Week Commencing Feb 20. Pokemon Go, cardio and eclairs.

Happy Monday everyone.

It’s been a long but brilliant week. I had a bit of a mind clearer on Saturday which I think I’ll write a post about soon. For now though, here’s what has made my week commencing Feb 20.

Coffee Eclairs

During the working week we had a coffee minute with the other teams in our building. We only moved to our new office block recently and haven’t had a chance to meet everyone. A couple of minutes to introduce ourselves and say hello was lavely. Oh, and they had the most incredible coffee cream eclairs. (Amazing to photograph too.)

Week Commencing Feb 20: Coffee Eclairs

Pokemon Go (Gen 2)

I am a biggggg Pokemon Go fan (still.) It’s been months since I deliberately went out but recently. We’ll I’m a bit re-obsessed. Favourites include Phanpy, Girafarig and Sudowoodo. Any other players in and around Greenwich hit a gal up? We could grab coffee and search for Tyranitar.

Week Commencing Feb 20: Pokemon Go Girafarig

Greenwich Open Days

Many will know I work for the University of Greenwich. I had the chance to take over the Universities Snapchat for a couple of hours during the open day and laved it. It makes me want to maybe try Instagram stories. Here’s a favourite photograph I took during the day.

Week Commencing Feb 20: Living Wall at Greenwich


Favourite new app of the moment. Wordbrain is a word puzzle which asks you to find hidden words. You have a grid of letters and a number of words to find, but you have to do it in the right order. Oh, and find the correct words. It can seem impossible but it’s a fantastic mind mess. I’m currently only ranked as rat brain but I’m working through the puzzles one by one. I’ll get to the Unicorn brain eventually. One to definitely download.

Back to the gym

I’ve been slacking on the gym. It’s only been a few weeks but I’ve just not been going. But, the lighter mornings and evenings have really helped. I’ve felt stronger, more determined and mentally prepared to take on the weight-loss plateau I’ve been in.

Week Commencing Feb 20: Gym Time


There’s my week commencing. How was yours?


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  1. February 27, 2017 / 8:38 pm

    I thought I was the only person still playing Pokémon Go! Ha. Not a huge fan of the New Gen but I still love catching new pokemon that I’ve never seen before. :p

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