A Little Less Lonely Book Tag

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Hellllo readers,

Woah, that was a large hello; hope you’re all well and ready for a more emotional book tag today. I found this on Spines and Covers, a blog looked after by Samantha, Jessie, and Ashley, so hello girls. It’s a really beautiful blog and one I am very jealous of – so go and have a ponder at their wonderful reviews/posts/discussions. For now, onto the ‘A Little Less Lonely Book Tag.’



I’m  currently reading  this book, although I’m not very far through, I am connecting with the main character Sarah; she’s an interesting character, and although (as I’m only around 50 pages in) she’s a little one dimensional, there are so many things she’s said that I’ve just clicked with. So, yes, I’ll pick Sarah.



This might seem like an odd choice, but I spent months and months and months avoiding this book because I just didn’t really feel like it; once I started reading this, I just knew I wouldn’t feel the same way again. If you’re putting this off still, get a copy, make a cup of tea and get your read on!



I borrowed this from the library at the time because I loved the first book ‘Leftovers,’ which I read by this author. I don’t think this exactly the right time in my life – but this book taught me it’s okay to not be sure of your life and what you’re doing, and instead, you can make mistakes, you can change your mind and you can pick yourself up if it all goes wrong; every woman needs to hear that once in a while.


If you haven’t read this book yet you should. It is such an incredible and thought provoking tale about living life to the full and it it’s full of so many incredible snippets about life, love and family. It’s an impossible book to review but it’s incredible. 



I’m currently reading The End of Your Life Book Club and although it’s a really thoughtful and incredibly emotional, it’s really calming to read. The thought that it has and the writing style is just beautiful. It’s a wonderful read and one that I am really enjoying.

There we go, a much more emotional tag than usual I really enjoyed filling this out and getting to pick books that I really enjoyed reading but I kinda of connected to on a more emotional level?(I guess.) Either way, I now tag anyone with a name that begins with an M to complete this tag!

7 Ways to Cultivate a Lifetime Reading Habit

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Heeeeelllllo readers; IT’S FRIDAY AND THAT MEANS BOOKISH POST *eeee.* Although I’ve been reading more, I know that I can be the worst for picking reading over other hobbies. (definitely maybe counting Netflix as a hobby?)  If you also want to make reading a more integral part of your day I’ve put together seven ways to cultivate a lifetime reading habit, cause I’m that kinda gal.

Always carry a book

So, the first tip on the list is to alwaaaaays carry a book. You never know when you might have a spare moment. Maybe your train is delayed, maybe a friend is late to coffee – not only does the book stop you looking super awkward, but it also means you might read something pretty awesome.


Create a book log

Book log? Book diary? I basically mean, when you’ve read a book, write when you started and finished, a few thoughts and a rating out of ten. Even though I blog about books ALLLLL the time I forget the great books I’ve read – so keep a log to remind yourself of all the awesome books you’ve read which will encourage you to read more of them.

Set aside time

Often when I don’t schedule in some time I will go to the easiest thing – ie slouch on the sofa and pop on the television and then just sit for hours. If I schedule in some time like in the morning (ie planning an early night,) or when I’m taking a bath it makes me a lot more likely actually get reading done. A little bit of planning goes a long way.

Find your reading spot

So we’ve scheduled in some time but now we need to find the perfect spot. I have three, in bed with my jammies on, in the bath or on trains. Now I know the trains isn’t something you’d just do for reading but finding a reading spot helps make it more enjoyable annnd encourage more reading!


Try a different type of reading

So we’ve found the best spot, we’ve started scheduling in time now try different such as AUDIO BOOKS. Audio books are a great way of getting more books into your life; on the commute, whilst shopping, walking, exercising – all are possible with the beauty of audio books and all very easy to get to and download in any genre you prefer!

Turn off the phone/television/computer

One of the ways I’ve reaaaaaaly encouraged my reading was through making sure I take time to turn off my phone and computer and give myself some time away from screen. So many of us use computers and phones for our jobs and then go home back on our computers and our phones. I spend my life looking at a screen – STEP AWAY, and cultivate a NEW HABIT.


