Juicy Fuel Cola by The Juice Shed Company

I am a cola addict.

It’s one of the bad habits from my University days that I haven’t managed to shake. If you bump into me reading/blogging/writing there will be probably be a can of the good stuff nearby. When Juicy Cola DM’d me I had to accept their offer to fuel my cola fix but maybe a little more naturally.

Juicy Fuel Cola is described as a sparkling cola made from fruit juices. All the ingredients are grown, it contains Kola nut extract and Grape Fruit to sweeten and Lemon juice is used instead of scary citric acid and barley malt to add colour. The cola doesn’t contain preservatives either. It’s sounding good. Based in Poynton Cheshire The Juicy Shed Company are said to be the first people to produce cola from fruit juice. (Or Juicy Fuel.)

Juicy Fuel Cola by the Juice Shed Company

Fruity and natural!

Last week a lovely box appeared filled with a couple of cans of their original cola flavor and the cherry flavour to try. I was a little apprehensive they wouldn’t taste of cola (I’m used too) but I popped them in the fridge to chill. Later for dinner I cracked two open for T and I and was delightfully surprised. It doesn’t differ (too far) from the cola I’m used to and it didn’t have an after taste. It has a fresh, light taste and I can taste the citrus coming through.

The Cherry flavour is a mash up of Pepsi Max (my favourite cola) and Dr Pepper. I liked the fact it didn’t lose its fizz and it didn’t have a slight metallic taste. I find that Diet Coke with Cherry tastes a little like sucking a penny. The cherry flavour is bold and there’s also the taste of grape. It’s a well-balanced flavour.

Oh and I forgot to add.

It’s 50Kcal per 100ml and 1 of your five a day.

Juicy Fuel Cola by the Juice Shed Company

Juicy Fuel Cola by the Juice Shed Company

O N E   O F  Y O U R  F I V E  A  D A Y!

I wouldn’t recommend drinking one of your five a day every day but I think every once in a while this is a wonderful, slightly more natural compromise. See, the Juicy Fruit cans also have no added sugar, no added sweeteners and no e-numbers. I mean cutting out the terrifying names of chemicals I find on the back of Coke Cans sounds alright to me.

There is one wobble. The Juicy Fuel Cola does include an incredible amount of sugar. Yes it’s a natural alternative but it’s still a high-ish amount. As someone that is fairly relaxed but follows a healthy(ish) diet I don’t tell myself off for the occasional fizzy drink or chocolate fix. But I wouldn’t have these every day. My teeth might cave in on themselves.

I really enjoyed both of the cans. The original just pipped it for me. I’m not the most enthusiastic cherry cola fan but it was still delicious. Pick up a couple of cans today and juicy fuel your day. (I’m sorry – I’m blaming the cola.)

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Juicy Fuel Cola by the Juice Shed Company

*Cola gifted by the Juicy Shed Company
(If I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t blog it!) 

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