Top Ten New-To-Me Favorite Authors I Read For The First Time In 2015


Helllllo we’re in December – *cheers.* I’m not a big Christmas person but something about this year is making me super-duper excited. Probably because I have lots of different bits planned with lots of different people. It’s going to be an odd one this year because I don’t finish work till 5 on Christmas eve and then I need to travel down to Silverstone after that – so I’ll get home, go to sleep in my little single bed and then wake up and it’ll be Christmas! (Hopefully – if everything goes to plan which it probably won’t) Today I’m highlighting ten new authors to me as of 2K15 who I really really enjoy. #happybooksharing.


I babbled a lot about this when I wrote my review but this author really made me sit up and think gah this person can write. Not only is it an erotica, which I keep telling myself to read more of it really told a story – more than any of the books of this genre I’ve read before – I’m gabbling again; I will definitely be reading more from this author because she’s brilliant.


Another book I really babbled about in my review but another stunning book and in a genre I don’t normally read. I go on about this but fantasy is not mah thing, I’m sorry – but every so often one comes along and smacks me in the face. This definitely did that!


Alll of these books are very recent reviews but they’ve been too excellent not to include. I like a chick-lit as much as the next but sometimes they just don’t hit the right spot. This one really dragged me in and made me super desperate to read more. Not all do that, especially not chick-lits so this had to make the list.


The girl on the train is one of my standout books of this year. I know it wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I thought this really was utterly wonderful. Brilliant book, brilliant author I just have to read more from.


This is the second book from this author that I’ve read (the first in December 2014) so maybe not strictly 2015 but still – this author is utterly brilliant. Her writing style is wonderful, her understanding of character build up is outstanding and both her books really held me. Thumbs up.


This is the first book I’ve read from this author but once again brilliant writing. I love a good chick-lit (gah I hate that turn of phrase) but this one was especially good. Full of real belly laughs, dating terrors and really exciting writing.


I know I know – she’s one of my favourites and yet I only discovered her this year – what had I been doing with my life eh? Caitlin Moran is brilliant, her writing is sarcastic, honest and so special. I read one of her articles earlier in the year and since then I’ve read both her books and met the lady – bang on.

Haruki Murakami

Another new-to-me author that T introduced to me and I adore his writing. I have so many books to read from him now which is a little worrying but I’m just really glad T introduced me to this author.


Another new author for me brought about by the really sad shutting on my favourite independent bookshop. I have never read anything from Nora Ephron before but she is definitely on my list to go back to soon.


Last but not least is the author Katherine Mcintyre, I’ve read two of her books so far and every time I do I think – yes, that was such a good, short but interesting read. Definitely one to keep and eye on and get hold of a copy of any of her books if you haven’t yet (I preferred Poisoned Apple if you’re wondering!

That was tough but here are ten new-to-me authors that I’ve really enjoyed this year! Who was on your list? Let me know it the comments!

The Bedtime Book Tag

Helllllllo readers – it’s Friday which mean it’s nearly the weekend and that makes me toooo excited because I finally get to have a lie in and not wake up at 7am. I always mean to go to bed at a reasonable time but at the ripe old age of 22 I still can’t quite manage my own bedtime. It seems a little appropriate that I’m going to answer The Bedtime Book Tag which I found on Tash’s blog The Bookie Monsters. Such a brilliant blog that you really should follow – yes you should.  Without further Lizzy warbling onto le tag.

1. What book kept you up all night reading?

Just couldn’t put this down if I’m honest with you – this was exceptionally good writing and the author gave me one of the most wonderful comments that when reading the review she had forgotten she had written the book and wanted to get hold of a copy which was just so lovely to hear. This book really was just that good – see for yourself here.

2. What book made you scared to go to sleep?

I didn’t sleep easily for weeks after reading this book – it honestly terrified me so much I have not read anything from this author since because I just couldn’t cope. I’ve bought this book to remind me how incredibly terrifying the human word can be but I’m yet to read it all the way through again.

