Week Commencing Dec 26. Christmas, Tears and Quality Street

God it’s good to be back. Blogging over the Christmas period just never seems to work. There’s  plenty of family to gossip with, presents to rip open, food to gorge on. Writing just didn’t get a look in for me. This week’s ‘week commencing’ has a sadder feel. But imma going to power through. Might need some tissues.

Medway before the Christmas break


A dear friend of mine passed away over Christmas. Mark (or Sparkleton as he was affectionately known,) was a true friend. He had a disgusting sense of humour, made a friend out of anyone he met and was someone I spoke to a lot. In the last few months he had become a little more incoherent. As it happens some of the last words to him were not the ones I wish they had been. I should have told him what a great friend he was. How much he made everyone smile and how his passing has made me feel like there’s something missing in my life. His passing was a real shock and something I haven’t yet come to terms with. We lost a little Sparkle this Christmas.

Christmas Stocking


Christmas isn’t really my thing. I know – shoot me now. But, Christmas can be a little intense. Mounds of food, piles of presents and 786932405 people to squish in. This year though I surprised myself. Christmas was oddly relaxing. I learnt to knit, I didn’t eat myself half to death and we bought a new sofa for the flat. It was a brilliant time to catch up with everyone and I loved being away from London for a little bit. Although I’m loving being back.

New Year, New Sofa

This year we hosted New Year at our darling flat. The eight of us drank prosecco, ate hummus and flat-breads before heading out for dinner. Later we watched the fireworks from afar and I fell asleep on the sofa at 1.30am (shucks.) We woke the next day with the sunlight, I cooked up bacon bagels and we wandered around Greenwich with hot chocolates till it pissed it down. It was perfection. We also have a new sofa – it’s maroon, seats about ten people (kinda squished) and you can sleep on it. I adore it and it’s finally made the flat feel like home. We also took 19484930 different polaroid shots on my Instax Mini. They are just so cute (like the one below!)

New Year Instax Polaroid pictures

Letting Go

Like anyone that’s ever been on a diet and kicked their body into shape Christmas can be stress inducing. There’s so many good things to eat but it can be difficult to let go and just, enjoy it. I’m all for self-love, but after the past six months whipping twenty one pounds off my frame I didn’t want to binge it back. Despite this I gave my body a rest. I didn’t pound the pavements and I slept, drank and ate well. Stepping back on the scales this morning the damage is minimal. It feels good to know I can let go without completely losing control.

Christmas Quality Street


This year I took part in the Sunday YAthon. The challenge was to read five books between the 27th and 30th of December. These included a Christmas Novel, a novella, a short story collection, a new book and a book from your TBR. I managed three – post to come shortly.

SundayYAthon book Cliffhanger

That’s been my week. It’s been an odd one and one I don’t want to re-visit. This and many other things this Christmas have made me re-valuate why my blog is here and what this all means. For now I’ll keep trundling through. How was your week commencing Christmas?









  1. D.E. Haggerty
    January 3, 2017 / 10:02 am

    Although these words are woefully inadequate – sorry for your loss.

    • littlebookblog
      January 9, 2017 / 2:48 pm

      thank you they mean a lot x

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