Souper Jerk (sorta) Chicken Soup

This month I’ve been cooking up a storm. I’m a firm believer that cooking/eating and reading go hand in hand. But, I realise and have realised over the years that this isn’t a view shared by all. Not that that’s going to stop me.

2017 might be all about slow cooking for me. It makes the flat smell divine, it’s bloody cheap and you can make a mountain of food. Plus, there’s something about noshing something slow cooked until it’s a meaty bowl of deliciousness and tucking into a good book.

I knocked up this jerk chicken soup last week and god. It smelt fantastic. T is a vegetarian but he’s convinced me to make it without the chicken and then add it in once he’s had a massive bowlful. We’ll see.

(It might not be quite authentic jerk chicken but it still tastes delicious.)

Souper Jerk (sorta) Chicken Soup

Put in your trolley

(Makes 7 servings.) 

8 chicken drumsticks (Only picked because they were reduced. Use chicken breasts if you so wish.)

3 cans of plum tomatoes (These were also on offer – chopped also work perfectly.)

250 grms of potato

1 large white onion

250 grms of carrots

Jerk Seasoning 2 (big) tbsp

180 grms of peas (Might have used tinned peas – I know I’m a monster.)

Knorr stock pot (Used an out of date one accidentally. If I die – blame the stock.)

2 tbsp black peppercorns (I bought the wrong pepper I wasn’t looking – still worked fine)

Bread and Tzatziki to serve.

As you can see food shopping is difficult for me.

Step 1

Chop the onions and brown in small saucepan. Chop carrots/potatoes into small chunks. Throw in the slow cooker. Add onions and plum tomatoes. Click the slow cooker onto high.

Step 2

Add chicken to the slow cooker and mix thoroughly (cooks better this way.) Add the peas and water from the tin. (If you use frozen peas fill a tin from the chopped toms with water and add.) Add jerk seasoning and pepper to your liking. I’ve added my measurements.

Souper Jerk (sorta) Chicken Soup

Step 3

Make up the stock – need around 600ml. Add to the slow cooker. Leave for as many hours as you can allow, but would recommend 6. Take out chicken and chill. Blend the soup to your liking. I really pureed mine but I like a smoother soup. You could leave it chunkier.

Step 4

Once the chicken has cooled use fingers/forks to pull the meat from the bones. Add to the soup and stir through. Wait till chicken has warmed to serve – add tzatziki and bread. Or transfer to an airtight container and heat up when needed. Should last 4 days in the refrigerator.

Numbers (if you’re bothered.)

This made (once finished) makes 3.1kg of soup. Which when divided by 7 is around 450grms of soup. Per serving this works out to 295 calories. Add the bread and a spoonful of tzatziki and it’s the perfect lunch/dinner option. Will keep you full and tastes fantastic. It also works out at around a £1 a serving (add a little more for the bread and tzatziki)

Souper Jerk (sorta) Chicken Soup

Book Recommendations

My recommendation for reading whilst eating this soup is Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult. It tackles race, privilege, prejudice, race, justice and compassion with intelligence and empathy. Perfect match.

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