Haggis Ragu with Comforting Creamy Mash

I am still using Campbell’s breakfast box to fuel my meals.

One of the bits I was worried about was the haggis. I love haggis – but have never cooked it myself. I looked through a lot of recipes, but decided to wing it and attempt a kind of haggis style ragu. It tasted and looked delicious and I could serve it with mashed potatoes. Disclaimed – my favourite way to eat potatoes.

Enjoy. (Plus, don’t be put off by the haggis.)

Haggis Ragu with Comforting Creamy Mash

Put in your trolley

100g of Haggis (could use vegetarian that I have found at Waitrose.)

300g of maris potatoes (or any potatoes you fancy mashing – sweet would also work.)

Milk + butter for mashing (and salt and pepper.)

120g of red onion chopped into chunky-ish bits

120g of pepper chopped also in chunky bits

140g of passata (I used Napolina)

A helpful sprinkling of hot chilli powder

Step One

Put a big saucepan onto boil. Chop up the potatoes into regular pieces, salt the water and tip in the potato chunks. Boil until soft.

Step Two

Whilst potatoes are boiling, heat a small pan and add the peppers and onions. Fry for a couple of minutes and then chop up the haggis and add. Season with pepper (not salt the haggis should be enough.) Sprinkle in a good amount of chilli powder based on your personal taste. Then add the passata. Turn the hob down to low and cook until it thickens. You want a bolognaise style consistency. If it becomes too thick spoon in some water from the potatoes.

Step Three

Once the potatoes are cooked drain and splash in a little milk and butter. I think everyone has their own personal way of making mash so do that. Season well with salt and pepper, and make sure you make it over a low heat. (Helps bring it all together.)

Step Four

Pile the mash and the haggis ragu together on a plate a devour!

Numbers (if you’re bothered.)

This came to around 400 calories. Perfect for lunch or dinner. You could also add extra vegetables or serve the ragu with pasta!

Recommended Reading

I recommend reading The Swap by Nancy Boyarsky. I don’t think it’s come out quite yet but it’s one to keep an eye out for. See my review here – it’s a wonderful read.

Haggis Ragu with Comforting Creamy Mash

Haggis Ragu with Comforting Creamy Mash


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