Week Commencing March 27. Meal prep, light nights and blonde hair

Welcome to this week.

It’s been a wonderful one. I’ve really been loving the lighter evenings, but a bout of sickness hit me later in the week. Sucky. Here’s what I’ve been loving this week!

Busaba Eathai

After reading Katy English’s review I thought T and I should try out Busaba Eathai in Soho and were mightily impressed. The decor is wonderful, and staff were super lovely. We ordered prawn crackers and delectable spring rolls to begin with. Both were tasty and not greasy at all. I went with  Pad kwetio flat rice noodle, smoked chicken, king prawn and shiitake mushroom. It was supposed to super spicy but not for me. T ordered the Aromatic vegetable curry pumpkin, chard, French bean with cucumber relish which was lovely. It was a little pricey but really good.

Week Commencing March 27: Thai Food

Clocks going forward

Finally. As a kid I never really realised how wonderful the clocks going back/forward messes with your body clock. I am loving the lighter evenings although I must admit I can never tell what time it is. But I’m loving being able to take late night walks without taking a torch. Beaut.

Week Commencing March 27: View of Greenwich

Meal Prep

I’m trying to start meal prepping because I think it will help save pennies. But, it means a lot of cooking on a Sunday and a lot of organisation. This week I made 7 portions of spicy mince and cauliflower and butterbean rice. It tastes amazing and works out at £1.00 a portion. I just need to get a little better at getting it done quicker. Oh, and I need more tupperware. Desperately.

Week Commencing March 27: Meal Prep

Superdrug Colour Effects Honey Blonde 8.03

I self-ombre’d my hair a year or so ago. I love it but recently it’s lacked vibrancy. The problem is I don’t want to re-dye it because my hair is in good condition at the moment. I picked this up from Superdrug for £1.99 and it is fantastic. It’s a wash in wash out, that adds golden tones to natural or coloured hair. It boosts colour and prevents fading but doesn’t damage your hair. I love this. It worked from the very first time and I did leave it on for half hour rather than 5 minutes. (I forgot I had it in.) If you want to boost your colour but not dye this is wonderful and cheap! (Results below.)

Week Commencing March 27: Ombre ends

Drag Race Season 8/9

I mean do I have to really explain this? If you’re not yet acquainted with drag race go watch it on Netflix. Now.

There’s my week – how was yours?


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