The (lifesaving) Kit Charger

Anyone still playing Pokemon go? No? Didn’t think so. I mean I still am on and off. (Maybe more on than off.) The reason I mention Pokemon is that I bought this mainly because the app was sucking the life out of my iPhone meaning I couldn’t use it for other important things, like reading books on the train. Or posting pictures of my reading snacks on Insta and I really wanted to be able to do both. I’ve been using this Kit Charger for the last month and realised that this power bank could be useful for a number of you; so a techy review today (now where is that bloody ditto.)

Kit Charger Review

Technical Blurb

This Kit Power Bank charges your smartphone wherever you are. It’s perfect for keeping with you at all times for when you find yourself low on power. The USB outputs makes it possible to use your own cables (not supplied) which are compatible with your device. The Power Bank has a long standby time, so that you can keep it handy for emergencies. The convenient design makes it simple and easy to store. 


Most micro USB devices excluding tablets

Most USB compatible devices when connected to their USB charge cable (not supplied)

Specifications – if you’re smart and know what all of this means.

2 x USB ports

Capacity: 10000 mAh

Charge output: 2.1 A (shared)

Input/Output voltage: 5 V

Battery type: rechargeable Li-ion 3.7 V

Charging time: up to 5hours

My Review

I’m going to review this in the only way I can – which is very ‘non-techy’ and that this charger actually works. When I bought this it specified that it would (potentially) charge my phone 3 or 4 times when it had run out of battery. Now, I thought – haha lol shutup, but this has definitely managed to do this multiple times over the last month.

Functionally the charger has four blue lights that show how fully charged the Kit is. When you charge the pack these lights flash to show how much it is charged. Very simple. It does takes a number of hours to charge to full capacity and I often leave it over-night to make sure it’s fully, fully charged.  I don’t know whether it makes a difference if you only half charge it and use it but I tend to charge allllll the way up and run it alllll the way down.

In terms of the size it is bulky and I was a little worried. But whenever I need to charge my phone on the go I stick the Kit in my pocket as it doesn’t stretch the cable and isn’t uncomfortable or bash against my leg. I will say if you have a dodgy cable or if you naughtily use one that isn’t from Apple you might have a number of frustrations (cough totally not me.) It does have two charging points so you can charge two phones at the same time too!

I do tend to use my phone for my kindle app but I have found that it will also charge my Kindle although you won’t get as many charges per one charge of the Kit. One problem though, if you let your phone to run down to 2% it will grumble at you. My solution is to try to put it on if it hits 15% and I desperately need it.

The only problem I have is that sometimes it can be a little temperamental. If it’s sat on your lap it’s no trouble or a flat surface but if you have it in your bag and it gets jostled it can do that annoying thing of saying it’s charging then not, and then charging again. I guess play nice and it will too.

Kit Charger Review

Final Thoughts

Saying all of this, this portable charger is a life saver. I think it’s brilliant because it does actually recharge my phone four ish times and if you’re on a day trip in London and need your phone to be charged all day without having to run into a Pret and recharge your phone then it’s fantastic. It is sleek, stylish and because it does 4/5 charges I often grab it when I run out and it’s still got charge! (WOOO) I love it (and it’s great for Pokemon Go too.)

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  1. December 16, 2016 / 3:56 pm

    I think I will have to give this a try. Thanks.

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