7 Keys to a journey of personal growth.

-If you're losing your soul and you know it, then you've still got a soul left to lose- — Charles Bukowski

Everyone deals with personal growth and happiness in different ways. Some individuals experience road blocks that have the greatest effect on the ability to create positive change. Others recognize the road blocks and obtain appropriate tools to help them move beyond inner confusion. Throughout my career as a professional motivational speaker in the field of Spiritual Psychology and Social Services, I have been able to help individuals to effectively deal with the challenges faced and identify their personal road blocks and apply seven keys to move forward toward their personal growth and happiness. Here are my seven keys:

Live Happier: It’s so important to acknowledge that we all need Love to keep stress at a minimum. Conscious loving releases endorphins in your brain and the simple act of forgiveness works as a natural anti-depressant.

Positive Attitude: Choosing forgiveness sets the heart free to embrace more loving. As much as our bodies need rest, so do our hearts. It’s important to take time to meditate to help with your life’s challenges.

Personal Goal Setting: What are you really called to do in this life time? Set goals that serve your highest purpose. Don’t just be good, you can be great!

Meditation Techniques: Sit quietly and listen to your mind. Then tell your mind to be quiet. Let you soul be the lead in the conversation. This will help give you calming and pleasurable feelings.

-If you're losing your soul and you know it, then you've still got a soul left to lose- — Charles Bukowski (1)

Realizing Your Potential: One of the few industries that thrive is “fear”… There’s a reason for that. Fear calls people to action, but so does Love. Whether a new birth, a wedding or a goal achieved … loving generates more love. I recommend aligning your goals with what is true to your heart! Uplifting events will occur naturally.

Developing Healthier Thoughts: Science has proven the conscious loving releases positive endorphins. Think about how you can love more each day.

Trust Love: Get in the conversation. Ask questions. Seek answers. Find the next level on your path to creating move love in your life.


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101 things in 1001 days: A catch up

Today is going to be a 101 things catch up day because I’ve done a couple of tasks but are yet to write them up. Some are not quite enough to warrant an entire post so I’m going to wait till I’ve completed a couple and then let you know all about them because that seems like a more concise way of doing it. Four things to let you know about today.

101 things in 1001 days

Create an inspiration note-book

I’ve mentioned it a couple of times, but I was recently diagnosed with anxiety and the last few months I’ve been diligently attempting to quash the feelings of panic and live a happier less ‘panicked’ existence. Including (attempting) fitting in regular exercise, walking to and from work (public transport is just, awful,) and managing my work/blog/life balance better, I’ve started an inspiration note-book. I essentially bought an adorable notebook, stocked up on coloured biros and pencil crayons and in it I write Ten Things that have made me happy for today messages, photographs that make me smile, quotes that help to perk me up when I’m feeling down. Essentially it’s my go-to when I just want to get into bed, make a fort and hide from the world. I draw pictures, doodle and come up with blog-post ideas. It’s just something to make me feel more me.

FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender (2)

FullSizeRender (3) FullSizeRender

Write a letter to open to yourself in ten years’ time

Gah, this is was a toughie. I couldn’t decide whether to wait a couple of months, because I did write my letter to open at the end of the challenge not that long ago, but in the past ten months I’ve come so far from where I was. Existential crisis + Lizzy + living alone = a miserable, dejected, tired, unwashed mess of a woman who didn’t want to leave the house. Since then, I’ve moved, I’ve tried to take every single day as a new one and never to let one waste (to a point.) I’ve come to terms with not being the best person I can be, understood that where I am now is going to lead to something better (and I’m probably not going to have my shit together during my twenties) but I’m working towards that, and I’ve met someone. Someone very special who I think is just, well, wonderful.

The letter therefore is a collection of things that I have always wanted myself to come to terms with and make peace with and by the time I’m thirty I think I will be. It’s not a very long or demanding list but just one that tells it how it is.

FullSizeRender (4)

DIY Spa Night

If I’m honest I’m not a terribly pampered human being. I take my make-up off every the majority of nights, and I like to take a bubbly bath once a week but I’m not a huge, nails/tan/salon type person. I do however, love a do-it-yourself, low budget, hair mask/face mask/ pedicure/nail painting kind of night with some snacky bits whilst watching catch-up tv. Taking time to yourself is so important as a self-confessed extrovert (dangerous mix with anxiety) I’ve learnt that taking time to be alone can be calming.

So, I made myself a pot of camomile tea, wacked my conditioner laden hair in a towel and painted my face in a clay mask. I then painted my toes and hands a deep navy blue and snuggled down in front of celebrity master-chef. I then exfoliated everywhere and jumped in the shower, applying a moisturising and body-butter all over whilst letting my hair dry naturally. Perfection.

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Learn to sign the alphabet 

Back in September I learnt to sign the alphabet at a Philosophy Social. One of the members of the society had been taking part in another society that taught sign language and after a little pestering he showed how to spell out each of the twenty six letters. Surprisingly when I came about doing it again, whilst at dinner with friends, it was quite easy to remember the letters and despite our inability to pick up our phones (first to touch their phone or answer a call would have to pick up the bill,) we somehow managed   to spell out the entire alphabet. A couple of days later I went over  it again and again many of the letters that had become a little confused (N and M,) had stuck in my mind. Tapping it out on my fingers now I have no idea how long this knowledge will stick however it’s another simple thing to cross of the list. I’m tempted to learn more however we’ll have to see how it goes!

There you have it, four more things to check off of the list which you can see here. Can’t wait to check some other bits and bobs off sooooon.