It’s okay to have down weeks. February definitely hasn’t been the month for me so far. Let’s hope it brightens. It’s been a funny ole week – full of ups and terrible downs. Who knew adulting would be so shitty. Some weeks I love it. Some weeks it feels like I can’t quite hold everything together. But I’m searching for the things that have helped this week.

Post from Vienna

So if you don’t know, Kat over @LifeandOtherDisasters recently hit 1000 followers and held a giveaway. Annd I won one of two prizes. Yeee. Kat’s blog is a stunner. Full of book reviews, #currentlywatching and discussion posts I’m a big fan. The package was so personal and special. A little note, bracelet, the stunning magnet. Plus a guide – one I hope I soon will be able to use. Thank you to Kat – it’s a perfect Vienna inspired present.

Carnaby St

We explored Carnaby street this weekend. I’ve written a separate post about how wonderful it was. We ate Korean food, explored Carnaby street and had some time for ourselves. Life has felt full on recently and to get a minute away was good. Really good.

La La Land

I put off going to see La La Land because I couldn’t quite decide whether it was for me. T persudaded me to go with him and I loved it. We actually went to see it at the O2 which I’ve never been to before. It’s like another world in there. Bright lights, food, drinks, and walk ways that look like roads. It’s definitely worth a visit (and I can use my Meerkat Movies codes there!) YESSSS.

Slow Cooking Fails

This made me giggle so much. I made a pasta dish in the slow cooker but we ended up extending our day by a couple of hours. We came home and  the dish had over-cooked to the point of coagulation. I didn’t trust cooking pasta in the slow cooker anyway. But, too add another three hours of cooking time. Well – it was a mess. Edible but a mess. Recipe is not to come.

(What I ate instead ^ and it was on #nationalpizzaday and all.)


This week I ordered a hamper of meat from Wowcher

7lbs of meat for £10.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

*Maybe I’ll make something like this ^

Let’s forget the dreariness of the last few weeks. The nights are starting to get lighter and I’m feeling brighter. Although I’m still feeling – low, I’ve made this last week, buzzy. I’ve whistled around, made plans, blogged, walked 5869496 miles. Here was my last week – OH and stick around. There’s a G I V E A W A Y opp at the bottom of the post!

Dinner at The Grain Store 

I called home on Tuesday night feeling sorry for myself. Grumbling down the phone Mumma B suggested dinner, 7pm Kings Cross Thursday. I trundled down, caught the tube. (Which was horrendous) And had the most wonderful time. We ate the most delicately balanced Roquefort cheese soufflés. Then followed with open squid lasagna, and a fish bouillabaisse. We nibbled, chatted and drank a hella lot of wine. It was perfect. The Grain Store was delightful and staff were perfectly attentive.

Lights outside The Grain Store

Kindle Love

I re-discovered my Kindle this week. It was battered and out of charge on the bookshelf so I brushed it down and charged it up. I downloaded a bunch of books I’ve been meaning to get round to and I love it again. Oh and it has doodle jump downloaded. (YAS.)

My Kindle

Being Weird

Most people that know me in person will know I’m an oddball. My favourite nickname of T’s is Oddwin. Since moving in with T I haven’t laughed so hard. We’ve had sock fights, span each other around in the lounge till we’re dizzy. We slow dance in the kitchen regularly, and I sing at him allll the time. Deliberately off key.  I never feel self-conscious. And he’s pretty odd too which is perfect.

Black Coffee

5am Gym Session

I’ve struggled with sleep the past week. T has been exhausted so he’s been going to bed super early. I’ve had to run round the block, stay up till midnight and drink no coffee to have a chance at sleep. Saturday morning at 4am I woke with a start. By 5am I had hauled my sorry butt to the gym. It was an intense but therapeutic session.

