I like reading random facts about people – all the ins and outs that you would never think to ask. I’m not always great at asking questions, I think social media and texting has made talking really superficial. ‘Yu kay? Ye You? – Good WKend?’ I know we don’t all speak like that, but what was the last time you really asked someone a question. Here’s a few randomly generated questions from your truly.

What is your favorite thing about summer?

Ice cream. Is there anything better than sitting in the sunshine, sunglasses on, limbs splayed out, devouring an ice cream? Favourite flavours include mint chocolate chip, double chocolate, anything coffee flavoured, raspberry, or tiramisu.

What’s better, having high expectations or having low expectations?

Is it bad to say low expectations? As a kid I would have said high – but recently I’ve been better at taking life as it comes. If it goes well – brilliant. If it doesn’t? Well find another way to sort it out.

What is your favorite candy/chocolate?

Malteasers, boiled fruit sweets and dairy milk with Oreo’s. Big fan of crunch chocolate bars too.

What is your middle name?

Thomson – it’s my mothers maiden name and I kind of like it.

If you could choose to have any useless super power, what would you pick?

Be able to read squirrels minds.

Or maybe something to do with prossecco.

What is the first thing you do in the morning?

Turn of that dang alarm. Search my phone to check something terrible hasn’t happened during the night and then drag myself out of bed to brush my teeth.

Do you like to plan things out or be spontaneous?

I’ve always been a planner, not leaving any details out and getting super stressed if anything goes wrong. But recently I’ve been leaving things a lot more to chance. Life is a little too short to panic to much. Keeping things spontaneous is brighter.

What do you do to stay in shape?

CARDIO – at least three times a week and a lot of walking. I can’t drive (although not the end of the world in London) but I have always walked/wandered/explored a hell of a lot. I’m going to go and circle Greenwich park a couple of times this afternoon.

Do you shower in the morning or evening?

In the evening generally (after said cardio ^.) I have super long hair and it’s much less frizzy and crazy when it dries naturally overnight.

What was the last movie you saw?

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – baby Groot is a little legend.

So there you have it – 10 questions about me. I’m off to find a re-run of Guardians and malteasers. Byee.


Ever wanted to know more about Lizzy. Random questions that I wouldn’t have thought to ask myself. Welcome to 10 Random Generated Questions (about me.)  Jenny in Neverland’s post inspired me to do the same. Enjoy.

Dominoes Pizza

1) What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

The Craziest thing? Facebook has recently been inundating me with photographs from university and it’s brought back a lot of memories. Here are a couple of crazy things I’ve done.

Travelled to Borneo for a month, whilst there stayed in the jungle for three days despite my hatred of bugs and creepy crawlies I survived sleeping in a hammock. Did get attacked by a cockroach.

Contrastingly – whilst drunk at University delivered a Domino’s Pizza with a delivery man who picked me up on the side of the road after I attempted to walk home. He then dropped me home. Yes, it was stupid and silly. I did get to drunk deliver pizza tho.

2) What is your earliest memory?

As a kid I had an extra lump of skin on my forehead that I had removed. I think it was kind of like a cyst. I remember the hospital ward where I had the lump removed but only in black and white. Oddly. I also remember there being a smiley face poster.

A clearer memory is at the age of 4 I hit a girl over the head with a hairbrush in the story-corner because she was annoying. Oops.                                       

3) What motivates you?

Nothing and everything.


4) If you were stuck on a desert island what would you want to have with you?

A fully functioning island? That I could live on. Does that count as one thing?

Okay no – then a library, with a fully functioning kitchen and bar. Then I can read all day and invite all my m8s to the island for parties all night.

5) Do you like to cook?

Yessss. I love cooking. It only started this year really because living in shared housing is a right bugger. There’s never enough counter space/saucepans or the kitchen was always a mess. Now I have my own pad I cook a lot more.  I also post recipes on a weekly basis.

6) If you could be any celebrity who would you be?

If I’m being vain – Marion Cotillard. She is one of the most beautiful humans. Otherwise, Helena Bonham Carter, equally gorgeous, but her acting/style/humour. She’s everything.

7) If you were the opposite gender for the day what would you do?

No comment.

8) What is your biggest regret this week?

This week? Not going to the gym as many times as I said I would. I need to get there more.

9) What is the first thing you think of in the morning?

Breakfast? Or how late I already am?

No I tend to think about how I’m going to make the day work for me. Feeling shit – how can I boost my mood. Feeling very fekking good – how can I optimise that. That first minute of the day is v important.

10) What is the best part of your day?

The morning. I’m a typical morning person. I wake and it’s like someone has turned on a light switch within me. I tend to get 38583959 of the jobs I need to get done then and feel most myself.

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