Discuss reading

May seem like an odd one, but definitely talking about reading not only encourages you more but opens up new book types for reading and new genres. Since me and T started talking more about reading we’ve both read more books that we never would have read before. Use twitter, talk to friends, join a book club! The bookworm possibilities are ENNNNNNDLESS.

So, I’ve warbled on long enough – the idea I think is to make reading into a habit and make it an every day thing rather than a once in a blue moon thing! If you have anything to add or any tips for creating a reading let me know in the comments or tweet @littlebookblog1!



Helllllo readers – it’s Friday which means that it’s time for a bookish post and this week it’s an award! *cheeeers.* I don’t think I have received this one before so I’m excited to get started. Firstly I want to thank Alice at A Book and Two Cups of Tea. I’m really new to her blog but it looks fantastic and her posts are brilliant so you should go check her out now! Without further Lizzo warbling onto the award.


1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog
2. Put the award logo on your blog
3. Answer the ten questions you were given
4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer
5. Nominate ten other blogs


My Ten Questions to answer!

If you could live in one of the fictional worlds, which one would it be and why?

Hmmmmm – although I say I really struggle with fantasy books it’s got to be Harry Potter really hasn’t it?

What is/are your all time favorite book(s)

I can’t answer because I haven’t read them all yet- but The Book Thief is in my top ten; definitely.

What is your favorite reading setting (at home, drinking tea, etc)?

Beeeeeed. Snuggled up with a hot chocolate and hot water bottle and with Eeyore laying in the crook of my arm. I am actually 22. I swear I am.

If you could give a book as a gift to anyone right now which book would that be?

I would give my best friend Hope The Chocolate Run. For some reason I think she needs to read it and get a little bit of happiness from it. Sometimes love confuses and hurts you and fucks you up but as long as you remember who you are, you’ll be okay.

What are the books you’re most looking forward to reading this year?

I’m going to be finally getting round to The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith and I am so excited! It’s got to be that or Dorian Grey as a really close second.

Who is your favorite fictional character and from which book/series?

Amber from The Chocolate Run – Honestly I adore her and have done since I read the book for the first time. Now I’ve read it nearly ten times I think?

How many books did you read last year?

Over 120! Which is NUTS! However currently I’m really struggling to get back into reading regularly so I’m going to just try and hit 100 this year!

Which format do you prefer your books in Hardcover/ Paperback/ Ebook/ Audiobook?

Paperback definitely although audio-books come a very close second. I’m currently very tempted to invest in audible but I don’t know whether I will definitely make the most of it?

Coffee or tea?

I only really drink green/peppermint tea  so one of them. I currently love one that is mixed with liquorish; it tastes bloody amazing.

What is your favorite movie based on a book you’ve read?

I think it would have to be Ps I love you – I do love The Hunger Games and The Martian but I’m still yet to read those books!

MY TEN NEW QUESTIONS for my nominees to answer.

  1. What word do you think of when I say the word reader?
  2. Do you snack whilst reading? Are crumbs inside books ever acceptable?
  3. What is a bookish/reader/writing habit that you wish you didn’t have
  4. What is your pet peeve when it comes to blogging?
  5. What is your favourite movie based on a book you’ve read? (I’m pinching this question!)
  6. What is the best classic book you’ve read and why?
  7. If you were a magical creature what would you be?
  8. What house are you (either Pottermore or the house you believe you are?)
  9. What’s a blogger that you read reaaaaaaally regularly?
  10. What’s one of your ultimate favourite words?

I now nominate!

I now nominate:

Stefani @ Caught Read Handed 

Georgia Rose @ Georgia Rose Books 

Audrey @ Audrey’s Bookcase

Amanda @ Chocolate Pages 


Samantha @ Bookish Library

If you do decide to accept I would love to see your answers, but if you’re not into awards then just know I think your blog is b-e-a-utiful! Have a wonderful Friday y’all.


