Week Commencing Dec 19. Sour sweets & hospital visits.

What a freaking week. I sat down to write this post a couple of days ago and looked back at the draft and felt fantastic. A lot of things have happened and I had to delete a lot of my first drafts words. But I promise it’s for the best. Shall we dig in?

Hospital Check-ups

I got the all clear from the doctors this week. After a couple of weeks of horrendous tummy pains, being bloated and my tummy feeling impossibly lumpy I had to go to the hospital for some check-ups. T and I googled everything under the sun to prepare and I threw myself at the gym, blogging and cleaning. We learnt that whatever it is, it’s not serious. Diet change maybe? Allergy or intolerance maybe? But at least it’s not threatening.

Week Commencing: Fizzy Sweets make everything better

After hospital appointments Tangfastics make everything better.

Chicken Salad

Gah I’ve become the kid that has salads for dinner and I don’t hate myself for it. The weightloss has continued pretty steadily but with my tummy wobbles having carbs later in the evening causes petty discomfort. So salads have been my go-to. Budgens do a fantastic five fruit or veg each for 69p each and I’ve been taking full advantage of it.

Week Commencing: I made the best Chicken Salad

Made this mutiple times and its so bloody good

Review Requests (but slowly and shhhh)

I’m finally, properly taking on new review requests. I’ve missed working with authors to promote their books and now I’m only reviewing one book a week I have time to really work with an author. This will include proper photography, social media promotion and the like. I am very excited but it’s still early days. I don’t want to let anyone down. If you do want to work with me, you can contact me here. 

Christmas Plans with friends

This has been the week for Christmas plans. A little stupidly I decided to smush in all plans over one weekend to try and minimise train damage. I’ve come away feeling super Christmassy. My Secret Santa got it bloody spot on (post to follow,) and I just had the most fantastic time. Lots of wine, carbs and Christmas feels.

Plus – shout out to my fantastic Godparents Heather and Steve for this impossibly festive card.

Don’t Starve

I’m a bit of a Pokemon Go addict but seeing as Gen 2 doesn’t seem to be hitting any time soon I’ve need something else to get my teeth stuck into. I adored Don’t Starve when I first downloaded it. Now I’m addicted again. You pick a character and they basically have to survive. Whether that’s finding food, surviving the cold or fighting off spiders/frogs/birds – or staying out of the dark it’s a brilliant game. I’m eyeing up the expansion packs.

So there’s my week. It’s been an odd one but a good one. How’s yours?




  1. December 19, 2016 / 6:13 pm

    It’s been a real roller-coaster week! I very much hope your tummy feels a lot better – and think how healthy you’ll be with all those yummy salads. Very best of luck with the reviews and have a really lovely Christmas, Lizzy:).

  2. December 20, 2016 / 3:06 am

    Don’t Starve is so much fun! I haven’t played Together since it dropped and you couldn’t really work together. I’ve loved the expansion packs, but they just make life more difficult for you. I hope you feel better and figure out what’s bugging your tummy soon!

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