Week Commencing 6th Feb. Vienna, Carnaby St + Kitchen Fails

It’s okay to have down weeks. February definitely hasn’t been the month for me so far. Let’s hope it brightens. It’s been a funny ole week – full of ups and terrible downs. Who knew adulting would be so shitty. Some weeks I love it. Some weeks it feels like I can’t quite hold everything together. But I’m searching for the things that have helped this week.

Post from Vienna

So if you don’t know, Kat over @LifeandOtherDisasters recently hit 1000 followers and held a giveaway. Annd I won one of two prizes. Yeee. Kat’s blog is a stunner. Full of book reviews, #currentlywatching and discussion posts I’m a big fan. The package was so personal and special. A little note, bracelet, the stunning magnet. Plus a guide – one I hope I soon will be able to use. Thank you to Kat – it’s a perfect Vienna inspired present.

Carnaby St

We explored Carnaby street this weekend. I’ve written a separate post about how wonderful it was. We ate Korean food, explored Carnaby street and had some time for ourselves. Life has felt full on recently and to get a minute away was good. Really good.

La La Land

I put off going to see La La Land because I couldn’t quite decide whether it was for me. T persudaded me to go with him and I loved it. We actually went to see it at the O2 which I’ve never been to before. It’s like another world in there. Bright lights, food, drinks, and walk ways that look like roads. It’s definitely worth a visit (and I can use my Meerkat Movies codes there!) YESSSS.




This week I ordered a hamper of meat from Wowcher

7lbs of meat for £10.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

*Maybe I’ll make something like this ^

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  1. February 13, 2017 / 2:23 pm

    Yaaaay! I AM SO HAPPY YOU LIKE IT 😊 as mentioned before, definitely hit me up if you ever do visit! Thanks for taking part in the giveaway and mentioning it here too. 💙

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