A bookworm’s perfect pamper evening

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Hellllllo reader’s, something a little different in terms of posts but one that I’m hoping to do more of. I’ve always written a lot of reviews which I think are so important for a book-based-blog, but I love reading more bookish/lifestyle type posts and I’m going to have a mini experiment and see how they go down. Many of you will know, I love to give myself a pamper despite not being a ‘girly-girl,’ but seriously you cannot beat a bath/face-mask/deep-hair-condition and a good book so I thought I would tell you my ‘formula’ (which I have been perfecting) for the perfect bookworm’s pamper evening. 



Step-one: Tea-time.

The first step on my list is to make tea; despite being a born Brit, breakfast tea has never reaaaaaaly done it for me and therefore I stick to peppermint and green tea which is equally yummy. For Christmas this year I was given a pug mug, loose Peppermint tea and a pug infuser. Pop the leaves inside the pugs tummy add hot water and then hang him over the side of the mug to infuse.  


Step – two: Run Le bath

Might be a pretty obvious one but it’s kinda what you put in the bath; I am loving Lush’s Intergalactic bath-bomb boasting Peppermint, Grapefruit and Cedarwood Oil and a pop of Popping Candy this bath-bomb is refreshing and beautiful too. Deep-shimmery blue water filled with glittery goodness – pretty epic.


STEP – three: Pea Face

Okay, not exactly pea face, but at this point I go into the bedroom, grab my jammies, the book I’m currently reading or a new one to start and amble down to the fridge to pick up my Lush Brazen Honey face-mask. Quick look into my skin history – when I was 15 or so I had terrible acne through really awfully oily skin. Skip forward 7 years and I have managed to completely alter my skin type – I now suffer with scaly skin from avoiding any oil based products.

This face-mask, although looks a little like you’ve smushed mushy peas all over your face is the best face mask I’ve used to date. Packed full of fresh fennel ginger root and parsley to detox and stimulate, sage, rosemary and juniperberry infusion with cardamom and clove bud oils for their antiseptic qualities and fresh lime juice to cleanse the skin and free range eggs, honey and almond oil to soothe and moisturise this mask is a gem. Smooth over your face and leave whilst bathing to fully detox, relax and give your skin a hug.


STEP – Four: Get ‘ya Read on.

At this point in time – your bath should be run, not too hot, and your tea should be drinkable, the mask is drying and you’re hopefully starting to get that mellow happy feeling. This is when I hop in the bath and pick up what I’ve been reading last – it’s difficult for me to say tips for when in the bath because I’m terrible at it, but I would definitely say invest in a bath rack/tidy/shelf. Lusting over ‘The White Company’ version right now – give it to meee. Room for tea, snacks and your book and a flannel for wet fingers to stop mucky pages.

Once the water starts to get a little colder and I’m getting ready to get out and get warm in bed I apply Sugar Crush Body Scrub by Soap and Glory all over my body (I tend to step up out of the bath and make sure I’ve got every bit of me) and then wash off carefully.


STEP – Five: MOISTURIZE yo’self (and Jammies)

My last step is to smother myself in body-butter (especially my thighs and my tummy.) I am obsessively using Argan Oil products at the moment (shampoo, conditioner, intensive treatments) and this Wild Argan Oil Body Butter from the Body Shop which smells amazing and makes my skin feel supple, soft and moisturised. After I’ve let it settle in, it’s time for my scrabble jammies and back into bed for more reading (potentially more tea) and a wind down.

So there you go, five steps to my perfect bath and pamper session. I think sometimes as a book-blogger I put a lot of pressure on myself to read alllllll the time so it’s nice to unwind and relax with a book and look gorgeous (hopefully) afterwards.


Friday Favourites #1

october - the opening party (3)

Helllo readers, please forgive me if this post is a little rambling in length but I’ve decided to write up my Friday (bookish) favourites. I haven’t written one before as such but recently I’ve been buying lots of reader related bits and bobs and thought I would pop it all together in a lovely post for you. I adore reading these on other blogs and thought I would write my own. I’m not going to do them every-week but I think if they go down well maybe once a month on the first Friday of the next month? We’ll see! For now, enjoy!

