The Infinity Dreams Award!

Twenty-five things us bookworms are super awesome at (1)

Helllllo readers, it’s Fridaaay and that means it’s time for a wonderful blog tag. I haven’t done one of these in a little while but thought it would be something a little bit different and you get to learn lots more facts about me which may or may not be an exciting thing. I want to take a minute to thank Giovanna at ‘Book Coma’ for nominating me! I came across her blog quite recently but it really is excellent so check it out herrrrrre. 


Thank and link the blog that nominated you 
Tell us 11 facts about yourself
Answer the questions that were set for you to answer
Nominate 11 bloggers and set questions for them

11 Facts About Me:

(as always these will likely be utterly weird and random)

I have vitiligo which means I have white patches on parts of my skin, currently only four in total. The most recent patch (which is currently growing) is in my left arm-pit.

I only recently got Netflix because I’ve never watched a huge amount of television but I currently have been binge watching episodes of Prison Break. Goddamnit why has it taken me so long to watch – but now I have four seasons to watch and it is just – the best.

I’m currently suffering from insomnia and feel like I’ve tried evvverything to sort it. If anyone has tips for sleeping please comment below.

I recently bought my first pair of jeans in over two years and they are the best – they go with everything and I get to wear the coolest socks. #holla.

I currently have ombre hair. I had never dyed my hair until about a year ago – now I’ve gone blonde, dark brown, black, purple, and now a purple-ginger mix. I look more like a university student than I ever have before.

I currently live in a house with 7 boys and one other girl and it’s not as much as a nightmare as you might think it would be (did that sentence make sense?)

I currently have a bruise on my right fore-arm and I have no bloody clue how it got there. (Probably wine.)

I think the best Pringle flavour is Salt and Vinegar, shortly followed by Prawn Cocktail.

My favourite food is probably mashed potato but I never ever eat it, because I can’t make it very well and this makes me sad on an almost daily occurrence.

11 days before Christmas I got struck down my respiratory lung infection which was the worst thing ever. I hate being ill and not being allowed to do anything but I did discover Prison Break so – swings and roundabouts.

Finally, I recently gave blood for the very first time and found out I have blood type A+.


How many books have you read this year? I have read just over 100 books this year. I’m going to use Goodreads properly in 2k16 so I know exactly how many because it currently says I only read 14 which is not true at all but I always forget to log my books!

Are you doing the 2016 Goodreads Reading Challenge? If So, how many books are you planning on reading? Ah I see, well done Lizzy don’t read all the questions before you start to answer. Yes I will be and I would like to read 100/120 ish books this year but that seems like a big challenge.

Who is your favorite Author? You can’t ask that to a book blogger – gah I don’t know. I have a big thing for George Orwell at the moment (although not 1984.) He’s not my favourite but he’s definitely up there!

If you could interview anyone from your life living or dead, who would it be? Caitlin Moran – #idol.

If you could live ANYWHERE in the world, where would it be? I think maybe Denmark – it’s utterly gorgeous and the perfect temperature for a human that isn’t too great in hot weather but does like a little sunshine.

If you could speak any other language, which one would it be? Italian – I’m not sure I would want to live there but I love the language and the country for holiday trips. I’ve been all over Italy and I adore it.

Do you have any pets? Yes – two little Maurices (ie bunnies) called Lola and Barbeque. We bought Barbie from another bunny owner so we didn’t name her but, she’s called that because of the brown tufts on the back of her neck.

(This is Lola)
Do you have any siblings? I do have a sister called Char Balds but she is basically my bestest friend to be completely honest with you. We’re like two peas in a pod and put us together and there will definitely be trouble.

(This might be my favourite photograph of us ever – #TBT long-haired Lizzo.

Do you play any instruments?

I play the cello and have done since I was 7/8 I believe. I still play now and I will insert a very hilarious photograph of my cello face.

What is your favorite food? MASHED POTATO or lasagna, chips and peas.

Have you ever broken a bone? Not yet (touches wood)

I Nominate:

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2. BR Kyle at Ambiguous Pieces

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What is your go-to Dominoes order?

Where would I find you on a normal Saturday afternoon?

Tell us a memory that makes you super-duper happy?

Tattoos? Do you have any, want any, thought of ever having any?

Who is your go-to blogger when you need a pick-me-up read?

Twitter or Instagram?

What key rings do you have on your keys?

Reading place of choice – bed, bath, window sill, cloud? Let me know!

Dream Job? (example burger tester)

Favourite reading tip?

Favourite book of 2K15?

Gah, apologies for this super long post – it took forever! Hope you enjoyed and I cannot wait to see the answers from all the wonderful nominees!

Versatile Blogger Award for mylittlebookblog

Morning readers, once again another apology for being review free for a little while now. I’ve been struggling a little with Girl 20 and although I’m really enjoying it, I’ve found if I read it alongside another book I’m getting a little confused so, for the first time in around eight months I’m sticking to one book at a time.This morning, however, I found myself nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by the lovely Gabi. I’m not sure whether I testify as a new-ish blogger with two years behind me but it’s a wonderful way to share blogs that I enjoy so I’m going to take part anyway and just to follow the blogger before I’m not to worry if they’re too new.
The Rules
1. Nominate 15 other relatively new(ish) bloggers
2. Let them know that you have nominated them
3. Post ten random facts about yourself
4.Be sure to thank the blogger(s) who nominated you and link back to their blog
5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award image the the post
First things first thank you to Gabi for nominating me, you can see her blog here! I nominate
So I will let them all know of my nomination. Just a quick confession, these are mostly blogs I keep a vague eye on. I am so busy at the moment that I find it really tough to keep up with all the blogs I follow but for some reason or other these got a follow from me so congratulations (and there are a couple I’ve been reading for a long time.) Onto the ten facts about me
Ten Facts about me
1) I have eyes the colour of swamp sludge. They used to be quite brown in colour but now they are a rather deep swampy green
2) I sleep on my front. Apparently this is rather odd but I find it incredibly comfortable
3) I drink my coffee black with a sweetener, unless I’m in Costa and then you can order me a small skinny caramel latte thank you very much4) I posted about this yesterday but I’ve started writing my first book, we’ll have to see where it goes but fingers crossed this might actually get finished

5) Spiders terrify me. If there’s one in the shower I will wash my hair over the bath whilst keeping eye contact the entire time. I just can’t deal with them!

6) My little sister is one of my best friends. We went through the stage of utterly disliking each other but more recently in the past year or two our friendship has blossomed. I love her to bits

7) I currently have a bruise on the underside of my forearm and I have no idea where it came from. My ability to bruise is quite astounding

8) I have tiny feet, potentially due to my short height which makes me rather unbalanced at times however the chance to shop in the children’s department for smart black shoes saves me a ridiculous amount of money

9) I never wear trousers. This is an odd one but I hate wearing jeans, or trousers or leggings. I’m a dress and tights kind of girl.

10) I laugh when I’m nervous. It’s an odd laugh but if you hear me doing it and nothing that funny has happened, the nerves have definitely kicked in

So there you go, ten rather worthless but interesting facts about yours truly. I haven’t taken part in one of these nominations in a while but I thought it would be lovely to share with you some blogs I really enjoy. Congratulations to all nominated can’t wait to see your facts!