I love a good carbonara. But since my weight-loss mission it’s been off the table. It’s not that I restrict foods, it’s just I want to find ways to make them healthier. I’ve been using courgette to create healthier recipes and it took a while to perfect but I think… View Post

I don’t have a To Be Read List. It’s okay – I haven’t lost my mind. When I started blogging I learned of the sacred ‘To Be Read List.’ Book bloggers appeared to have theirs written to the t. Or tattooed on their left leg. It might be 1000+ books… View Post

I’m addicted to free crime thrillers. I got picky with my reading and decided to download another free crime fiction book onto my Kindle. IT FELT like the right thing to do. The problem with being a reader is that you’re always looking for the next thing to dig your teeth… View Post

Time for another breakfast recipe – because you know I love them. Today I’m making Eggy Breakfast Crumpets (with bacon.) I’ve been using the Campbells breakfast meat box regularly for the last few weeks, and wanted to use it again! This recipe came from seeing an instagram from (@whatgeorgiaeats) and I thought… View Post

Recently I’ve thought about ordering meat online from a local butcher. It’s something I’ve wanted to do but it tends to be too pricey. With T being a vegetarian, I have to make sure I can store/use it. Recently I saw an offer on Campbells Prime Meat Breakfast box with… View Post