3. What book almost put you to sleep?

At times I found this a really tedious y read; I just couldn’t get into it and despite many a try this is a DNF that I don’t think I will be trying again anytime soon.

4. What book has you tossing and turning in anticipation of its release?

*CHEAT BOOK.* I know this is out and has been since August but I haven’t got hold of it yet and I am tooooooo excited to. If only I wasn’t cutting down on spending this month – maybe someone lovely will buy it for me. *cough cough hint hint wink wink.*

5. What book has your dream boyfriend/girlfriend?

I couldn’t just pick one but Nick from On Mystic Lake by Kristin Hannah is pretty goddamn delicious. Both utterly sweet and a hot mess he is just perfection. *drools*

6. What book world would be your worst nightmare to live in?

I can’t decice whether this would really cool and exciting or utterly terrifying. I’m a real wimp so if everyone suddenly left to escape the glade I would really have no idea what to do. The unknown utterly freaks me out and I am terrified of the dark so would be terrible for me.

7. What book has a nightmarish cliffhanger?

Not quite a cliffhanger but it was left so creepily ambiguous that I was seriously freaked out by this. Pretty incredible ending but also horrible all the same.

8. What book cover reminds you of night time?

I guess this is just because it’s a dark cover but I always think this cover is just a little dark and scary and that reminds me of nighttime. Scarrry.

9. What book have you actually dreamed about?


Yes it was terrifying, yes I met Katniss, yes it was awesome.

10. What book monster would you not want to find under your bed?


Hellllllla no. Aragog can stay away from my bed.

So there we go – the Bedtime book tag. I’m not nominating this time because I’m not sure who has/hasn’t done it but if you would like to please link back in the comments so I can read your answers. have a lovely friday bookish bookworms.

The Opposite Books Tag

The Book Blogger Task

It’s a Fridaaaaaaay *holla* and I am seriously ready for this day to end; it’s been one of those day where nothing has come together easily, or helpfully and it’s just be a kladgjklgadfjgkah kind of day, but, I get to write a really interesting book tag and today is it the opposites tag. As I sometimes do, I’m not tagging anyone in particular, but if you’re reading this and you feel like joining the fun, do it! I’d love to see your answers, so make sure to let me know if you did it and I’ll stop by your blog.

Let’s Go.

The First Book in your collection and the last book you bought

I can’t really name the first book in my collection, but I think maybe something Biff & Chip & Kipper related. I was read so many books as a child that they all kind of blur into one but there were lots of little Miss and Mr Men books and the Funnybones books. I really adore reading children’s books even now.

My most recent purchase is a little childish but I bought Texts from Dog by October Jones. I bought it after seeing the texts on Tumblr and then found they had been collated into a book and I just couldn’t resist.

A cheap book and an expensive book

I wrote about this recently but my local bookstore is shutting down which is really sad and I’m not sure what I’m going to do when it finally closes. The only real positive of this is currently there are lots of reaaaaaaaly cheap books for me to buy and squirrel back home.

I rarely buy books now because I get sent too many for me to really get through – but I did recently buy a new copy of Caitlin Moran’s book which cost me £3.85? Compared to the twenty pence I spent on my dear shutting down book store that’s kinda expensive.


A book with a male protagonist and one with a female protagonist 

These questions are really diffiuclt because there are so many characters I want to pick; for the male I’m going to go for Atticus Finch. I am so glad I took a bit of time to get through this lovely book and finally get it read. I can understand why I didn’t (I remember many students detesting it back at school) but I think it’s a real classic and one that everyone should read.

For the female protagonist I’m going to go for Aoname from 1Q84; I think she’s such a special character and I have been utterly entranced by her throughout reading it. I’ve never read a character like her and to a point it’s probably one of the reasons why I’m not ready to let her or the book go yet.

