You might have seen that I’ve been singing praises about the Pigeonhole app. If you didn’t see my post here’s a quick link. I received an email after reviewing The Book of Crows that if I linked to where I had reviewed the book I could win a copy of Sam… View Post

Sandwiches for lunch. Kinda been a no-go recently. I always used to favour sandwiches for lunch. Quick, easy and healthy(ish) if you skip the mayo. But, recently – unappealing. Soups and crusty bread has been my favourite to pick recently and I thought I would share a quick, healthy filling… View Post

Realllllly loving these book haul posts. I’m an obsessive buyer of books and bookish bits. But it’s only since 2017 that I’ve been sharing them. Why? I don’t know, but they feel like a blogging revelation. (For me, I know everyone’s been doing them for 385908593959 years.) Not only do… View Post

I love a crime thriller. There’s something deeply comforting in them. Is than an odd thing to say? I don’t know whether it’s the genre, or the typical characters that are written into crime thrillers, but they just do something for me. This one caught my eye because of the… View Post