Gym Equipment

G I V E – A W A Y

Katy Cross is giving away 50 (yes 50) free ‘Bon Bons to Yoga Pants Audiobooks.’ 25 for the US and 25 for the UK. It’s a brilliant book

Just name your favorite food in the comments of Katie’s Post for a free entry. (L I N K  H E R E) If you want even more chances, share the giveaway on social media (be sure to tag @kcrosswriting or use the hashtag #BBTYP) and you’ll get two entries per share. No limit to number of entries earned by shares.

There’s my week. It’s been busy but beautiful. How was your week?

I’ve just made a full cafetiere of coffee and I’m in mustache leggings. I also have my face smothered in a mud mask and I’m watching Gilmore Girls. Life is a-okay. This week has been another of up and downs’s (as always.) But, I love writing these posts. It gives me a moment to sit and get rid of the warbles of last week. Oh, and celebrate the good bits. Waffle over – my week in pictures.

Bloody Mary’s

My sis Char found out some pretty dang special news. Drinks at All Bar One were 100% needed. This Bloody Mary was one of the most delicious I’ve had and it was so pretty. It was spicy also which I adore. We spent an hour or so drinking cocktails and talking. Moving into a flat with T has been fantastic, but those moments with family are perfect.

Bloody Mary

Last Walk

This week we packed up the office and made ourselves ready to move. I finally started receiving London Weighting (FEK YES) and I did the last walk. The Last Medway walk. It was bloody freezing, my nose was a lightbulb of red and I couldn’t feel my hands. But, it was spectacularly beautiful. I think I’m destined to return – not soon but one day.


New (Online) Friends

This photograph doesn’t fit the moment but I lave it. The last few weeks I’ve been chatting a little more on SM. I’ve always strayed away from Twitter Chats but recently I’ve been really trying. Communicating via SM can be tough. Things can easily be taken the wrong way but not yet (I hope.) Pizza, mental health, Slenderman and Fight Club have all been discussed. Intently.

Rope Decorations

New (Photography) Plans

I’ve been out and about taking hella photographs. I think I’m getting better? Any way Mumma B and I are planning a couple of photography walks in Greenwich. I’m thinking of investing in a new camera but I really don’t know where to start. If anyone has any suggestions – well link a gal up.

London Architecture


Maybe I should have included this earlier in the post. Ah shucks. Bad ending.

I’ve definitely been feeling the dark nights and dark mornings. It’s been a bit awful. I’ve been cranky, a monster and bless T, been eating everything in the cupboards/fridge/freezer/Sainsbury’s. But, I’ve been doing everything to combat it. Dragging myself to the gym, walking a hella lot and writing a lot. I’m hoping to make this week a little like my Buzz mug. Smiley.

Buzz Mug

Another week in the life of Lizzy. It’s been a little quiet recently, probably because if the dark nights. Oh and T and I being broke. Really broke. Hoping for a happier start to next week.

Is it Monday again? These posts seem to come round so quickly. Last week was a bit of an up and down week. There were tears of both happiness and sadness. But we’re here. We bladdy made it through. Shall we see what I got up to?

Remembering Sparky

Last week we said goodbye to Sparky. I ran through snow and sleet to get to London Euston, sped up to Stoke on the train. Then got stuck in more snow. We finally made it to Scarborough the next day 2 minutes into the funeral. Phewww. The two days were full of smiles, sunshine and sea air. Oh and lots of gin. We stayed in a £28.00 hotel that hadn’t been decorated in 50 year, drank in Sparkleton’s favourite pub and met a lot of incredible people. Incredible. It was perfect, in the most wonderful way.

Remembering Sparky

Tapas and Wicked

Char and I bought Wicked tickets for the fam for Christmas this year. This week we finally got to go see it. We started the day in All Bar One with cocktails, prosecco and poached eggs on toast. Then we wiggled off to the Tate Modern and the Natural History Museum. Both were spot on. For dinner we went to La Tasca which was incredible. Favourites included every croquette they offered, the pork cheeks, meatballs, the tortilla and the calamari. I won’t speak a lot about Wicked – all I would say is it’s fantastic. It’s heart-wrenching, the singing is incredible and it’s so darn clever. Book a ticket.