Scrabble ‘L’ Mug

I’ve mentioned this before but I’m not a massive tea or coffee drinker and only recently have I started to drink peppermint or green tea, but I’ve been converted and now adore the stuff so I’ve been picking up lots of new mugs to add to my collection. This most recent addition is a scrabble ‘L’ mug. It’s so pretty, with the score of the letter on there, a double point square on the bottom of the inside of the mug, and the distribution of letters on the back it’s kind of perfect. I picked this up in London for around £8 pounds which I know if a lot but I just think it’s wonderful.


Pucca Peppermint & Liquorice Tea

Another addition to my list but I recently went to T and Harry’s house and Harry offered me a cup of Peppermint and Liquorice Tea which I have to say is amazing. When I next went to tesco I picked up a pack and I’ve been drinking  it pretty much constantly ever since. I’m trying to get better at reading before bed and this is the perfect accompaniment.

Primark Bee Hoppy Pyjamas

I adore Primark Pyjamas but I have tumultuous relationship with them. I love the shorts that they sell because they are so utterly utterly comfy but the vests that come with them are useless especially when you’ve got a bit extra in the chest area. So I have to buy a different top to go with, and I end up with so many mismatched vest tops.

However I did manage to pick up a pair of checked shorts in magenta, navy and white and a ‘BEE HOPPY’ oversized sweatshirt with pink, grey and white large horizontal stripes. It’s utterly gorgeous and perfect for snuggling up with whilst blogging and I have a pair of super snuggly white knee high socks to go with too.


Blogging Diary

So, this year is the first year I’ve had a blogging diary. I know – shock horror but I’ve finally got organised enough to have a blogging diary and this one is perfect.  It’s compact and smaller than A4 but the size has the perfect space to write the day’s post – any work related notes and is bright highlighter yellow and magenta so I can find it in my bag/bed/floordrobe. I’ve only had it a month of so but I’m still using it which must be some kind of record.

Penguin Canvas Tote bag

I’ve had this a little while but just haven’t found a reason to blog about it yet. It’s a Penguin book cover of The Great Gatsby as a canvas book bag and I use it every day for work. It’s the perfect size for laptop, soup, charger, book and my blogging diary and my make-up bag, plus it’s gorgeous. I really want a maroon one but I’m yet to decide which book cover but I also adore the green Sherlock version. *Puts on wish-list.*


So these are my wonderful January favourites. Hope you enjoyed this slightly different post but I might just write a few more.

The Reading Slump to End All Reading Slumps

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Helllllo readers, today’s post is a little different because I’m not doing a book tag but instead I wanted to talk about my most recent reading-slump. Before I get into it I just wanted to make a note that despite the slump I’ve still being reading and reviewing as you will have probably seen – it’s been more of an intolerance, or procrastination.  I just wanted to talk about the stages of how it’s consumed my reading, and how you can beat it if it ever happens to you.

Stage One: Book Refusal

It started when I was reading on the train, I was half-way through a book and yet after ten minutes of reading, I just couldn’t hold onto the words. Instead I was reading paragraphs and not taking anything in. I stopped, took a deep breath and picked up my Iphone and played Subway Surfers for the remainder of the journey.

Feeling at stage one: Normality, I’ll just pick it up again in the book tomorrow.


The week after I still hadn’t picked the book up or anything else for that matter and I started to make excuses. I need to do work at home, or get ready for the festive season ie writing up 57684596 blog posts and tidying my room/packing my bags/wrapping presents. I scoured my inbox for books I’d read already that needed writing up and focused on that.

Feeling at stage three: Well I was making excuses so, I pretty much just ignored it

STAGE Three: Distraction

During the run up to Christmas I developed a respiratory lung infection in my right lung which was horrible. I was allowed a couple of days off work to recover. Did I read? Did I hell? I watched almost an entire season of Prison Break (which is amazing)  and didn’t think about reading atttttttt all.

