The Pigeonhole in your Pocket


You sit down on the bus/train/coach and you’ve forgotten your book. It’s sat on your kitchen counter, or it’s in the fridge. (Knowing me.) Plus you now have nothing to read. Joyous.

Although I would agree a physical book can never be bested, there is a way of making sure you forever have a virtual read in your back pocket. (Or your bra – if you’re in a rush.)

Pigeonhole App

The Pigeonhole App

The Pigeonhole App is a lifesaver. It works practically as a virtual library in an app but instead of it being static, it becomes a valuable and very social reading space. This very lovely app appears to have been painstakingly designed to fit into the life of a very busy twenty/thirty – something year old. There’s a wide selection of books to pick and download. Plus, instead of drowning the reading in tiny text formatted on tiny, tiny pages – you read the book in staves. Yes staves. A stave could be a couple of pages or chapters (depending on the book) but it allows you to read along at your own pace. Oh and it keeps your page.

There are two types of book – books on your bookshelf, and live books. Live books are given to you a stave a time and you then have to tune in the next day to get the next chapter. It makes reading more exciting but also helps you fit it into everyday life. Books on your bookshelf are still separated in staves but you can read them as you wish. Read 1 or read 10. Up to you.

If you’re worrying it’s limiting to a reading binge it has allowed me to sit down and really digest the stave that I’m reading. I’m attempting Moby Dick and it’s a toughie. The language is difficult and the staves are perfect for not sending my brain into MELTDOWN.

When I’m reading on buses/public transport I often find myself gabbling to get the next chapter only to find out when I next pick up the book I’ve accidentally missed a crucial part of the story. The Pidgeonhole App has stopped that. Completely. You can choose also how often you get the staves; so it allows you to go at your pace. Lavely.

Pigeonhole App

Let’s get social

The social part is what really bumps this up for me. While you’re reading books that are given to you in chunks i.e. live books you might get a comment or social update allowing a solo reader to share a thought on an individual page. You can also save sections through the book, add your own comments or stay very silent. If you so wish. There are extra’s in the margins, additional information and author comments too. It allows books that might be difficult to swallow to become more digestible. Books that sit on your bookshelf sit there forever – so you can get through as you like and wish. Live books encourage social interaction and it really works.

The site is growing – there are not thousands of books but there’s enough to get your teeth stuck into. I read almost every day (through this app) and will always find a minute to read, but – for the person flicking through their social media, or forever scrolling I hope The Pigeonhole might encourage them to pick up a classic. I’m off to add a comment on how Moby Dick really does remind me of Gay Erotica. Soz.


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