Week Commencing Jan 02. Curry, rest and exploring

It’s 2017. Already it feels better than the year before but this week has been an odd one. After the Christmas break T persuaded me to take another week off. A health scare, the death of a dear friend and money wobbles all prompted me that I needed to sit down. To take a nap, to take a bath, to pound the pavements and watch hours of Drag Race. January is the perfect time for SAD to arise. The cold, dark mornings and evenings can easily make even the most cheerful feel like a mouldy sack of spuds. This week though I’ve been looking for the good in everything. This is what I found.

Ruby Murray

T and I rarely order takeaway. London might be one of my favourite places on earth but it’s damn expensive. Rent, council tax, bills it’s all made me feel like I’m constantly surging towards a meltdown. Once NY was over and everyone had left at 10pm T and I ordered a curry. It was fantastic. I went with the Chicken Tikka Jalfrezi and T as always order a number of side dishes and the biggest naan I’ve ever seen. We watched Olympus has Fallen (that film is awful) and ate a hella load of curry. It felt wonderful.

The best takeaway curry

Knitting (attempting to knit.)

I’ve had a couple of mini meltdowns over the holidays. Not emotionally, but anxiety wise maybe. I don’t feel like I’m very good at any useful or enjoyable skills. ¬†Yes it’s probably a bit of an exaggeration but it’s made me feel shoddy. Really shoddy. Over Christmas, in-between the 657 meals I asked my Grandmother if she fancied teaching me to knit. A trip to hobby craft later I was attempting to knit away. I can now cast on, do a knit stitch and kinda pearl and I’ve started knitting a scarf. It’s very bobbly and very yellow but I adore it.

Learning to knit. Slowly. Very slowly.

Camden Market

Gah I love Camden. It’s a bustling treasure chest of eclectic stores, food stalls and steaming cups of aromatic coffee. T and I caught the tube there during our time off over Christmas and I ate maybe the best hot-dog I’ve ever had. Juicy sausage, crispy fried onions, mustard, pickles and I think mayonnaise. There’s something perfect about noshing on food you haven’t made, covered in hats and scarves with mustard dripping down your sleeve. It was delicious. Happy days.

The Best Hotdog ever. Like ever. At Camden Market.

Whittard’s Amaretto Coffee

The smell of this alone makes me feel tip-top hooray. This Christmas was the year of adult presents and one of the only things I asked for was a Cafetiere. Mumma B bought us one from Boden and a bunch of different coffees. This one, however, is my favourite. It tastes of Christmas, happiness and makes the flat smell incredible. I’m now rationing it because we live nowhere near a Whittards but when I find one – well, we might just need a cupboard solely for coffee.

Coffee from Whittard. Amaretto is the best.

Tales from Alice in Wonderland

I discovered this tiny book tucked away on my bookshelf when I was home and I devoured it in under an hour. There are lots of books that I only really read (when I was a lot younger) because I read shorter versions, or snippets. Later in life I went back and re-read these books in full.  Probably loved them even more. I thought the cover of this one was impossibly perfect.

Tales from Alice in Wonderland

There was my week. It’s been a lovely week but once again pilfered by random wobbles and doubts. January seems to be bitterly cold this year so I’m off to finish my knitted scarf. Wish me luck.

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  1. January 9, 2017 / 4:23 pm

    Good luck with the scarf – particularly as it looks as if we’re due for some insanely cold weather later this week… Go you for looking for the beads of bright shiny things in amongst the winter gloooom. I have a set of white lights festooned over my bookshelf in front of my computer workstation which stay on pretty much permanently during this time of the year and they have helped me enormously.
    Take care:)

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