Feeling at stage three: Slight panic, but mostly just distracted by the sheer wonderfulness of Dominic Purcell

Twenty-five things us bookworms are super awesome at (4)


Christmas was on the whole a wonderful time for me and I was so busy and rushed off my feet for the entirety of the time that I was continuously distracted. But the panic set in when on an afternoon with nothing on, no jobs to do, I spent hours doing anything but – cuddling Lolly and Barbie, playing Mario Kart, organising presents, calling friends. But then, the guilt set in.

See I haven’t read anything really passionately or obsessively since the beginning of November and the books I have, I have openly gushed about, but I’ve had to make myself read them – as though it’s a chore. When I realised that ya know I own a blog completely dedicated to books I definitely started to have a wobble.

Feeling at stage four: Just like giving in (I mean for me not wanting to read for over two month is just not a thing.)

STAGE Five: Acceptance

Step five was definitely accepting that maybe it was going to take a little longer than I thought to shift the reading slump and that’s where I’ve been now for the last week – just waiting for the want to read to kick back in. I WANT TO READ but my brain just won’t let me.

Feeling at stage five: Utterly rubbish.

The Solution (well maybe) 

So where am I now? Well, slowly slowly I’ve felt the reading buzz begin to come back but what has helped to make it come back a little quicker I hear you wonder – well.

  • Give yourself some time off – when I first started to get back into reading I forced it making the inability to read 100000% times worse. Kick-back watch some netflix, and give yourself time.
  • Saying that if you do have the feeling to read I would 100% recommend it – throughout the first week I thought about reading but just didn’t because I didn’t realise how putting it off would make the problem so much worse.
  • Read what makes you happy – the first thing I did when getting back into reading was look for authors to read that I knew would make me happy: Rachael Richey, Thomas Flowers and a number of Children’s books have definitely helped to get me reading again.
  • Finally – DON’T PANIC. The worst thing I think I did was telling people I wasn’t reading. I got shocked looks ‘well you run a book blog, what the hell are you going to do.’ As with any hobby be it sport, knitting, writing, reading. blogging we all need time off and time off can be good!

so, if you’ve been wondering about my book slump(ish) then I guess it’s all here to see – if you have any tips for book slumps to help me really put this behind me let me know in the comments!

Dwelling by Thomas Flowers! Fresh off the press!

Helllo readers, some of you will have seen that I reviewed this wonderful book on Christmas Eve and as of yesterday Dwelling is available as a FREE download on Amazon Kindle. So let me leave a couple of words from the wonderful author.

“This will be the first promotional for either of the books in the Subdue Series and I couldn’t be more excited.”

But the promotion is free, why get excited about giving away your book?” And to this, I’d say, “Above all else, I want nothing more than to have people read, and if their reading my books, well…than that will be my bonus. I would rather people read my book for free than not to have Dwelling read at all.”

If you like horror tales, super-natural, or just a really well written book this is definitely one to get your hands on. As a book blogger I get the chance to read so many brilliant books and to be able to download this one for free is an opportunity not to miss. I mean I said this about the book –

“Every single paragraph, every sentence has been written with thought. You can tell that it’s all been utterly thought through and created to create this atmosphere that’s slightly uneasy and tense. I don’t know many authors that can do this. (Lizzy stop gushing) but honestly – bloody spot on.”

If you want to read more of my review you can here but what you should really do is download a copy – available here! Then you can thank me later (wink face.)

Allllll the wonderfully bookish things I received for Christmas!

Hellllllo readers and welcome to a slightly Christmassy post. I know Christmas was a little while ago now but I just haven’t had time to blog about all the wonderful bits I got for Christmas this year. I’ve never written one of these types of post before, because I thought it was a little bit too much like bragging but so many of the presents I was bought this year are so, so thoughtful I just couldn’t help myself.

I did think about adding links to where you can get all of these bits and bobs but I didn’t feel like going through and seeing where it all came from/cost etc so you’ll have to do a mini Google to find all these perfect gifts.

