1000 life hacks. Clever ways to make your life easier by Dan Grabham

I’m doing it again. Setting myself exactly 300 seconds (or 5 minutes) to write a review. Why? Because why the hell not. I wrote a review in 5 a few weeks ago and it was a lot of fun. The tip is to pick books that aren’t too long/complicated/intense. The book today is a hack book. Social media is covered in #LIFEHACKS.  From using a hair straightener for an iron or Tic Tac containers for bobby pins the internet LOVES life hacks. This was stocking present from Christmas – and it was a bladdy good one.

1000 life hacks


Covering home, work and play, 1000 Life Hacks is a self-help book packed with little tips to make your life easier.

Entirely practical and often ingenious (did you realise a bulldog clip could replace your broken computer keyboard leg? Or that the spring from a pen could save wires from being damaged?), the book provides solutions for common issues and even those pesky little problems that have a habit of springing up at the most inconvenient times.

Whether you’re looking for DIY holders for your devices, an effective exercise regime or want to make a flight hugely more comfortable, you’ll find the answers in this illustrated book. Fashion, DIY and cleaning hacks are also provided.

1000 life hacks

My Review

Time is precious for all of us. So why not invent or learn a hack that helps you make more of it. This book of 1000 life hacks is the ultimate collection of hints and tips. Tips that will help you do things more quickly and efficiently. Whether that’s saving the pennies, living a tidier or digitally smarter life. It’s all here.

The book is sectioned into handy portions; work and technology, home and cleaning, DIY, Fashion and Food. One section I learnt the most from was the gym/exercise section. As someone actively (attempting) to get fit I will use these. Freezing water bottles on their side? Or how often to change your running shoes.

I would say that 35% of the hacks I knew. Things like microwaving pizza with a piece of bread in the micro-wave. Or that frozen grapes make brilliant ice cubes. But certain sections really were eye opening. Like cracking eggs into cookie cutters to make them cute shapes. I so want to do this.

The cleaning section is also incredibly thorough. Who knew you could do so much with bi-carb and apple cider vinegar. Living in London the limescale on the tap and the sink is icky. I now have a notebook full of hacks to take that job on.

Other favorites include

  • Using ice-cubes to remove table leg dents in cardboard
  • Attach a magnetic strip to your bathroom tiles to store nail scissors etc
  • Use food bags when dismantling furniture to separate screws. Just make sure you label them!

1000 life hacks

Final Thoughts

The book is really, really gorgeous too. The colours are bright, the images loud and descriptive it’s a very clever well put together book that I think A N Y O N E could benefit from. It’s a brilliant present/stocking filler/coffee table book. I think it’s fab.

Blah that was tough. Although I had the book open next to me and had drafted what I was going to write it needed a lot more tidying. But there you have it. My 5 minute review of the 1000 Hacks book by Dan Grabham.

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