Dragon Loyalty Award for My Little Book Blog

Hellllllo readers and happy Friday; woohooooo. Lots of really exciting posts this week and an award for mylittlebookblog. I really love these because I’ve recently been following and reading a lot more blogs and I’ve got lots to share some new, some I’m an avid follower of, but either way all brilliant.

 Thank you to Sarah at ‘Brainfluff; Curious corners of a writer’s cluttered mind,’ for nominating me, you can see her blog here and it is definitely worth a wander around. Her comments on my postings often make my day and her posts are insightful and beautifully written.

 The rules are:-

  Display the award certificate on your website.

Announce your win with a post, and link to whomever presented your award.

Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers.

 Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post.

 Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

So, my 15 (cough ten) nominees are in no particular order:

Amanda @ Chocolate Pages

Day time Reading 

Jessica @ A Book can be a star

Sarah @ Sarah’s Bookshelf

Ryan @ Ryan’s Book review

Bronagh @ Bronagh’s Beauty and Books 

Mara @ Across the Books 

Tasha @ That Little Blog of Everything  

Stefani @ Caught Read Handed 

Lizzy @ Lizzy reads books 

 Now I have to think about seven things about me…

1)       I am a terribly nostalgic human being. I recently bought a PS2 which I’ve never owned or anything like it, so I could play a game my former best friend and I used to play as kids. I also currently have a desire to buy a Tamagotchi but I have to resist. *I am an adult, now repeat*

2)       My favourite hangover cure is fizzy water, with lime if I can stomach it and salt and vinegar spiral crisps

3)       I’ve still not read anything by Virginia Woolf or Orson Welles

4)       I still sleep with a cuddly Eeyore because he is the bestest

5)       I am forever cold; all through July I wore ‘the winter cardi,’ most days of the week because the office is forever freezing

6)       I hate hand shaking, give me a hug instead please

7)       I’ve only just signed up for Net Galley and feel like I’m an old timer cause I have no idea what I’m doing

8)       Chicken and sweetcorn sandwiches are the best sandwiches, no question

9)       I liked to eat my chips with a mixture of ketchup and mayo and I have no regrets

10)    I’m currently really considering getting myself a tattoo but worry about it stretching/going terribly wrong/ I end up hating it, but it’s on the cards soon I think.

I’ve just realised I’ve written ten, my mother always used to say Lizzy, make sure you read the question. This time I failed but here is the end of the tag. Thank you to Sarah for nominating me once again and I cannot wait to tell these lovely bloggers they’ve been nominated by yours truly!

The Quartet of Radiance Award!

Wow, just wow. I have been nominated quite incredibly for the blog award the ‘The Quartet of Radiance.’ I have had such a brilliant week with my blog and I’m hoping that it’s just going to keep going! This is a good sign that it might! Thank you so much to http://thoughtsfromthespareroom.wordpress.com/ for nominating me! I am always shocked when I receive nominations and this was no different, but it came at the perfect time and that makes me just so grateful! So, without further-ado here are the rules!

Thank the blog that nominated you
Nominate other blogs
Describe yourself using the alphabet
Notify your nominees
Have a fabulous day!

I nominate! 



and finally 


a) Ambitious: Ask anyone close to me to describe me in three words; I reckon this would definitely be one of them.
b) Blogger: Blogging and being a blogger means everything to me! It’s become a huge part of my life and I don’t go a day without looking or editing mylittlebookblog. My blog has given me so much more that I physically thought it could and it seems to be growing and developing more than I could ever have wished!
c) Cluttered: Although I spend my life making sure my blog is perfect I am not so perfect in real life, and currently my room is terribly cluttered!
d) Dedicated: I was going to use L for loyal but I had to blog about my little bunnies. I am an extremely dedicated and devoted person. Ask me to do something and I will do anything in my power to fulfil that! I hate to break promises to people so if you ask and I say no, it’s only because I know I can’t fulfil the ask. (Although this is rarely ever! See letter M!)
e) Ear Piercing: I recently got my rook pierced and I absolutely love it! I am now so tempted to get another but I think my family would not be happy!
f) Fragile: I bruise like a peach; every morning I wake with a bruise somewhere! It happens so often I just do not even bother to think about where it might have come from!
g) Gelato: I love the word gelato; it is so much better than the English; ice cream!
h) Happy: I am an extremely happy person! I am almost always on top of the world always striving to be my best and do my best! I also love the song that is currently doing the charts by Pharrell Williams, it is a beauty!
i) Historical Fiction: I don’t speak about it much on my blog but I have a huge love for historical fiction, I think it is just so, so, brilliant when done well, and if you can transport me to another era then I’m sold.
j) Jelly: I dislike jelly so much I think it has become a defining quality of my personality. I do not like the texture and it wobbles; not cool!
k) Kite: I love flying kites! Its something I have always loved doing and I hope to do more kite flying in the future; it just makes you feel so free it is extraordinary!
l) Lola: I have two bunnies, one called Lola and we used to have a bunny called Molly but she regrettably died recently so we have bought a new bunny from an owner that had no space for her. Her name is Barbeque…but we’re naming her Barbie. She is gorgeous and I cannot wait to meet her!
m) Mayhem: my life is spent running around all over the place, back and forth from university, to concerts, to rehearsals, dragging my cello with me all over the place…one day I would like to have a little more me time and spend it doing the things I want to do!
n) No-nonsense: Sometimes I’m told that I have a no-nonsense way of talking! I just like to get to the point; I’m not a fan of the wishy-washy!
o) Optimistic: I am one of those annoying people that can find a silver lining in any cloud!
p) Pepsi-max: If you ever need anything from me a can of Pepsi will suffice as a convincer! (Just make sure it’s ice-cold!)
q) Quirky: I said I wasn’t going to use this word but I really couldn’t think of anything else! Most of my friends think of me as the alternative one in the group. I’m pretty ordinary but I have certain quirks that set me aside!
r) Reviewer: I love to review and I have really started to hone my skills and transfer them to other parts of my life. The dream is to become a part-time freelance reviewer and I cannot wait!
s) Sewing: when I have my own place and a job, I would love to become acquired with a sewing machine and make my own dresses!
t) Talketive: I am a right chatterbox if you get me started on a topic that I’m passionate about…saying that I am also a very good listener and I know when to keep my mouth shut!
u) Urban: I love cities and I really want to one day move to London and live in a fancy apartment! (Well a girl can dream!)
v) Vibrant: I think this can be applied to my personality but also too my taste and skills! I am a very vibrant person and I think it is so important to always show who you are as brightly and as positively as possible!
w) Writer: Although I mostly write reviews I have written a number of short stories and I will continue to improve and hone my skills; maybe one day I’ll even publish my own book! (We’ll see….)
x) X: I always put kisses on the ends of my texts; it’s nice to let others know that they are loved even if it’s only on the end of a text message!
y) Yoghurt: I have a real love/hate relationship with yoghurt. Some times I really crave it and then sometimes it’s just a no. Odd eh?
z) Zodiac: I don’t really know what to think of horoscopes, but I’m a Leo and it really describes me perfectly!

That took a lot longer than I expected but I‘m done so now it’s on to my lovely nominees! Congratulations once again!