Sardine Shakshuka Recipe

Shakshuka is a dish of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers, and onions, often spiced with cumin. It’s delicious. T used to make it for me back in Stoke at least once a week. One morning, working from home I decided to make it – but I was starving and wanted to bulk it up. But, (shock horror,) we had no bread. I shuffled around the kitchen and unearthed a can of Princes sardines in tomato sauce. I’ve added it to the recipe (and pepper and bird’s eye chili) and I know it’s not conventional but it was delicious. It’s a good way of adding protein and cutting carbohydrates which I tend to eat too many of. Enjoy!

Sardine Shakshuka Recipe

Put in your trolley

125g tin of Princes Sardines in Tomato Sauce

Half a green pepper (Or red or yellow – I had green in the fridge.)

One bird’s eye chili (add depending on your tastebuds.)

Two Eggs (Free range.)

100grm of tomato passata/chopped tomatoes

Low-cal cooking spray

Salt and pepper for seasoning

Sardine Shakshuka Recipe

Step One

Chop up the pepper and chili. Keep it small, and fry in a frying pan with a little low cal spray. Cook until browned around the edges. Slop in the sardines and allow to cook for a minute. Break up the pieces so they cook evenly. Pop on the grill too 200c to warm up.

Step Two

Turn the heat down to low, and add the tomatoes. Stir in so that everything is evenly covered. Season with salt and pepper. Make wells in the mixture for the two eggs and crack in.

Sardine Shakshuka Recipe

Step Three

Place the saucepan in the oven – and cook for about 6 minutes. Keep an eye on it because it really depends on the size of the eggs and the heat of the oven etc. Once they are set but still gooey in the middle pull the pan out. Serve with a hot coffee (or red wine in the evening,) and devour.

The Numbers (if you’re bothered.)

This comes in quite high because I was really hungry and used two eggs, but you could halve this for two and half the sardines and an egg each. It comes in at around 400cals so if you halved and had with sourdour bread this would be a hearty but healthy breakfast.

Recommended Reading

I’m going to suggest reading The Unlikely Hero of 13b – it’s a fantastic book and a wonderful read.

Sardine Shakshuka Recipe


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