A book you read fast and one that took you a long time to read

I am currently stillllllllll reading Murakami’s 1Q84; it’s just taking forever, one because I’m not sure I’m ready to finish it and secondly because I have so much work to do at the moment my time and concentration for reading has been zilch.

In terms of a book I read quickly, I think maybe Stella Newman’s Pear Shaped; I seem to recall reading it in a day just unable to put the thing down for a minute or two. I was going through a really tough time and I think I just needed to lose myself in a book and this was the one I picked.


A book with a pretty cover and one with an ugly one 

I think this one is a little mean because books aren’t ugly just maybe a little boring. I’m going to go for some of the books I was sent as part of the ‘blogger box share.’ I was sent a set of utterly beautiful books by Virginia Woolf-  each of them has a beautiful vintage feel.  Imma in LOVE with them.

Ugly books? That’s a bit mean – I think the copy I got from the library of Giovanni’s Room wasn’t very pretty. It definitely didn’t make me feel excited about the book and even put me off a little. A thoughtful and inspiring book but the cover just didn’t sell it for me – the writing inside definitely did.

A national book and an international book 

I think for the national book I’ll have to go with Harry Potter? Is there any other choice really?

I think for an international book I would have to go with the Milllenium Trilogy by Steig Larsson. I adored these books and when I have time I really want to go back and read them all through again. Interestingly by favourite was the last in the series which I will definitely be re-reading soon – maybe over Christmas.


A thin book and a thick book

I think I would have to pick ‘The Story of the eye by George Bataille’ which is a mere 127 pages but that includes the content, and the additional essays at the end so it ends up to around 100 pages ish which is nothing. Although I’m not sure you’d want much more – my review of this was up yesterday.

Much to T’s disgust I still haven’t finished 1Q84 which I suppose as a cheat is three books in one but it as the books don’t end as you finish each of them I’m counting it as one. I’m currenrtly 1020 pages through and there’s still almost a whole book worth of pages to go but I am still enjoying it – just too busy to finish *wails*

A Fiction book and a non-fiction book

I only really read fiction books but I’m going to pick Sugar and Snails by Anne Goodwin. I rarely get to read a book that I think will really make a difference to those reading it but this is truly a tale that taught me something new and made me re-evaluate some of my own views. It was wonderful to get the chance to read it.

The only non-fiction I really read is to do with the sinking of the Titanic. It’s been a slight obsession for me for a number of years probably due to the film being my ultimate favourite something I’m not embarassed to admit. There’s just something about it I just can’t get out of my mind. Over the years I’ve collected books and acumulated them from different people- my parents gave me a huge book full of facts for christmas a couple of years back which meant a big deal to me so I’m going to have to go with that – unfortunately no idea what it’s called!


A way to romantic book and an action book

Mmmmm, I really don’t like romance books that are toooo sickly but I recently read Almost Perfect by Julie Ortolon and although not too bad it was a little sweet and sickly. The romance just felt a little unrealistic –  I still enjoyed it but it was a bit of a difficult read.

I think Four Seats by Aaron Cooley maybe – The plot follows the bombing of the Supreme Court and the dangers and problems that follow. It’s quite politically driven but I really interesting read all the same.

A book that made you happy and one that made you sad

Imma going to go really sterotypical in terms of what I always pick but – The Book Thief never fails to make me shed a tear. It is a beautiful book and one I think everyone should read.

A book that makes me happy would have to be – The Chocolate Run by Dorothy Koomson. This is one of my favourite all time books despite it being a chick-lit but it just makes me feel so lovely after reading it. Perfection.

Sooooooo many books to pick from that was so hard; additionally sorry I warbled on for nearly 1500 words what is wrong with me! As always what would you add? Are there any you really disagree with you fancy reading? Let me know in the comments and have a wonderful day bookworms.

Top ten tuesday: Top Ten Quotes I Have Loved From Books I Read In The Past Year


Hellllllllllllo readers, it’s a Tuesday and it’s time for another top ten tuesday kinda post. I am super excited about this weeks topic because as you might know I lave quotes. Especially the kind you find in really great books. Have to admit I am so happy that it wasn’t ten of your favourite quotes because there is no way  I could have picked ten; however these are a number that I have really adored over the past year.

