My ‘The Last Unicorn’ T-shirt from Litographs

Christmas for book mad people is pretty great. There’s always something to buy us. Whether it’s a new bookmark, a new book or even a Kindle cover we’re easy to buy for. But sometimes it can get a little samey. I mean, I’m not complaining if you buy me any book I’ll probably cherish it forever. This year I might have received the best, bookish present, ever. Yes, ever.

This year T and I spendt Christmas apart. It kinda sucked. Okay, really sucked. But it meant that we didn’t get a chance to swap presents with each other’s families until very much later on. T’s Mum Rachel (who is brilliant lady,) did however buy me a beautiful bookish T-shirt. A Last Unicorn T-shirt.

Now before anyone has a wobble – I know you shouldn’t google presents. But, I thought with so many of you bookish lot out there you would appreciate this.

My Last Unicorn Tee from Lithographs

Litographs is a company that had the vision of bringing reader’s favorite literature off the page, onto their walls, and into their wardrobe. They (like we all) believe in sharing the power of books with more people.

Step One

First, they take the words of a classic or contemporary book. It could also be a poem, play, or screenplay.

My Last Unicorn Tee from Lithographs

Step Two

Next, they work with top artists and illustrators to create a beautiful design inspired by those words.

Step Three

Then they print the words of the book in the shape of the design. You can actually read the book on the posters, t-shirts, totes and scarves! Crazy eh.

My Last Unicorn Tee from Lithographs

They offer a super cool selection of bits and bobs. There are t-shirts, posters and scarves, but also temporary tattoos that look incredible. You can search by product or by book which again there’s a perfect selection. Gatsby,  Alice in Wonderland and Hamlet all feature. Finally you can choose the colour of said text on the garment. (Plus the website will give you a fancy preview,) and you can choose the type of font. I do quite like that you can order the font Baskerville on the Sherlock Holmes scarves. Clever Dr Watson.

If you’re wondering whether the book fits on every product – they offer a poster for each book that fits the entire text. The shirt although a little less precise fits almost 40,000 words. Which is about the length of a short novel. The tote bag contains around 20,000. Still pretty cool.

Although I can’t stop wearing my Last Unicorn T-shirt which is just, well perfect I have my eyes on the Grab Bag T-shirt. You order the style and the size, but the design, the colour and the book printed are a complete surprise. Perfect for us book lovers who can never make a decision. Oh and you get 50% off. What more could you want.

If you’re looking for a present for a book lover, or you fancy treating yourself because January has been so fekking cold I would definitely recommend a t-shirt, or anything from Litographs. Both stylish, high-quality and wonderfully bookish I can’t think of anything better.

 My Last Unicorn Tee from Lithographs


  1. January 20, 2017 / 4:28 pm

    This is such a cool idea. Text art is one of my favorite things! I think I have something new to add to my birthday wishlist. 😀

    • littlebookblog
      January 21, 2017 / 8:02 am

      Yes definitely! There are so many designs I have my eyes on aha

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