Week Commencing Feb 27. World Book Day, Sofa Snuggles and Dragonite

Hi guys and dolls.

I realised that last week, my week commencing’s have been a bit grumpy. It’s not that I’m having a shitty time, for some reason I’ve been grumbling. Really grumbling. I wanted to switch that around because, despite everything it’s been a great week. Here’s what happened.

World Book Day

It was world book day this week! It’s always a bit tough to dress up for WBD when you work in an office. But, I had too. I dressed up a pretty casual outfit of leggings and black blouse with my Harry Potter time-turner. My bestie Dani bought me this for Christmas last year and whenever I’m predicting a bad day I pop it on. It’s so beautiful and just fabby. Love it.

Harry Potter Time Turner Necklace

Peckham Salvage Yard 

T and I travelled to Peckham Salvage Yard this week. It was actually super lovely although smaller than I thought. I don’t think we were quite hipster enough, but the things being sold were wonderful. From cardigans to Penguin books to old toys it’s a brilliant place to browse. The next one is in July. Put it in your diary – you should totally go.

Vintage Penguin Books

Word of the Week

I’ve started sharing a word of the week on instagram. (You can follow me here.)  This weeks word is Ebullient which means both enthusiastic and lively.

Handwritten word Ebullient

Recipes with courgette (spiralising.)

Fell back in love with my spiraliser this week. I’ve been making a lot of courgetti recipes. Some with tomato sauces, a couple with egg and a new carbonara recipe that I’ll share soon(ish.) I want to spiralise more but it’s helping me cut evening carbs but stay super full. Plus, courgette is freaking delicious.

Courgetti Spaghetti


Finally evolved a Dratini. After the third from 10K eggs still without a super high IV,  I evolved a 80% Dratini. After burning through 100 candies and 100,000 star-dust, I bring you Dragonwin. He’s a beast. (Also I promise less Pokemon references.)

Pokemon Dragonite

There’s my week commencing – how was yours?

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