101 things in 1001 days: Watch a Marilyn Monroe film

Good evening readers, hope you enjoyed the review yesterday. Today’s post is another 101 things in 1001 days. I’ve actually been keeping really up to date with the list which is wonderful. Some of the things on the list are taking a lot of time to get off the ground, I’ve been trying to grow a plant from seed to flower for some time now, but there is a good range of different things to-do. So, the ones that are quick and easy to get started I am trying to get through to free up some months in the future. Today is another film related post so hope you enjoy.

This one came up mostly due to the same reason as my post wanting to watch an Audrey Hepburn film. I love Marilyn Monroe, she is a style icon even now, she was a real woman and she was utterly gorgeous. But once again my love for her is built on fickle and shallow foundations. So, when I was last pottering around Hanley shopping centre looking for Christmas presents for my girls back at home I picked up the film ‘Some Like It Hot.’

So Monday, whilst sick from work, bundled up in a woolly jumper, fleecy pyjama bottoms and cosy knitted socks I sat down to wrap presents with this delightfully funny film on in the background. I actually really enjoyed it, I forget how much I enjoy old comedy films and I need to see more of them because they have some much content and it focuses on the actors rather than the special effects that we see in most of the films released today. Monroe was delightfully lovely and although Mumma B had warned me from watching it because she is a little ditsy I thought it was all rather wonderful. I liked the story and the way it was told and I almost forgot about the job I was supposed to be doing! Additionally Tony Curtis is a very handsome man and I felt a little for his old-school charm. Overall a truly loveable film that I can’t wait to watch again.


101 Things in 1001 Days: Watch a film starring Audrey Hepburn

101 things in 1001 days

Good afternoon my lovely, lovely readers; it’s time for another 101 things in 1001 days post which I hope you will all enjoy. Now this point on my list is due to my terrible habit of putting off things that I really want to do, but instead just don’t. I have explained this before but if I really want to do something instead of getting it done, I put it off, and put it off. It’s so ridiculously silly because I want to desperately do the task in hand. So I put them on the list and then I have to!

See, I love Audrey Hepburn; she is an absolute star. I think she is the ultimate female, stunningly beautiful, a style icon and one of my big female crushes. Posters of her adorned my walls throughout my years at university but, I am a fickle fan. My love for her is completely shallow; I have never seen any of her films, which means yes, all the posters denoting her in Breakfast At Tiffanies, ultimately mean nothing to me. I have tried to watch the film before but just never got round to it. So on my last trip to the Potteries in Stoke on Trent, I picked up a copy (and a copy of the Breakfast club which I have also never seen) and a few nights ago I snuggled up in my favourite spot, with my duvet, a bowl of salt and vinegar spirals and a glass of wine and sat down to watch.

Wonderful, truly wonderful. If you love a little love story this is perfect; Hepburn is naïve, a little crazy, irrational and outlandish. Her character flits about charming everyone whilst also being in her own little world. Please, someone take me to a party like the ones she throws in her darling apartment; we could sit in the smoke fug and drink and natter whilst comparing outfits, it would be my pleasure. Hepburn and George Peppard, who plays her love interest, display such charming personas and their intoxicating performance together led me to feel a little warm inside and I loved the way that he was so desperate to capture the obvious love that is felt between the two of them but his inability to grasp it and make her his is so lovely and kept me so very entertained. It’s chic and heady and yet also funny. The characters are so droll and witty I couldn’t believe it when I read bad reviews; this film is delightful. The evocative cinematography and the humour combined made for a wonderfully charming and enchanting film. I loved it and my love for Miss Hepburn has increased a mile.