Week Commencing Jan 9: A leaky eye, knitting and chickpea pops.

Now I’m writing that title seems a bit yucky. Sorry. This week has been odd. I feel like I’ve constantly been in and out of the doctors. Last week it was abdominal scans and terrifying hospital trips; this week it was a leaky eye. Gross. That’s not all my week has entailed though – shall we dive in?

Scarf Knitting

Last week I was just picking up the needles, this week I’ve been knitting like a trooper. T and I ventured into Deptford and found a tiny store that sold everything from hammers to cake decorations. They also sold wool and needles. So, I bought two balls of custard yellow wool and two 10mm needles and I haven’t looked back. I’m scared of messing it up – but I’m feeling more and more confident. It’s so good for anxious thoughts too. Plus I’m one of those people that constantly needs to be doing something with their hands. This week has been filled with Gilmore Girls and knitting.

Chick-pea pops

I’ve been on a weight-loss mission these last few months and it’s all about little changes. Hula hoops for rice cakes, sweets for frozen grapes, and chick-pea pops for Pringles. I’ve been testing the pops this week and although I burned a batch or two (by getting distracted – see below) they taste fantastic. Healthy too! Look out for the recipe soon.


Coppit is a board game from 1964 which we have a very battered copy of at home. I adore it. When my Grandfather was alive we used to play it a lot and he always cheated. Moving the blue pieces instead of the black pieces. He said it was his eyes; we knew better. On my way back from the pharmacy (for the leaky eye,) I popped into theĀ Greenwich Junk Shop (which I adore.) Once downstairs I eyed the game. I decided not to get it (for whatever reason) wandered home and made soup. But I couldn’t leave the thought of it alone. So I went back and bought it. Best purchase of 2017 so far.


I always struggle with social media come January. There appears to be a general rage against what is coined diet culture. I’ve been pretty overweight for the last year or so and I’ve been to the doctors and I do need a diet switch up. My liver is not healthy as it should be, and my salt intake is too high. That’s mainly why I’ve been openly losing weight. But, it seems that this is frowned upon by some. I’m keeping it up though; any day is a good for someone to get healthier, fitter and lose a few pounds. I don’t want to feel bad about it. So I’ve been practicing a little more self-love. I look in the mirror a little longer. I’ve switched up my skincare routine and I’m drinking more water. Plus the pounds are dropping off – I’m going to keep going. (Also this Lithographs T-shirt always makes me feel awesome when I wear it s0 that’s pretty goddamn perfect.)

Eddie the Eagle

I’m going to finish this post with a nod to Netflix. If you have Netflix you need to watch Eddie the Eagle. It’s a fantastic film. Feel-good humour, emotion, excitement and a bloody good laugh. T and I adored it and I think you might too. Oh and I stars Hugh Jackman (winks.)

There’s my week – it wasn’t supposed to be so much of a downer but. Meh. My eye, if you were wondering is an external sty. It’s painful and horrible but I have anti-biotics and I’m hoping it will clear up soon. Or at least stop leaking. I’ll stop using that word – promise.


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  1. January 16, 2017 / 1:25 pm

    Sorry that the eye is so sore. I think you’re spot on with your desire to look after yourself. Hope you feel a whole lot very soon.

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