Week Commencing Jan 30. The Grain Store, Kindle Love and A Giveaway

Let’s forget the dreariness of the last few weeks. The nights are starting to get lighter and I’m feeling brighter. Although I’m still feeling – low, I’ve made this last week, buzzy. I’ve whistled around, made plans, blogged, walked 5869496 miles. Here was my last week – OH and stick around. There’s a G I V E A W A Y opp at the bottom of the post!

Dinner at The Grain Store 

I called home on Tuesday night feeling sorry for myself. Grumbling down the phone Mumma B suggested dinner, 7pm Kings Cross Thursday. I trundled down, caught the tube. (Which was horrendous) And had the most wonderful time. We ate the most delicately balanced Roquefort cheese soufflés. Then followed with open squid lasagna, and a fish bouillabaisse. We nibbled, chatted and drank a hella lot of wine. It was perfect. The Grain Store was delightful and staff were perfectly attentive.

Lights outside The Grain Store

Kindle Love

I re-discovered my Kindle this week. It was battered and out of charge on the bookshelf so I brushed it down and charged it up. I downloaded a bunch of books I’ve been meaning to get round to and I love it again. Oh and it has doodle jump downloaded. (YAS.)

My Kindle

Being Weird

Most people that know me in person will know I’m an oddball. My favourite nickname of T’s is Oddwin. Since moving in with T I haven’t laughed so hard. We’ve had sock fights, span each other around in the lounge till we’re dizzy. We slow dance in the kitchen regularly, and I sing at him allll the time. Deliberately off key.  I never feel self-conscious. And he’s pretty odd too which is perfect.

Black Coffee

5am Gym Session

I’ve struggled with sleep the past week. T has been exhausted so he’s been going to bed super early. I’ve had to run round the block, stay up till midnight and drink no coffee to have a chance at sleep. Saturday morning at 4am I woke with a start. By 5am I had hauled my sorry butt to the gym. It was an intense but therapeutic session.

Gym Equipment

G I V E – A W A Y

Katy Cross is giving away 50 (yes 50) free ‘Bon Bons to Yoga Pants Audiobooks.’ 25 for the US and 25 for the UK. It’s a brilliant book

Just name your favorite food in the comments of Katie’s Post for a free entry. (L I N K  H E R E) If you want even more chances, share the giveaway on social media (be sure to tag @kcrosswriting or use the hashtag #BBTYP) and you’ll get two entries per share. No limit to number of entries earned by shares.

There’s my week. It’s been busy but beautiful. How was your week?

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