I never judge a book by its cover (cough)

Hellllllo readers, it’s Friday which means IT IS BASICALLY THE WEEKEND which means, Chinese take-away, Christmas jumper, and wine, all of the wine. Today I wanted to write a post I’ve been meaning to for a little while about book covers.We’re told the mantra – ‘Don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ allll the time, but we do. Authors, publishers, reader, bloggers, promoters we all know that a better cover will sell a book better. It not that content doesn’t count, it’s just we’re more likely to look at the content if it looks like it’ll be interesting. Today I’ve picked out five of some of my favourite covers this year and why I think they’re so darn brilliant.

Satin Island by Tom McCarthy

How gorgeous is this? I love the splashes of colour, the minimalist design but knowing it would look utterly beautiful in my bookish suitcase. It doesn’t overpower and it relates to the writing of the book inside and the themes discussed within. Whether you loved or hated this book the cover is definitely eye-catching.

 Not on Fire, But Burning by Greg Hrbek

This book is currently on my TBR and has been for a little while but this cover is just sublime. It has a contemporary feel but really reflects the book inside. It is also doesn’t destract from the title that can sometimes happen but instead it enhances it. Perfecto.

A Manual for Cleaning Women by Lucia Berlin

I need to get hold of this book the reviews are just, brilliant – clever, insightful, full of quips and interesting short stories this book is going to be a great read. The cover is minimalist, links to the content inside, is eyecatching, the coral cover is beautiful and you know it would make a perfect gift for a bookish friend. I adore this one.

best-book-covers-2015- theroomcover

This cover, I don’t know, there’s something about it that makes me utterly utterly happy. It has such a modern feel and yet it’s very simplistic. Maybe for some a little boring but for me it just makes me wonder what’s happening inside the book – how does it connect? What does the walking into the 0 mean? (It does in fact connect with the tale inside but even without knowing that I think this is wonderful.)

best-book-covers-2015- bookofnumberscover

This cover uses primary colours, the use of a face, geometric patterns and a black background and somehow it works. This feels  modern, intriguing and new. It’s not a cover that would normally drag me in but this somehow manages to and I just cannot wait to get round to reading this and finding out just how great it is.

There are five of my most favourite book covers of this year – which would you add? Which cover has really caught your eye this year? Let me know in le comments or tweet me @littlebookblog1.


New start. New Editions. New covers: A Guest post from K.E Coles

Hello readers, I have what I think is a really special post today from an author that means a lot to me. I met Kathy back at the start of the history of ‘My Little Book Blog,’ and she is an utter star. I adore her books and they’ve been part of giveaways, she wrote a stunning piece of my two year anniversary and she’s always just there, being lovely and emailing me wonderful things.

Kathy emailed me a couple of weeks ago letting me know that the covers for her book had changed and that she was going the publishing process alone which I thought was so brave and the covers are gorgeous. Seriously. Here is a little look at the process of why this brilliant author decided to start a new journey with her beautiful books and a reveal of their new gorgeous covers!


First of all, I’d like to thank Lizzy for having me nattering on her wonderful blog again. You’re such a supportive friend for us writers Lizzy, so thank you J

Lizzy was kind enough to review my two novels, Mesmeris and Infixion, a few months ago and I’ve recently taken the plunge and re-published them myself – eek! There are lots of reasons why – some trivial, some major.

It’s been a horrible summer for me, with close relatives in hospital, and then the death of my lovely mum. Even though we knew it was coming and thought we were prepared, it was still a terrible shock. I think it made me realise that I needed to enjoy my day-to-day life rather than having some bonkers ambition of ‘making it’. Life’s too short to waste a single day.


Although my agent was lovely, and White Glove did a good job publishing the first ebooks, I found it difficult not to be ‘in charge’ of my own work. I wanted to change things – the covers particularly, but also make other adjustments. For instance, after a million proofreads (no exaggeration. Well, maybe a teensy little one), my dad spotted a typo on page 50 of Infixion. Such a minor thing but knowing it was there drove me bonkers. Any changes, even something as minor as that, had to go through my agent, which meant lots of emails, and LOTS of waiting. I found it really stressful and felt a nuisance for bothering everyone. I’d never been 100% happy with the covers, especially the red titles. I didn’t feel they conveyed the atmosphere of the books and perhaps gave a false impression of what they were like. All of this proves that I’m probably too much of a control freak to hand over my work to someone else. Eventually I decided to terminate my contract with my agent. It was a pretty terrifying decision. After all, agents are hard to come by and much sought after.


But I have done it anyway and re-published them with help from my writing buddy, Bob Summer, without whose help, I’d still have been staring at the computer screen, yelling at it, and swearing – a lot! The new cover designs were drawn by one of my daughters, Ally, who’s super-fab at design-y-type stuff, unlike me. I had tried to do my own and failed miserably. I discovered that being an artist doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be good at design. I wasn’t. My attempts were dreadful – messy, smudgy, tatty – a bit like me. I was so thrilled when I saw Ally’s idea for Mesmeris that I asked her to do one for Infixion too. It turned out that having a great design isn’t the same as having a book cover however, so we had to get help from a terrific book cover designer (and super-successful writer), K R Griffiths, who did a wonderful job with them.

Whether they will sell remains to be seen, but I feel happier in my writing, and less stressed in general – yay!

I do hope people will like the new editions. The third book, Wormwood, is almost there and then I’ll be moving on to the next, unconnected story.

Once again Lizzy, thanks so much for all your support. You’re a star! x

*eeee* what a wonderful post and I for one cannot wait to read more from this author! If you are yet to pick up a copy of her books take a look at my reviews which pretty much sing praise from the rooftops (Mesmeris & Infixion) or wiggle over to Amazon and take a look at alllll the brilliant reviews of both books!

Book Covers; how important are they?

Book Covers; how important are they?

These incredible book covers are designed and created by the incredibly talented Owen Davey. You can check out his incredible designs here http://owendavey.blogspot.co.uk. The question I am asking today, the age old question; is it bad to judge a book by it’s cover? Yes, we all know the mantra. But really, can we honestly say that the cover of a book doesn’t matter…I would say no. Of course it matters… does that make us less superior readers? Can a cover really change your entire enjoyment of a book? Or, is the cover something that we should reject entirely? Answer fellow readers, authors and book bloggers!