THE Personal LiBRARY Kit

This was actually one of the only things on my Christmas list to Santa and it did make it into my stocking which I did actually squeal at. As a young child (or not so young) I always made my little sister Char play libraries with me.

Now I can stamp my books out to friends and write when they were borrowed and when they are due back in again. It’s a lovely little present and just makes my little bookish heart sing.

FullSizeRender (1)

Harry Potter Time Turner Necklace

Such a perfect present for a Potter Head. My utterly wonderful and lovely friend Dani bought this for me and it was such a lovely surprise. It’s just such a thoughtful and special present for someone who’s love of reading grew through the brilliance of HP. Perfect present for little bookish me.


Pug Mug, Pug Tea Infuser and Peppermint Tea

These presents came from three different people and do note I know those are tea bags but I had already cracked open my leaf tea so I used these Tea Pig ones for an image substitute. If you know me away from my blog you will know my overwhelming love of pugs and to get the mug covered in pugs and the tea infuser of a pug it is just perfect for drinking tea whilst I read along with my current book. So thoughtful and just so me.

FullSizeRender (2)

Blah, Blah, Blah Notebooks

Gah these notebooks – how great are they! You might have read last year that I had a little bit of writers block – not on the reviews but on my Friday bookish blog posts. It doesn’t mean I don’t have any ideas necessarily but I tend to forget them because I don’t write them down which is super silly. Now I can write them in my brilliant blah blah blah books that perfectly show off my chatty personality.

FullSizeRender (3)

Hotel Chocolate Mini Slabs and Dorian Gray

OMGGGGG – look how stunning is this copy of Dorian Gray is – I mean could it be anymore stunning? This book was also on my Christmas list because 1) Still need to read the book *slaps wrists* and 2) this edition is perfection!

I also got a Rocky Road mini slab from Hotel Chocolate that looks delicious and I accidentally took my sister’s caramel slab back too (oops) so I might give that back – *might.*

FullSizeRender (4)

Little book of Happiness & Little Book of Mindfulness

These two lovely little book were given to me by Mumma  B and they are just perfection. I’ve been working on finding inner happiness and becoming more mindful of the way I’m feeling etc. These books have been thumbed through so far but I will definitely be making use of them throughout 2K16.

FullSizeRender (5)

There we go then, six wonderful and thoughtful presents from a bunch of beautiful people. What did you receive for Christmas? Anything bookish – comment below or as always tweet me @littlebookblog1.





The Infinity Dreams Award!

Twenty-five things us bookworms are super awesome at (1)

Helllllo readers, it’s Fridaaay and that means it’s time for a wonderful blog tag. I haven’t done one of these in a little while but thought it would be something a little bit different and you get to learn lots more facts about me which may or may not be an exciting thing. I want to take a minute to thank Giovanna at ‘Book Coma’ for nominating me! I came across her blog quite recently but it really is excellent so check it out herrrrrre. 


Thank and link the blog that nominated you 
Tell us 11 facts about yourself
Answer the questions that were set for you to answer
Nominate 11 bloggers and set questions for them

11 Facts About Me:

(as always these will likely be utterly weird and random)

I have vitiligo which means I have white patches on parts of my skin, currently only four in total. The most recent patch (which is currently growing) is in my left arm-pit.

I only recently got Netflix because I’ve never watched a huge amount of television but I currently have been binge watching episodes of Prison Break. Goddamnit why has it taken me so long to watch – but now I have four seasons to watch and it is just – the best.

I’m currently suffering from insomnia and feel like I’ve tried evvverything to sort it. If anyone has tips for sleeping please comment below.

I recently bought my first pair of jeans in over two years and they are the best – they go with everything and I get to wear the coolest socks. #holla.

I currently have ombre hair. I had never dyed my hair until about a year ago – now I’ve gone blonde, dark brown, black, purple, and now a purple-ginger mix. I look more like a university student than I ever have before.

I currently live in a house with 7 boys and one other girl and it’s not as much as a nightmare as you might think it would be (did that sentence make sense?)

I currently have a bruise on my right fore-arm and I have no bloody clue how it got there. (Probably wine.)