“Even if we could turn back, we’d probably never end up where we started.”
Haruki Murakami, 1Q84

“some people aren’t just people, but a place—a whole world. Sometimes you find someone you could live in for the rest of your life.”
Caitlin Moran, How to Build a Girl

“I wanted the whole world or nothing.”
Charles Bukowski, Post Office

“would you reach in the drawer there and give me my purse. A girl doesn’t read this sort of thing without her lipstick.”
Truman Capote, Breakfast at Tiffany’s: A Short Novel and Three Stories


“People are too various to be treated so lightly. I am too various to be trusted.”
James Baldwin, Giovanni’s Room

“The stars are a free show; it don’t cost anything to use your eyes”
George Orwell, Down and Out in Paris and London

“He wonders what memories she is rediscovering, what thoughts are catching in her mouth like the dust blown from unused textbooks.”
Jon McGregor, If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things

“The world is not a wish-granting factory.”
John Green, The Fault in Our Stars


“Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing.”
Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

annnnnd because I couldn’t not.

It was like there was an elephant in the room. An elephant that expected us to have sex.” 

Morgan Matson, Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour

There we go, ten utterly gorgeous quotes that I think are just wonderful. I really tried not to be to cliché but there were just some that I couldn’t not include. As always comments, queries, what would you add or take away let me know or tweet me @littlebookblog1

Twenty-five things us bookworms are super awesome at

Twenty-five things us bookworms are super awesome at

Helllllllllo readers, it’s a Friday which means FRIYAY (yes I did just type that and only feel slightly ashamed.) I’ve been having a bit of a writing block kind of month. Reviews are being written thick and fast but these more bookish, talking posts have been more difficult. I had a think and I thought, us readers are really good at lots of things so I wanted to write them all down so we can be super proud of them – enjoy.

1) Letting our TBR list flow over until it’s so long we can barely think about it without our bank balances going into meltdown
2) Walking into the library and checking out double the books we can physically read in the time we’re allowed to read them
3) Being able to read just about anywhere; bath, bed, train, car, standing up, on the bus, we are reading ninjas
4) Spending a good thirty minutes going into the plot/characters/writing style when someone just asks ‘Hey, is this worth a read?’
5) Getting so emotionally involved in plotlines that we get book hangovers and spend the next few days wandering just emotional invested in the finished story
6) Organising and re-organising our books; should it be in colour order? Or authors alphabetically?

7) Buying a book we already have with a different cover because omgee it is so beautiful and instagramable
8) Spotting someone on the bus/train/tube who’s reading and awkwardly looking over to try and get a glimpse of what they’re reading
9)  annnnnd giving an appreciative nod if it seems like a good one.
10) Having DNF books that we’re still not quite ready to part with but knowing we’re unlikely to ever make it all the way through
11) Contemplating relationships with certain hot mess kind of characters and wondering if they’ll make you breakfast in bed.
12) Staying up till 3am because… just one more chapter then I’ll go to sleep.

13) Being a regular at the local library and always ALWAYS trying to get other people to use them; C’MON FREE BOOKS!”£¬”£
14) Getting up in the morning and thinking hair wash, breakfast, contour makeup maybe; then spending all that time reading and having to get ready in minus two minutes.
15) Never panicking when a friend is late to a coffee date cause you know – always carry a book
16) Losing keys, shoes, phone but never EVER losing a book
17) Reading 38583238583 books on the go because ya know there’s always another to read right?
18) Having a well constructed answer when someone ultimately asks the question – ‘So, what is your favourite book?’