Tapas from La Tasca

Saying Goodbye to Medway

Last week we finally started packing up our offices. I’ve been moaning for weeks about the long coach journey, the price of the journey – which should all change later this month. This week however I felt a bit shit about it to be honest. I can walk a couple of Km on my lunch-break and see the view below. It really lifts my move and I’m panicking about not getting that minute to myself. I’ll find another walk – I’m just sad to say Goodbye to this view.

Medway Walks



Maybe a little self-indulgence. I hit my first weight loss target and I took a selfie and I recognised the girl in it a little more. I realised last week that since I gained a 21 pounds I’ve taken less and less photos. There are barely any photographs are myself taken with other people and definitely none from the waist down. I want to start taking more photographs, especially of my outfits I put together. But we’ll see. For now this will do.

Brown Bread

I did it. I started eating brown bread.

Another step to being healthy.

Pretty sure the entire world needed to know that.

Heinz Tomato soup is my favourite

This week’s been odd. It’s been a roller-coaster of a week but I’m looking forward to the next. Let’s make it a winner. How was your week?

Now I’m writing that title seems a bit yucky. Sorry. This week has been odd. I feel like I’ve constantly been in and out of the doctors. Last week it was abdominal scans and terrifying hospital trips; this week it was a leaky eye. Gross. That’s not all my week has entailed though – shall we dive in?

Scarf Knitting

Last week I was just picking up the needles, this week I’ve been knitting like a trooper. T and I ventured into Deptford and found a tiny store that sold everything from hammers to cake decorations. They also sold wool and needles. So, I bought two balls of custard yellow wool and two 10mm needles and I haven’t looked back. I’m scared of messing it up – but I’m feeling more and more confident. It’s so good for anxious thoughts too. Plus I’m one of those people that constantly needs to be doing something with their hands. This week has been filled with Gilmore Girls and knitting.

Chick-pea pops

I’ve been on a weight-loss mission these last few months and it’s all about little changes. Hula hoops for rice cakes, sweets for frozen grapes, and chick-pea pops for Pringles. I’ve been testing the pops this week and although I burned a batch or two (by getting distracted – see below) they taste fantastic. Healthy too! Look out for the recipe soon.


Coppit is a board game from 1964 which we have a very battered copy of at home. I adore it. When my Grandfather was alive we used to play it a lot and he always cheated. Moving the blue pieces instead of the black pieces. He said it was his eyes; we knew better. On my way back from the pharmacy (for the leaky eye,) I popped into the Greenwich Junk Shop (which I adore.) Once downstairs I eyed the game. I decided not to get it (for whatever reason) wandered home and made soup. But I couldn’t leave the thought of it alone. So I went back and bought it. Best purchase of 2017 so far.


I always struggle with social media come January. There appears to be a general rage against what is coined diet culture. I’ve been pretty overweight for the last year or so and I’ve been to the doctors and I do need a diet switch up. My liver is not healthy as it should be, and my salt intake is too high. That’s mainly why I’ve been openly losing weight. But, it seems that this is frowned upon by some. I’m keeping it up though; any day is a good for someone to get healthier, fitter and lose a few pounds. I don’t want to feel bad about it. So I’ve been practicing a little more self-love. I look in the mirror a little longer. I’ve switched up my skincare routine and I’m drinking more water. Plus the pounds are dropping off – I’m going to keep going. (Also this Lithographs T-shirt always makes me feel awesome when I wear it s0 that’s pretty goddamn perfect.)

Eddie the Eagle

I’m going to finish this post with a nod to Netflix. If you have Netflix you need to watch Eddie the Eagle. It’s a fantastic film. Feel-good humour, emotion, excitement and a bloody good laugh. T and I adored it and I think you might too. Oh and I stars Hugh Jackman (winks.)

There’s my week – it wasn’t supposed to be so much of a downer but. Meh. My eye, if you were wondering is an external sty. It’s painful and horrible but I have anti-biotics and I’m hoping it will clear up soon. Or at least stop leaking. I’ll stop using that word – promise.