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I want to pretend that I’m writing this post whilst sipping on a delicious fruit smoothie made from ten different vegetables. I’m not – but I could make a chocolate style mousse/nice-cream in my new Nutri Bullet. Plus My Fitness Pal might not go OMG YOU”VE EATEN ALL THE CALORIES. Definitely planning a shop trip after this. Back to the post – I have been reaaaaly, realllly trying to lose weight recently. I’m only a tiny 5ft 3 and yet I could probably devour triple the calories I’m supposed to. To attempt to stop myself, Mumma B bought me a number of calorie counting books that might help me stop ordering a Dominoes as soon as ANYTHING goes wrong. Today I’m going to tell why I bloody love this one.


QUICK AND EASY WITHOUT THE CALORIES takes all the hassle out of eating your favourite meals, the low-cal way. In this series, bestselling recipe writer Justine Pattison’s 1-2-3 approach provides an easy-to-follow plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and pudding!) To keep those calorie numbers low but still have you loving what you eat. Each recipe has a quadruple-tested calorie count, provides tips and ideas to enhance your low-cal cooking experience, plus additional nutritional information to suit any diet regime.

From quick pancakes, roasts and cheesecakes, her clever combinations will make losing weight as easy as 1-2-3!

My Review

So, why will this spend more time on your kitchen counter than on your bookshelf collecting dust. When I go on a diet immediately a number of dishes just go out the window. Sticky cheesy pasta bake, creamy rich curries and carby noodle dishes with lots of heavy sauces. But honestly with this book you can make these things without the naughtiness. The author finds incredibly simple ways of a making delicious things healthier. Like using desiccated coconut and slow cooking rather than using coconut milk is one example. Or using stock and cornflower rather than cream.

This is the first book in the series so it has lots of different dishes. Curries, pastas, soups, meat dishes, vegetarian dishes, side dishes and even puddings. I’ve made at least 15-20 recipes in the book (so far.) Favourites include the quick calzone, martini chicken and the mexican breakfast.  I love this book for cooking for dinners for guests or for larger dining parties. You can still have fun and eat hella loads without putting on a pound or ten.

The calories in each dish are really obviously documented. I am a fan of calorie counting and find it the easiest way to lose weight. I know some people are not. That’s fine – but it’s not hidden away at the bottom of the page. When I’m losing weight I tend to be a little strict with how I eat and how many calories breakfast/lunch/dinner I’m having. I then alternate my workouts to this and it really helps. I can’t lie – sometimes I look at recipe books and think god that’s a heavy calorie dish. Justine’s books find ways of cutting uneccesarry calories.  Mainly by packing in more veggies and using SIMPLE alternatives to keep the calories down. I mean her mac n cheese is under 400 calories a portion – perfect. She also has a list of essential extras to serve with the recipes (at the back of the book) and free vegetables helping to add bulk to your meal without the calories.

Final Thoughts

The book is a brilliant collection of recipes and tips  to make your favourite dishes healthier or if you want to make it a little more naughty but without breaking the diet bank so to speak. It also tells you how you can freeze the dishes or how long you can keep them for which is reaaaally helpful! If you’re want to lose a couple of pounds without losing your favourite foods this is the book for you.

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