19) Using anything for a bookmark; train ticket, receipt, another book we make it work!
20) Pondering wildly on different endings to books when they don’t quite go our way.
21) Always knowing the quickest way to the local bookstore just in case of bookish emergencies
22) Having a dedicated book for when the reading slumps kick in; Alice in Wonderland, or HP we all have one
23) Always having an opinion (whether good or bad) as to book-to-movie adaptations
24) Knowing truly which Harry Potter house you should being/ have done the pottermore quiz #Ravenclaw
25) Knowing that reading is pretty goddamn cool and being proud to call yourself a book worm.

Gah isn’t it great to be a reader? Agree/disagree let me know in le comments. What would you add?

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Book To Movie Adaptations I Still Need To Watch

Hellllllllo readers, it’s Tuesday, which means it’s time once again to say thank you to the wonderful bloggers over at The Broke and the Bookish. Today’s post is a topic that I find a little difficult because I have forever been a book then movie kinda girl. However recently I have been watching films without reading said books because I just don’t have time *cries.* Something has to give and I’ve got to be a little more strict with my TBR. Here are a list of ten book-to movie adaptations I may have not read but I do need to see.

The DUFF (2015)

I have heard some brilliant things about this films mainly from my wonderful group of friends and I didn’t know it was a book until I actually started at looking at book-to-movie’s I still needed to watch. The trailer looks brilliant and I think it will be one of those really feel-good movies that I watch and find a smile just unmoveable on my face. #holla

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2016)

Although I really don’t like horror movies I’ve seen a trailer for this I believe and it just looks fantastic. It doesn’t come out till 2016 which is getting terrifyingly close but I think I’ll have to drag T to go and see this if we can both hold our nerve.

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (2015)

JDJGKJTUDOFKJF I recently watched The Maze Runner after meaning to read the book for about a year and a half but I adored this film and now I NEED to see the second. T and I tried to see it when it came out but Lizzo had left it too late and the only showing was 11.30 on a Sunday night; not practical for us old-timers but I will go see it.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 (2015)

This is another film where I left it waaaaay to late to read the book and then all the films started coming out and I just gave in on my reading dreams; I cannot wait to see how it all concludes.

Paper Towns (2015)

This one I haven’t quite decided whether to read the book first but I have an utter adoration for Cara Delevingne so I will be seeing this at some point, soon hopefully.

Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk (1999)

Have read/listened to the book – still haven’t seen the film but I will. Don’t hate me.

The Jane Austen Book Club (2007)

I only found out recently that this was made into a film – I read the book and quite enjoyed it although it appeared to get a lot of mixed reviews on amazon/goodreads. Either way very tempted to give this a watch.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)

I need a little help with this one; is it worth a watch? Love the book not sure on whether the film is worth a watch; let me know in the comments.

He’s Just Not That Into You (2009)

I can’t for the life of me remember if I have seen this film but either way if I can’t remember I should probably watch this again.

Revolutionary Road (2008)

Still not ready to see Leo and Rose together in a film together yet – I know I’m a sappy but I’m not ready. Maybe one day I’ll finally watch this.

Ten movies I need to watch, a couple of books I still need to read before I do so. What would add or take off my list? Let me know in le comments.

Why negative reviews aren’t always such a bad thing

Hello readers, a really interesting post for you today I think. Critical reviews are really difficult to write; there are so many parts to reading a book. Say you might not enjoy a book for one reason but might really adore it for another – how do you write the review? For me critical reviews are really important and play a vital part in the blogosphere and I’m going to try and put down why they really aren’t such a bad thing.

WE all Enjoy Different Things

Type in ‘book blog’ on google and you will be hit with 34264758482948584 different results each looking at different genres of books; some specialise, some like MLBB don’t – however we all have niche’s that we enjoy. Add in different writing styles, different plot-lines, authors and taste in terms of characters and there’s a lot of difference there to deal with.

I am quite honest about my dislike of fantasy books but will often review them based on the style of writing/character build up/ pace and whether I enjoyed it overall rather than base in on the genre. If you adore fantasy books then my 3/5 could be easily a 5/5; it depends on what we love and what makes us enjoy something. Often I might read and review something I disliked but still recommend it because of something utterly different. We take what we want from reviews based on our own likes and dislikes.

