Review Requests!

Review. Requests

HELLLLLLO beautiful people with wonderful books (hopefully!)

As a book blogger I will accept physical copies of ARCs and uncorrected proofs, electronic copies will be considered on a case by case basis as I am not a big fan of this format.

Although I will consider books of all genres books, Fantasy, Super-natural, Sci-Fi or have a heavy emphasis on religion, are my least favourite genres so will be considered on a case by case basis also.

Before you request a review a few things:

1) Take a little look around my blog and see the books I read and the review style I use. I don’t use a rating system (although it’s something I’m thinking about) and my reviews tend to be quite long and detailed. I review honestly at all times, but will always be fair to the author and explain my views.

2) I am a very busy lady and although my little book blog is my pride and joy it is a personal blog. If you’re looking for a review with a very quick turn around this is not something I can always provide although I will attempt to put a date on when the review will be published if possible. Β It may take a Β month for the book to appear on my blog, and I apologise for that.

I am also open to interviewing authors and allowing them to guest post on my blog as long as the post fits with my blog as a whole. If you are interested in either of these please use the form below and include a bit about the post theme and when you would like it to be posted.



10 thoughts on “Review Requests!

  1. lrtrovi says:

    Thanks for stopping by FrayedDustjackets. Your blog is colorful and very well organized. I look forward to your reviews, and when I get my YA in shape…perhaps I’ll stop by with a review request. πŸ™‚

  2. Charron's Chatter says:

    oooOOOooo. This is very interesting to me, given the caliber of your writing. I would love to chittery chat about this…I must go to my PT now, but I would love a review I think, good bad AND ugly–yes, please! There are too many pablum reviews out there…

  3. amanbhageria says:

    A fantastic blog you got here. I am also working on a novel though it is incomplete as of now. I would really like a review if that is possible from your end. I dropped you a note from the contact page as well.


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