Week Commencing Jan 16: Sparky, Tapas & Wicked.

Is it Monday again? These posts seem to come round so quickly. Last week was a bit of an up and down week. There were tears of both happiness and sadness. But we’re here. We bladdy made it through. Shall we see what I got up to?

Remembering Sparky

Last week we said goodbye to Sparky. I ran through snow and sleet to get to London Euston, sped up to Stoke on the train. Then got stuck in more snow. We finally made it to Scarborough the next day 2 minutes into the funeral. Phewww. The two days were full of smiles, sunshine and sea air. Oh and lots of gin. We stayed in a £28.00 hotel that hadn’t been decorated in 50 year, drank in Sparkleton’s favourite pub and met a lot of incredible people. Incredible. It was perfect, in the most wonderful way.

Remembering Sparky

Tapas and Wicked

Char and I bought Wicked tickets for the fam for Christmas this year. This week we finally got to go see it. We started the day in All Bar One with cocktails, prosecco and poached eggs on toast. Then we wiggled off to the Tate Modern and the Natural History Museum. Both were spot on. For dinner we went to La Tasca which was incredible. Favourites included every croquette they offered, the pork cheeks, meatballs, the tortilla and the calamari. I won’t speak a lot about Wicked – all I would say is it’s fantastic. It’s heart-wrenching, the singing is incredible and it’s so darn clever. Book a ticket.

Tapas from La Tasca

Saying Goodbye to Medway

Last week we finally started packing up our offices. I’ve been moaning for weeks about the long coach journey, the price of the journey – which should all change later this month. This week however I felt a bit shit about it to be honest. I can walk a couple of Km on my lunch-break and see the view below. It really lifts my move and I’m panicking about not getting that minute to myself. I’ll find another walk – I’m just sad to say Goodbye to this view.

Medway Walks



Maybe a little self-indulgence. I hit my first weight loss target and I took a selfie and I recognised the girl in it a little more. I realised last week that since I gained a 21 pounds I’ve taken less and less photos. There are barely any photographs are myself taken with other people and definitely none from the waist down. I want to start taking more photographs, especially of my outfits I put together. But we’ll see. For now this will do.

Brown Bread

I did it. I started eating brown bread.

Another step to being healthy.

Pretty sure the entire world needed to know that.

Heinz Tomato soup is my favourite

This week’s been odd. It’s been a roller-coaster of a week but I’m looking forward to the next. Let’s make it a winner. How was your week?

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