Untitled design (2)

We have our own opinions

Nothing is worse than being part of a book blog tour and realising that the book, well, it’s really not for you but in little over a week you’re going to have write a review and steer the course between being honest and treading on an authors feelings – it is super rubbish.

Saying that when I read reviews I will often look at the critiques and think, ‘I wonder how if I was reading it I would react.’ Weekly I add books to my TBR just to see whether my thoughts add up with that of the reviewer. Goodreads wouldn’t be as big as it is if we didn’t constantly want to rack up our thoughts next to our fellow book worms.

My final thought on this is that well-written reviews, more critical or more positive sell books, either way. Whether it makes a reader think I want to see why you disliked it, or whether your views were justified a review is still a review.

They create conversation

All of these reasons kind of link, but more critical reviews create conversation.I remember for months after The Casual Vacancy came out it was still being discussed. The reviews were terrible and yet, it was talked about over and over; why was it disliked? Why was it so different from the wonder of Harry Potter?

Negative reviews spark debates, and they often create more conversation. I reviewed Fifty Shades and some of the comments were almost reviews in themselves; it lead to deeper discussion of the book as you talk about the parts that worked and those that didn’t.

Untitled design (1)

5*’s doesn’t mean a wonderful book

I don’t know whether I’m the only one but when I see a book with all 5* reviews, it makes me think; where have these reviews come from. In my opinion it is very rare to find a book that has no faults, none whatsoever and yet it’s something I see regularly. I know that some bloggers tend not to review books they dislike but something in that irks me; I want to know what you thought? Why it wasn’t great? Not all books are worth reading, but I kinda want to decide that based on the whole spectrum of reviews rather than just the best ones.

Getting to know you

Finally I find that negative reviews let me get to know a blogger better. I can really see what they like and what they don’t like and then I can decide whether our reading needs align. If I read a review and it picks up on things I find difficult or tend not to like when reading I know that our choices may be a little different and therefore their 5* may be a 3* for me. It’s all about personal choice and negative reviews allow us a little more insight.

Untitled design

I really enjoyed writing this post but as always would love to hear your thoughts. Is there anything you agree with or critically disagree with. Do you read negative reviews and if you’re a blogger how do you go about it? Let me know in le comments book worms.

Autumn Reads: Why us bookworms adore the autumnal season

Hellllllo readers, something a little chatty for you today. As like many bloggers it seems, Autumn is my favourite of allllll the seasons. It’s the time for chai latte’s, cosy jumpers, nights in with rich red wines and shepherds pies. You can get away with wearing woolen tights, knitted scarves with dainty flowery dresses and glittery accessories: I cannae wait! Tis a wonderful time of year. Today I thought I would put together why us bookworms and bookish bloggers just adore Autumn.

Fireplace lovin’

If you’re one of those lucky, lucky people that have a fireplace, you finally have a reason to pop the heat on and get all cosy. Not only the warmth but cuddling up to a loved one and being read to – oh it makes my heart melt.

Coffee on

A warm lunch-hour spent pouring over a book will only be improved by a Pumpkin Spiced Latte – doesn’t coffee laced with pumpkin just make everything a little better? #sobasic

Spooky Days

Gah it’s nearly Halloween which means that it’s the perfect time for bookish character dress ups. Now before you stop me, I like to take the more American style of Halloween costumes meaning you can rock up in just about anything – Matilda, Sherlock Holmes, Long John Silver; the options are honestly endless.


Snuggle bunnies & Rain

I swear down there is nothing better than lying cuddled up in bed, flannel cosy pjs and hearing the rain softly coming down. Snuggle up with a new book and a glass of hot frothy cocoa and you will be one happy bunny. If you’re out and about there’s nothing better than diving into a cosy bookstore and picking up alllll the books. #autumnalfeels

Candles Lavee

Autumn is the perfect time for creating that perfect reading/relaxing/blogging atmosphere. Create the perfect chillllll-out zone with assorted scented candles and tealights smelling of ginger spice, pumpkin pie and bonfire scents. Sounds delicious.