I think the best Pringle flavour is Salt and Vinegar, shortly followed by Prawn Cocktail.

My favourite food is probably mashed potato but I never ever eat it, because I can’t make it very well and this makes me sad on an almost daily occurrence.

11 days before Christmas I got struck down my respiratory lung infection which was the worst thing ever. I hate being ill and not being allowed to do anything but I did discover Prison Break so – swings and roundabouts.

Finally, I recently gave blood for the very first time and found out I have blood type A+.


How many books have you read this year? I have read just over 100 books this year. I’m going to use Goodreads properly in 2k16 so I know exactly how many because it currently says I only read 14 which is not true at all but I always forget to log my books!

Are you doing the 2016 Goodreads Reading Challenge? If So, how many books are you planning on reading? Ah I see, well done Lizzy don’t read all the questions before you start to answer. Yes I will be and I would like to read 100/120 ish books this year but that seems like a big challenge.

Who is your favorite Author? You can’t ask that to a book blogger – gah I don’t know. I have a big thing for George Orwell at the moment (although not 1984.) He’s not my favourite but he’s definitely up there!

If you could interview anyone from your life living or dead, who would it be? Caitlin Moran – #idol.

If you could live ANYWHERE in the world, where would it be? I think maybe Denmark – it’s utterly gorgeous and the perfect temperature for a human that isn’t too great in hot weather but does like a little sunshine.

If you could speak any other language, which one would it be? Italian – I’m not sure I would want to live there but I love the language and the country for holiday trips. I’ve been all over Italy and I adore it.

Do you have any pets? Yes – two little Maurices (ie bunnies) called Lola and Barbeque. We bought Barbie from another bunny owner so we didn’t name her but, she’s called that because of the brown tufts on the back of her neck.

(This is Lola)
Do you have any siblings? I do have a sister called Char Balds but she is basically my bestest friend to be completely honest with you. We’re like two peas in a pod and put us together and there will definitely be trouble.

(This might be my favourite photograph of us ever – #TBT long-haired Lizzo.

Do you play any instruments?

I play the cello and have done since I was 7/8 I believe. I still play now and I will insert a very hilarious photograph of my cello face.

What is your favorite food? MASHED POTATO or lasagna, chips and peas.

Have you ever broken a bone? Not yet (touches wood)

I Nominate:

  1. 1) Diane at Ladies Who Lunch Review, etc.

2. BR Kyle at Ambiguous Pieces

3. Prettyme67 at bookaddict101

4. Rachel at Bargain Book Bliss

5. Hajra at Another Ramble 

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10. Klinta at Book Owly

11. Sarah at Sarah’s Bookshelf 


What is your go-to Dominoes order?

Where would I find you on a normal Saturday afternoon?

Tell us a memory that makes you super-duper happy?

Tattoos? Do you have any, want any, thought of ever having any?

Who is your go-to blogger when you need a pick-me-up read?

Twitter or Instagram?

What key rings do you have on your keys?

Reading place of choice – bed, bath, window sill, cloud? Let me know!

Dream Job? (example burger tester)

Favourite reading tip?

Favourite book of 2K15?

Gah, apologies for this super long post – it took forever! Hope you enjoyed and I cannot wait to see the answers from all the wonderful nominees!

Vote for My Little Book Blog in the 2016 UK Blog Awards


Helllllllo readers, bit of an exciting post today! After mentioning this award to a couple of friends in the past few months I was gently encouraged to apply and I’ve been shortlisted for the public vote *eeeee* (although I think it might be better if it was called longlisted there are a hell of a lot of incredible blogs listed!)

I’ve been shortlisted for public vote in both the Art’s and Culture and the ODEON Cinemas Best Storyteller and it would mean so much if any of you truly wonderful people that follow my little bookish blog were to vote for me. There are so many fantastic blogs out there but I would definitely do a flailing arm dance if anyone were to vote for meeee (which you can do here!)

Just a tiny little post to say this is happening – now I’ll go back to my books.