My Reading Goals for 2017

I like a list. I really like a list if it helps me improve something.

You may wonder – at the ripe old age of 23 reading should be second nature. Or first nature with the number I read. But I’m a sucker for habit. I also don’t have a TBR. Don’t scream – there’s a post to come soon explaining why, but it means my reading can be quite samey. Or structured around one genre. I’ve come up with some goals/tick-boxes to add diversity to my reading list.

Memoirs (read at least 3.)

I L O V E a documentary. It could be about wine/sport/drugs/prisons/cats/dogs/cheese I will watch it. But, I don’t read any non-fiction. T is a sucker for politics and I sometimes feel I need to learn more. But I’m not quite ready to throw myself into the whirlwind of non-fiction. I think memoirs might be the stepping stone in-between.

Diary, Book all there ever is and E light.

Be more aware of POC authors

I don’t pick my books based on the author. Male, female any country of origin or race it doesn’t tend to influence me. I’ll read anything by anyone. But, looking through my recent reads they have tended to be less diverse than I thought they were. This year I want to be more aware.

Read Boldly

I had a habit during 2017 of referring back to easy reads. Very simple crime novels or smulchy romance reads. I want to read more grit this year. Bukowski style grit. I’ve discovered that you can get some books terribly terribly wrong. I thought Moby Dick was this tough sea hysterical book full of knot tying and woe is me sailing. It’s not. It’s basically gay erotica. Plus I’m bloody loving it.

Stop Hatin’ on Goodreads

Diary, Book all there ever is and E light.

I have a hate/hate relationship with Goodreads. I struggle to remember to update it. The book I’m ‘currently reading’ on my profile I finished at least 8 months ago. Clever. I feel like Goodreads could help with all these goals but as always – means getting organised. I’ll link ya if you fancy being my friend.

Recommend a book

This is when you G E T  I N V O L V E D (if you so wish.) What books do you think I should add to my list for this year. One that fits with the goals above if poss? A book that made your belly warm because it was so on the mark. Or a book that made you snort until milk came out your nose. Link a gal up?

Diary, Book all there ever is and E light.

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