The falling copper & golden leaves make everything feel a little more romantic. Take a picture of the memory so you can look back when it all gets too winterey and we’re all rocking our sexay raincoats.

photo-1414589491349-2acf6131176e photo-1416149517343-b030f2729cbd

Tis the season for reading…

Autumn is the perfect time for cosy jumpers and soft scarves but it’s not so cold you can’t sit and read surrounded by the stunning landscapes that Autumn ultimately creates. Wrap up, pop on some gloves and a scarf and get yourself out in to the Autumn wind and settle down for a lovely read.

and there are some bloody good things to read too. 

Salman Rushdie, Elena Ferrante, and Margaret Atwood all have books out this month *squeals*— not to mention the arrival of the fourth Millennium Series installment, in which writer David Lagercrantz continues the late Stieg Larsson’s legacy as well as Me, My Hair, and I, edited by Elizabeth Benedict, features essays by 27 female writers, both old and young, reflecting on — well, their hair.

photo-1426260193283-c4daed7c2024 photo-1422568374078-27d3842ba676

Just a couple of reason why I for one just adore Autumn. Anything to add let me know in le comments – now where is that Chai Latte?


TOP TEN TUESDAY: 10 literary Halloween costumes

Helllllllo readers, it’s Tuesday again, and it’s time for another Top Ten Tuesday and it’s a Halloweeen Free Topic! *eeee* I adore Halloween although it wasn’t something that was really a big deal for me until I went to university. I remember going to Wilkinsons with the girls in my block and seeking out the cheapest dresses; then taking them back to the flat and chopping the sleeves off, making them way too short and customising them with blood and the like. Gah those were the days; this year I’m much more likely to be snuggled up by the television with a bowl of candy waiting for tiny trick or treaters to appear. Bless. For my topic I’m going to do my top ten literary Halloween characters to dress up as. Enjoy!

Bernadette, from Where’d You Go, Bernadette?

Maybe not the most easily recognisable of bookish characters but if someone does recognise you might make a new bookish friend! To make this costume add some very large bug-eyes shades, wrap a scarf around you head and wear a fisherman’s vest. Add a map or two, act as offish as you can towards Seattle and you’re there.

Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web

This links a little more with the more stereotypical Halloween characters but Charlotte is a wonderful character to go trick or treating as. A suitably black costume – (skirt, vest, cardi) and then using grey glitter glue/pen cover the skirt with silver webs. Add webs drawn around the eyes using kohl pencil and you’re there. Carry around a plush pink pig for bonus points.

Hester Prynne, from The Scarlet Letter

This addition is for those that have left their costume making time a little to the last minute and are stressing a little. Pop into your local charity shop and find a loose dress something as old fashioned – think colonial.  They find some red material and cut out a giant red A and attack it to your chest. Da-da.


(Had to include that gif sorrry)

Miss Havisham, from Great Expectations

I’m still not sure why I haven’t done this one yet but all it really needs is a used wedding dress – once again think charity shops, and second hand stores. Cut rips into it, rub a little dirt in and pile your messy hair all over your head. Wear a forlorn expression for the entirety of the night and yell about Compeyson as much as you like. Stunning.

Lady Macbeth from Macbeth

Another one that I’ve thought of doing but this is pretty simple. Find a long flowy black lace dress, and pop your hair up into a knotted bun – add a crown if you and stain your hands with fake blood. Wander around aimlessly scrubbing at your hands proclaiming Out Damned Spot. Easy peasy.


The Fish from Dr. Seuss’s One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

This one works best as a group costume which is always pretty awesome. Find simple t-shirts and tutu’s easily found on le internet in the colours yellow, green, red and blue. Either write or cut out and sew on the letters to spell out the names and you’re good to go. 

