Do You Actually Have Good Taste In Books?

Do You Actually Have Good Taste In Books-

HELLLLLLLOOOOOO READERS, it’s FRIYAY and I’m pretty excited for this tag. I found this on Buzzfeed (one of my favourite sites) and I thought I would try it out! If you want to the quiz on the Buzzfeed site, here is a LINKBut here are all the questions and I’m going to answer them and see how many that you agree with.

It has to be Paperback right? I have tiny, tiny arms that make carrying Hardbacks really tough.  I love hardbacks but I have so little space for books anyway that paperbacks have to be the answer.

HARRRRYYY POTTTTERRR! I’ve never been a massive LOTR’s fan. I’ve spoken about this maybe a million times before but HP is just ma fave. I think it’s most people’s fave – although T still hasn’t finished them all and this massively upsets me.

OLD BOOOOKS. I absolutely adore the smell of old books and new books actually, but maybe old more? Although it’s so dangerous smelling books in shops JIC someone sees you aha.

Stephen King – neither of them are authors I read a lot by but I think King just about trumps Stine.

……….. Neither? Okay, Okay, if I HAD to pick I would choose Fantasy but there are so many genres I would prefer to read; historical fiction, YA, romance, memoir. The LIST GOES ON.

I like both, but I think indoors, looking at the outdoors. Like when you’re reading and it starts to the rain and it feels SO BLOODY COSY, or when it’s super sunny but you know if you move outside you’re going to be bitten by some kinda bug or get burnt or whatever. Both, but indoors.

God these questions – NEITHER AGAIN. But if I had to pick one – 50 shades, because I cannot stand Twilight. It’s not my thing.

This one is going to be a two part answer – Lizzy that doesn’t have to pay rent, and student loans and buy food and pay for 3454344 trains (literally that is how many trains I have to use maybe every 3 weeks,) would say 10000000% million percent bookshops.

The Lizzy that is really broke says online. I’m terrible. I know this.

Oh Gatsby. I haven’t even read The Catcher in the Rye yet cause I’m a nob.

Fiction, FICTION, FICTIONNNN. I love non-fiction but I prefer it in television documentaries or in movies? Saying that anything on The Titanic I am all over.

I HAVE NEWS, I have started properly, properly, properly, using bookmarks. Not always a bookmark, I mean train tickets, or a page from an SEO report I’ve just written, or a receipt, BUT IT’S BETTER THAN DOG-EARING.


Is that even allowed? Are you allowed to ask that question – it doesn’t seem fair. I would have to pick Roald Dahl though.

Audio book! Although I don’t buy them enough because they’re often kinda expensive and I get so many Ebooks because ya know, ARC copies.

I think when I did it I got 10 “right” as in they matched with other humans that took the quiz? Let me know which questions you agree with and which ones you’re a little unsure about. Also have a fantastic day readerrrs!

The Big Book Debate

I have yet to comment on the highly fuelled debate being discussed currently by readers of all genres and of all ages; that question being, which do you pick? The humble print based book or the modern and highly disputed Ebook? Today I have decided to put my two-pennies in after completing an online quiz. Suitably named, ‘are you a print book or an Ebook,’ I was expecting to get the result of the print book; however I was very wrong. The quiz told me instead that,

‘You are more of an EBook type, even if you haven’t made the transition fully yet. You like reading as much as the next paper book fan, if not more. You are dedicated to reading a lot. In fact, you read so much that you really can appreciate the ease of EBooks. At this point, paper books slow you down. For you, there is nothing better than being able to get a new book cheaply and easily. You never know when the reading bug is going to strike you.’

I was a little shocked but this was kind of perfect. I do own a Kindle and I read from it regularly, all over the place; covered in suds in the bath, snuggled up in bed, or squashed up on the bus, I find it extremely useful for getting a few more pages read from my current book. The review requests that I receive every day push me to read more and more in which to satisfy the demands of the authors that I rely so heavily on as a blogger. Don’t get me wrong I would never pick an Ebook over having the book in person, but the speed in which I can get and start reading is greatly increased through my Kindle. One thing that really struck me was the line, you like reading as much as the next paper book fan, if not more. You are dedicated to reading a lot.’ It’s true, if you gave me the choice, with every single book that I read, print-based or Ebook, it would be no question, the print-based; but with the blog I run and the needs I have, the Ebook allows me to keep more on top with the demands of my blog. However, this makes me feel a little unhappier. I never thought I would be the Kindle type and heavily rejected the possibility of an Ebook reader based on my utter love of books. Like many, I found like I was snubbing the importance of a book, and was a traitor to the other side. I just wondered, any thoughts from readers? What results did you get? Print based or Ebook?

 Check out the quiz here: