Postcards from Postmark

I spend a lot of my time exploring Greenwich. Like a lot of time.

Always partial to a bit of wandering around I tend to be in the know for shops/restaurants/ bookish places. When I saw the signs emerging for a new shop (called Postmark) in Greenwich I knew I needed to have a peak inside.

Postcards from Postmark

Postcards from Postmark

According to their blog

‘Set in historic meantime Greenwich the new Postmark will have everything you’d expect an amazing card selection, wrap, ribbons and bags and our postal service – as well as an expanded selection of pens, pencils and Jellycat toys that will live on a very special centre piece in the shop.

We’ve also designed a special Greenwich franking label that will adorn every piece of post sent from Postmark Greenwich – it really will be like sending your post from the beginning of time.’

Sounds pretty tip top.

Postcards from Postmark

Postcards from Postmark

The Haul

I wandered in after work looking for a card for T. Something to make him smile after a wobbly week. Once inside I noticed an awesome selection of postcards which I thought would make brilliant blogging photography accents, so I bought five.

The first postcard I picked up says ‘The meaning of life is that you have,’ and then the bottom of the text is chopped off. The wording made me smile and I love the baby blue background against the black and white font. The second postcard has ‘You’re all kinds of ace’ written on it, which is something I think we should try and tell ourselves regularly. I don’t ever, but I liked the kooky design and font. I’m very into oranges, yellows and blues at the moment and this fitted perfectly.

The next two are more image focused; the first has numerous cartoony faces all looking a little embarassed/awkward. I love the drawing style and the unusual faces looking either way. There’s also a brick wall with two eyes looking staring out. It’s also orange (thumbs up) but it’s really quirky. I did have a google and the postcards are from a place called UStudio (Paper Planes.) I did have a look on the website and I want to now buy everything.

Postcards from Postmark

Final Thoughts

Everything from Postmark was gorgeous and although I bought only 5 postcards there are so many more I’m going to get hold of. The postcards were 70p each which is brilliant value. In terms of quality the card is thick and matte which I lave. Definitely worth stopping into or checking out their online store. I will be back very (very) s00n.

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