Lisbeth Salander from Stieg Larsson’s Millennium series

One for those that had a bit of a goth/emo/punk era during their lives. Leather jacket, ripped, jeans, dark hair and lots of eyeliner and you’re pretty much good to go.

Princess Elizabeth from Robert Munsch and Michael Martchenko’s The Paper Bag Princess

Another super simple outfit: all you need is a paper bag to cut arm holes out of, a crown and a cuddly dragon!


Fred and George Weasley

The last two I’ve given into the pressure of needing some HP based characters. For Fred and George, red hair sprayed hair, black jeans, white shirt, black jumpers and tie and then anything that will substitute as a wand really and you’re there.

 The Golden Snitch

Finally, maybe my favourite of all the costumes the golden snitch. Wear a golden sparkly dress and find some golden material which you can cut into snitch style wings and attack to your arms. Could also attach a wrap around the middle that states I open at the close if you’re really going for it.

There you go, ten bookish literary inspired Halloween costumes. Were they any you would add? Are you a Halloween lover or loather? Let me know in the comments!

25 questions nobody asks tag


Helllllo readers, it’s one of those day where I’m a little booked-out and I wanted to do something completely different and I stumbled across the 25 questions nobody asks tag and thought it sounded like a little bit of fun. Enjoy.

Do you sleep with your closet doors closed or open?

Why would you sleep with the doors open? (Unless there’s too much stuff to shut them – maybee then) I definitely sleep with the closet doors shut to keep the monsters in.

Do you take shampoo and conditioner  bottles from hotels?

Yes, I’m a terrible person.

Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out?

Normally the sheets are falling off everywhere, I’m a terribly restless person.

Have you ever stolen a street sign before?

No, but I did witness one of my intoxicated friends pick up a sold house sign and dance with it before falling over with it. Those were the days.

Do you like to use post-it notes?

Not really, I prefer lists or big sheets of paper with lots of ideas. Post-it notes just get lost or stuck to one of your limbs. Sexy.


Do you cut out coupons but never use them?

I never cut out coupons but I think maybe I should – I just don’t really have/make time for it.

Would you rather be attacked by a bear or a swarm of bees?

I think bees, I’m not sure whether I would survive a bear attack really.

Do you have any freckles?

Yesssss all over the bridge of my nose and my cheeks!

Do you always smile for pictures?

DUCK FACE. Nah, I often do a couple of funny faces or a cheeky teeth smile.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

I think bad emailing practice; think how you would feel if you opened that email and it was horrible. I don’t like rude people very much.


Do you ever count your steps when you walk?

Allllllll the time, but I always lose count so there’s no point. Maybe it’s relaxing?

Have you ever peed in the woods?


Have you ever pooped in the woods?

Three letters: DOE

Do you ever dance when there is no music playing?

Yees, who doesn’t do a cheeky celebration dance once in a while? #holla

Do you ever chew on your pens and pencils?

Yep, and last week I saw someone chew on a pen I had chewed. I need to stop that, tis gross.


How many people have you slept with this week?

Well I always sleep in bed with Eeyore, so I guess one?

What size is your bed?

Doubleeee bed, although when T sleeps in it it might as well be half a single. Bloody starfishing.

What is your song of the week?

Kind of really loving Down Town by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Is it ok for guys to wear pink?

It mean if it brings out the colour in their eyes then of course.. anyone can wear whichever colour they wish.

Do you still watch cartoons?

C’mon, Disney films, everyone watches them and if they don’t then they should. Stat.


 What’s your least favourite movie? 

Anything realllllllly scary!

Where would you bury hidden treasure if you had some?

I would buy things with it…sorrrrrrrrry

What do you drink with dinner? 

Alllll of the wine.

What do you dip a chicken nugget in?

Barbecue sauce m8.

What is your favourite food? 

MASHED POTATO. With tiny sausages if possible.

There you go: 25 questions nobody asks probably for good reason but just a little bit of fun. I now tag..

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