from her. It would be epic (and also bloody terrifying.)

Adventure of a lifetime by Coldplay

I don’t know how well this song went down but I see it as the perfect YA romance with a little supernatural mixed in. Maybe the girl can read minds and that mixes with their relationship. I think it would be the sweetest thing and I ADORE THIS SONG.


Sorry by Justin Bieber

Look I’m sorry (sorry) for using this song but it’s just been stuck in my head. I see it as a best friendship gets out of hand when one admits feelings for the other. As they begin to explore their relationship one of them super messes it up – and then we get to explore as they learn to trust again/fall in love; but I’m not making specific ideas (cough cough.)

SO THERE WE GO. Ten songs I think could be the inspiration for excellent books. What do you think of my choices? Have I made terrible decisions? Can you see one of my songs telling a completely different story let me know in the comments or tweet me @littlebookblog1.

Top Ten Tuesday: What’s in my bag – book blogger dream edition


Helllloooo readers, it’s time for another Top Ten Tuesday and today’s is a free week so we’re allowed to pick our own bookish topic! Over Christmas I was tempted over and over again to buy alllll of the bookish things but I stopped myself because 1) Christmas, 2) Money. However I thought this post would be the perfect time to collate all the bookish bits I want that would fit in my dreamy book blogger bag. I know it’s a little odd for a topic but imma going to go with it. Additionally I will link where I found all of these bits so you can go buy them yourselves!

Canvas And Leather Foldover Backpack by EAZO


Firstly I kinda need a bag to carry around all my lovely bookish-bits. This bag is utterly gorgeous and would have plenty of room for laptop/book/purse/make-up/spare socks etc. I can see me popping this on with skinny jeans, flannel grey blazer, white silk shirt, converse and a bright yellow scarf. Gorg.

Organic Cotton Tablet Case by EKA

Turquoise iPad Case

Knowing me the bag would be fulllllll of bits-and-bobs so to save a little space I’ve gone for a Kindle case in this beautiful sassy light blue. I have a number of these for my Iphone 5c which I bought from Etsy and not only are they are super soft, but they’re brilliant for protecting from screen scratching – perfect.

Classic Paperback Notebooks by PAPERPAPER

Classic Paperback Notebooks

*eeeee* what could be better than this bookish Penguin style notebook. This would be perfect in my bookish bag and perfect for all my bookish post ideas!

Personalised Words Leather Bookmark by JANE DE BONO PRINTED ACCESSORIES

Personalised Words Leather Bookmark

I am the worst at keeping an eye on all of my bookmarks but I think if I had one as lovely as this I would definitely look after it. ‘Ethically produced from off-cuts of leather, leftover from our seasonal collections and hand stamped in lowercase jaunty font.’ It just speaks to my bookish-heart.

Ampersand Rose Gold Necklace by LITERARY EMPORIUM

Ampersand Rose Gold Necklace

I know this should probably be around my neck but knowing me it would be in the bottom of my bag because I’m a nightmare so it’s going in the bag. I bought a necklace with a stack of books as the pendent a year of so ago and they broke off so quickly *wails.* Looking back may have been a bit too bulky but this is beautiful. Simple, classy and perfect for Lizzo.

Raw Chocolate Bar With Peanut Butter by NANTWEN

Raw Chocolate Bar With Peanut Butter

If you’re anything like me you need to have a snack in your bag and I am lusting over this yummy looking little bar. They also do one with fig that is also on my wish list for snacking.

Bookworm Photographic Phone Case by CASSIA BECK PHOTOGRAPHY

Bookworm Photographic Phone Case

I lave me this phone case – and even though I have a pink 5c so I’m a little against covering its salmon pink wonderfulness – I may make an exception for this little beauty. Totally bookish and so dainty – I’m sold.

Alice In Wonderland Handkerchief Set by CHÁ COM LETRAS

Alice In Wonderland Handkerchief Set

Another product I wouldn’t normally carry in my bag but I just couldn’t resist these adorable handkerchiefs. Styled on Alice and Wonderland I can see me cleaning my phone or sunglasses on these beauties, but mostly having them just to stare at *eee.*


Splash Print Leather Purse

THIS PURSE!  There’s something about the inky splashes that just feels so bookish. I can imagine keeping my library card, and spare pennies for library fines in here and maybe a spare bookmark or two.

Set Of Five Pencils With Purpose by NEWTON AND THE APPLE

Set Of Five Pencils With Purpose

Finishing it off with five beautiful pencils – I’ve seen a number of different sets all over the internet but there’s something about the wording and the white colour of pencil that screams Lizzo – *adds to basket.*

Right, so there we go, ten wonderful things in my bookish-dreamy-bag. All of these I found on Not On The High Street (where all the images are from,) and I think all of them are currently available for you too get your mitts on, unless I get there first! What would you add? What dreamy book items are on your WANT list? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @littlebookblog1!